Sunday, November 3, 2013

Release Week Review of Pastels and Jingle Bells

The first novella in the new Heavenly Bites Novellas series by Christine Feldman released on November 1st! 

Trish Ackerly never expected to cross paths with Ian Rafferty again, but when she spots the former bully of her childhood years through her bakery window, she thinks she may just have been given the best Christmas gift ever:  the opportunity to finally give Ian the comeuppance he deserves.

But clearly she does not have a knack for this whole revenge thing, because before she can make good on her plans, Trish gets inadvertently drawn into Ian’s life in an unexpected way that lets her see just how different the man is from the boy he used to be.  In fact, much to her astonishment, she actually starts to like the guy.

A lot.

Trouble is, Ian doesn’t know who she really is, and explaining it to him is going to be a little difficult now—which is bad news, because Trish is starting to realize that all she really wants for Christmas this year…is Ian.


My Review!

3.5 stars!

I thought this forty page novella was sweet, a quick read full of second chances and finding the strength to open up and let love in. :)

Let's face it, we all wonder how those people we knew in middle and high school were going to turn out when they got older; we've all wondered how we'll have changed in five, ten, twenty years. But what happens, how you acted when you were a teenager, can have a lasting effect on how people perceive you when you're older. When you've had the chance to grow up and mature, to make a success of yourself. Too many times, people will still remember you as that bully, that dumb jock, that band geek who wore glasses and baggy sweaters. Who doesn't want to change that image of themselves? Who doesn't want a second chance to get rid of the old them?

For Trish, it's not so simple. It's not so black-and-white. After an almost run-in with an old nemesis from middle school, Trish is determined to get her revenge even though it's been twenty years, give or take a few. ;)

But when she catches glimpses of the life Ian lives now, she starts to rethink her plans to seduce him and turn his world upside down. He's no longer the bully who used to terrorize her in middle school; he's a wonderful and caring father. As she becomes more involved with Ian and his daughter, Trish starts to care for them. She no longer cares about revenge and making Ian pay for all the things he did to her. And when her identity is revealed, it brings them closer together. 

I liked the two main characters, as well as the relationship they had with each other and the ones they had with the secondary characters. I thought Ian's and Trish's friendship developed slowly, the kind of relationship that only a novella can give in so few pages. But it was nice watching the two of them interact with each other. And it was nice to see both of them finding the happiness they've been wanting and earning the second chance they deserved. 

The ending was the sweetest part of the story; it tied up the novella nicely like a ribbon on a Christmas gift. :)


You can purchase this book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for only 99 cents!. To learn more about the author, Christine Feldman, check out her website at You can also learn more about her and her books on Goodreads. The second Heavenly Bites novella is due out on December 1st! :)