Monday, June 23, 2014

Go With Me by Elyssa Patrick Review

*I received an eARC of this from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I absolutely loved the first book in this series! I loved Hailey's and Caleb's story and romance. I also adored the secondary characters so much and was glad that the series was a string of standalones featuring the different ones. I liked Daphne's and Nick's story, but I guess I was just looking for something a little more.

Rating: 3 Steamy Stars!
Nick and Daphne were two of my favorite characters in the last book, and I couldn't wait to explore the sexual tension between the two of them. But, I guess I just wasn't as invested with them as I was with Hailey and Caleb.

Daphne Fox is Caleb's little sister and a fighter. A survivor. Though, she hates people who call her that. But she is a survivor. She went through an unimaginable tragedy when she was in high school. She lost her boyfriend, her best friend, and her best friend's boyfriend. She was driving that car that night; she did everything right. But she didn't count on someone deciding to take a drive while drunk. And because of that, Daphne is scarred for life and is left feeling survivor's guilt over being alive. She's seemingly all put-together. She's fun, sassy, and hilarious. But she spent this whole book taking "baby steps" when it came to hers and Nick's relationship and talking about the guilt that comes with wanting to live her life. I think she actually needed to go to therapy, because this girl still has issues to work through. 

But Nick was there to help her through it. Oh, I absolutely adore books where the guy falls in love with his best friend's little sister. In the first book, he's this mysterious womanizer who loves to tease Daphne. They "hate" each other. Or so Daphne thinks. But I seriously don't know anything about Nick! He loves Daphne, is best friends with Caleb, has a pet ferret named Spartacus, his dad had a heart attack, and he has a sports blog with his friends. That's all I know about him! He was such a one-dimensional character. Sure, he's likable and funny. But this story wasn't about him; it was about Daphne and her finding the strength to move on from the accident. His character development got left behind in the dust.

Like I said, I love the falling in love with the best friend's little sister scenario. It's one of my favorite romances. Their relationship changed from "hate" to want to like to love in a believable timeframe. And it was so steamy! 

The secondary characters, though, ruled this book! I absolutely love it when all of the friends are together, even Dylan and Kai. Jamie is my favorite, and I can't wait to read his story! But yeah, their dialogue and interactions together were my favorite scenes of the book. Not the romance. 

The plot was simple, but I was never truly bored. I love the pop culture references the author uses and the refreshing dialogue between these college students. It makes them feel real, like this is what other groups of friends do together in their spare time and how they talk to each other. It was natural and flowed smoothly. Honestly, I thought for sure the author would have thrown in another accident, one involving Nick, so that Daphne would have to face her fears and admit her feelings for him. I was so positive that would happen, but it would have made me mad and wouldn't have felt like a natural direction the story would take. Glad it didn't. Although, the whole deal with Nick's father having a heart attack didn't fit with the story, especially since nothing was ever said about it again.

Go With Me was a steamy and delightful read about pushing through the pain and discovering that love is worth all the risks in the world.