Saturday, May 11, 2013

Judge a Book by its Cover

You've all heard the saying: "Don't judge a book by its cover." So let's talk book covers and why they're important for not only selling your book, but igniting your readers' interest.  

They are probably the most important aspect of your book, not including the story. When thinking about that book quote, I don't apply it literally. I always take it as not judging people by what's on the outside and instead focusing on their personality and what I see inside their heart. I don't think about it when I'm looking for books. 

No matter what people say, it's the cover that grabs their attention first. It's why they pull one off the shelf; it's why they give it a second glance in the store. People look for the gorgeous covers, the ones that catch their eye and make them want to pick it up and check it out. 

If your book is plain and unoriginal, it'll probably go unnoticed among the thousands of books on the shelves. If it's downright unpleasing to the eye, people won't be as likely to check out the story. 

And that's the sad truth of it. But honestly, who doesn't love pretty covers?! :)  

Some of my favorite book covers:


(I've read all of these, except Blurred and the last three. But the first four and Clockwork Prince definitely live up to the beautiful covers! Is it a coincidence that those ones are on my favorites list?). 

There are a lot more book covers that I absolutely love, but I think a list of 9 favorites is a good number to stop at, or else I would keep going. That includes Dance of Shadows, Eyrie, Let the Sky Fall, and Allegiant, ect. :) And I'm already starting to talk about more, so I need to stop now.

I don't just look for the ones that have the prettiest covers, though. Even some of my favorite books have very simple covers, covers that, if I didn't know the author, I probably would never have picked up. I've also read some two and three star books that had beautiful covers, and it was a shame, really, that the story did not live up to its expectation. 

I get why people don't like to judge a book by its cover. If your cover isn't pretty, or creative, or unique, it doesn't matter; the story does. But it's still very important, especially to readers. :) If anything else, it's a great marketing tool. Because it's the first thing, other than through word of mouth or an author you already love, that sparks a reader's interest.