Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NERC Review #9: Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott

*I received an eARC of this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first book I've read by Victoria Scott, and it definitely won't be the last. I've wanted to read this one ever since I read the blurb. It sounded like The Hunger Games, with a little bit of Amazing Race and Survivor thrown in. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, and I was SO EXCITED when NetGalley approved my request! :)

Rating: 4 stars!
I really enjoyed this novel! From the beginning, I was HOOKED. It's such a fast-paced novel that it didn't take me long to finish it. 

Fire & Flood is told in 1st person narrative, which is actually what I preferred for this type of novel (like THG, too). I really enjoyed Tella's voice. She's actually a very superficial person, especially in the beginning. She cares more about appearances and Boston than how sick her brother is. Or so it seems. But she surprised me so much throughout this novel; her strength, her determination, her love for her brother, Cody. By the end, I really liked her character. She was such a fantastic heroine. One who is realistic without it being forced, funny in tense situations, and determined to save her brother. 

I really liked the secondary characters, as well! Because Tella leaves so early for the race, we don't have very many scenes with her and her family. But throughout the novel, she gets homesick many times, and I feel like I know them well enough. I just wish she'd asked her mom questions before leaving (I'd been suspicious that her mom had competed in the Brimstone Bleed before). The misfit group of characters that help Tella were all wonderfully fleshed out. They each had their own personalities and strengths and weaknesses. There was also this wonderful mystery surrounding them all: why were they there and who were they trying to save? And you can't, of course, forget that you might not be able to trust them! Also, I have to mention how awesome the Pandoras are! Ooh, I'd love to have a foxy Pandora like Madox. :)

There is a little bit of romance in this novel, but it doesn't overshadow the plot. It's a slow and sweet development that fits in perfectly with this race. It's also a little heartbreaking, for how can you potentially fall in love with someone in a race like this? I really liked Guy's character, and he's still a complete mystery to me. I can't wait to see more relationship development between them. 

Okay, so I was hooked from the beginning. And because I was so engrossed in the story, I didn't pay much attention to the how the plot was laid out. I loved how detailed the different ecosystems were, and I could see them clearly in my mind. And the plot was very fast-paced, with many action scenes throughout. But I would have, if any other book, been really annoyed if the mystery wasn't being revealed fast enough. The mystery was not revealed until the very end, almost as if the author was like: Now you guys have to read the sequel to find out more! It was almost placed there just to make you excited about the sequel. Not that I wasn't already, but still. You get little bits and pieces of the mystery behind the Brimstone Bleed throughout the novel, like carrots being dangled in front of horses to make them walk. You get a clue, want to find out more, so you keep reading. I just wanted more background than what we got. But it makes me excited to continue. :)

Fire & Flood was like a mix of The Hunger Games (but was still totally different), The Amazing Race, and Survivor. As Tella navigates the jungle and the desert, you're pulled along on her journey to saving her brother's life. It was very good, with well-rounded characters, a juicy mystery, and an intense and terrifying race to win the Cure.


  1. Ahhh I was so close to requesting this one, but my Netgalley addiction will have me catching up all of 2014, but I will definitely add this to my to read list anyways. Sounded really interesting when I read the blurb, and after reading your review, I definitely don't want to forget about this one!

    Lily @ Bookluvrs Haven

    1. I am so far behind on my NetGalley reviews, it's not even funny. However, I still keep requesting them. But my NG list will keep me very busy in 2014 that I try not to request as many as I usually do. It doesn't help that I'm auto-approved for Harlequin Teen, either.

      Thank you so much for reading my review! :)

    2. HAHAHA Holly! Being auto approved for Harlequin Teen is both enviable and awful (more enviable though). Hopefully joining the Netgalley challenge at Falling for YA will help get you caught up!

      Lily @ Bookluvrs Haven

    3. Right now, it's kind of awful. But I'm not complaining, because I've been able to get some awesome books from it. I just have to stop requesting so many!

      And yes, I love this challenge! Hopefully I can even bump up my goal throughout the year. :)


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