Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Accidentally Married on Purpose by Rachel Harris Review

*eARC kindly provided by Entangled Publishing via NetGalley*

There is just something about Rachel Harris' books that I love! Whether it's YA or Adult, she manages to create such real characters with snappy and fun dialogue, sweet romance, and details that make you feel like you're in the story. And Accidentally Married on Purpose was no different.

Rating: 4.5 Crazy Stars!
When I first heard that the male character was a country singer, I got super excitecd! Country music is my addiction, and I adored that this story brought it to life. 

And I also adored the two main characters! Sherry Robicheaux, wild child of Magnolia Springs, was one of my favorite characters in the first two books. I loved her spunk, her purple-highlighted hair, and her crazy nature. She's much more than she appears to be, though. Yes, she's crazy. And yes, she's a wild child. But she's also insecure about the future, is scared to go after her dreams, and wants the kind of love that fairy-tales are made of. I loved her development as a character! She finds herself wishing for more out of life and dreaming of bigger things. Yet she's also scared to take chances because of who she is as a person. After all, she's the screw-up who never takes thing seriously. But with the help of her family and Tyler, she's able to find the confidence and courage to face her fears and open herself up to new possibilities. Including love with a guy who was supposed to be her last fling before buckling down with Mr. Boring. 

I wouldn't mind waking up hitched to Tyler Blue. ;) I probably wouldn't even question it. I'd just go with the flow. Kidding, kidding. He might be on sexy country singer, but I'm looking for love like Sherry. And she never expected to find it in Tyler, a man she misjudged based on his looks and personality. Tyler is so much more than just a lead singer in a hot country band. He's sweet, funny, charming, and determined to make the most of their situation. And he needs this marriage because apparently, his fans are itching to see him hitched. They've even been taking polls on who the celebrity should be. He's pressured by his agent and publicist to stick with it and give the people what they want. And he can't lose this dream of his, for anything. But he never thought his dream would change and include love with a purple-haired southern gal. 

The romance in this book was much softer than the last two but no less wonderful. It was sweet and romantic, sexy and fun. These two didn't expect to wake up hitched, but sometimes just rolling with the punches turns into something much more. I loved their chemistry! And I also loved the fun that they had together and that they pushed each other to pursue their dreams. Their relationship started off not-so-genuine but turned into something real and truly romantic

Oh, but Rachel Harris never forgets about her secondary characters! Ever since I read Taste the Heat, I fell in love with the town of Magnolia Springs and the people in it. I adore it when Sherry's family gets together, and I loved the addition of Tyler's parents and relatives. It was great to see what they brought to Sherry's and Tyler's story and the advice they gave them. And of course, I love those Robicheauxs. 

The plot revolved around Sherry's and Tyler's budding romance, and I didn't mind that at all! It was balanced well with interactions from the secondary characters, real-life situations, and of course, country music. And I just love how Rachel details her novels! She not only brings her characters to life, but the settings, sights, and sounds as well. I feel like I'm there in Magnolia Springs and hanging out at Robicheaux's with the gang. :)

From the beginning, I was hooked on the love story between Sherry and Tyler. Full of fun and mischief, wonderful characters, and Rachel Harris' ability to bring her stories to life, Accidentally Married on Purpose was a pure pleasure to read. 

Favorite Quote:
"You know I love me some music... but son, I love your mother more. A life with her was always my dream."