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A Disappointing Retelling: Beautiful Curse Review

Title: Beautiful Curse
Author: Jen McConnel
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Release Date: December 9th, 2014
*Review copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review for a blog tour.*

From Goodreads...
Sixteen-year-old Mya Jones is cursed. 

She is, hands down, the most beautiful creature on earth. But beauty can wound, and Mya finds herself reviled and shunned by her peers. If there is even a chance that she could start over, Mya longs to take it, no matter the risks. 

So when the strange Mr. Merk offers her a new life away from home, Mya is hesitant but hopeful. Only she didn't count on the mysterious Ross, or her feelings for him. 

BEAUTIFUL CURSE is a contemporary retelling of the myth of Psyche and Cupid.

My Review!
I'm so disappointed right now. You know that feeling you get after a finishing a book that you were SO excited about and it left you with a bad taste in your mouth, like you just wasted hours of your life? That's how I felt after finishing Beautiful Curse. It should be illegal for a cover to look like this when it's such a bad book.

Okay, so it's not really a bad book. That was kind of rude. But I just found this to be an awful, poorly written story with a passive main character and a creepy as hell love interest. I knew from the first moment I started reading that I wouldn't like this. But I was so intrigued by the "contemporary retelling of the myth of Psyche and Cupid" part of the synopsis and was holding out hope that it would get better. I should have known that it wouldn't.

I just wanted to strangle the main character, Mya Jones. She's not exactly awful; she's just portrayed in the worst light possible. Weak, whiny, passive, oblivious, and a complete pushover who doesn't stand up for herself. She never tried to make her life better; all she did was complain that her beauty was ruining her life. Okay, sure you're cursed, but why don't you at least try to do something about it? She went along with everything in the story, not once questioning what was happening or being suspicious of a character who took her away from her home without asking her permission. Life's not great at home, so I'm sure this magical castle with its cagey owner and rooms that change every single day is so much better. /sarcasm "It's like a fairytale!" <--her words, not mine. And when she meets the mysterious Ross, she thinks she's found her Prince Charming.

More like Prince I-never-tell-her-the-truth-and-won't-let-her-leave-the-castle Cagey. Oh, but she's not actually a prisoner. So, basically, if this girl wanted to walk out of said castle, she could have. But Mya Jones is not a smart girl. So, of course, she stayed. And wandered the castle, doing nothing and waiting until her dinners with Ross so she could hear him instead of daydream about him all the time. She had a few "lessons" with a teacher, but I don't even know why the hell that was part of the plot since it literally made no sense in this story. Mya never even used her "lessons" to understand who these people were and why this place was so magical. TAKE OFF THE METAPHORICAL BLINDFOLD, IDIOT. It's not that hard to figure out! And you could also ask questions, but I guess that would be too hard and nothing matters more than your developing feelings for the guy.

The romance, if I could even call it that, was ridiculous and terrible and insta-love of the worst possible kind. There was absolutely no buildup in their "relationship" and no chemistry. It felt so forced, like it was there just for convenience. The characters never got to know each other beyond the first meeting. A meeting that should have sent Mya running for the hills, because WHY would you ever have dinner with a guy you don't even know and can't see? I did not swoon for the mysterious Ross, because I found him to be creepy and weird and this whole situation one that made me cringe for females everywhere because of the lack of intelligence in Mya. This romance could have been well-developed, but it was completely unbelievable and unrealistic to me.

Not only was their relationship sorely underdeveloped, but so were the ones Mya had with other characters. They actually didn't matter one bit in this story. They were basically cardboard cutouts who gave Mya wisdom because she couldn't ever figure things out on her own. None of the relationships were developed or even gave me warm and happy feelings. They all left so much to be desired, because again, they could have been strong elements in this story.

Besides the passive main character, the plot was my least favorite aspect in this book. I was excited about this because it was a retelling of the Psyche and Cupid myth. I'd never actually read this myth, so I went into this blind. But after wanting to pull my hair out, I gave up and researched it online. Other than a few changes, nothing was different about this "retelling" aside from the modern flair. I knew what was going to happen after I caved, and so it ended up being a boring plot. It wasn't fun or even interesting. I was bored even in the beginning, which went away once the magical castle came into play, and then it stopped being interesting again after the main character didn't think about anything else except Ross. And when Mya became like the girl in the myth and looked upon Prince Cagey, she would have known who he was if she'd even used an ounce of her intelligence. When she cried over him, I felt nothing because I didn't believe their love was real enough for tears. And when she had to win him back, everything came easy for her. She didn't even have to work hard, ergo no character development whatsoever.

If you want to read a great story on the Psyche and Cupid myth, just go read the original.

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  1. *shudders* man this does not sound like a book that I would enjoy, especially with the passive main character and creepy love interest. No way, that's not a romance I want to witness! Thanks for the warning Holly and great review!

  2. I LIKE THAT STORY I DO. It sucks that it was butchered so badly :( IT JUST SOUNDS WEIRD. This is just straight romance/contemporary right? Why couldn't she leave the castle? Weird, just weird. I will pass on this ahhahaha.

  3. This sounds awful. Um, what was the point of the book? I assume none, from the sounds of it. Mya needs help. And a life counselor. But alas, your review made me chuckle quite a bit, so at least something good came out if it? Hope the next book you read is MUCH better! I don't know if this was on my TBR but... it won't be anymore, if it was.

  4. I got an email about reviewing this one the other day, but I stayed away from it. I haven't seen very good things, and I trust your judgement on this one. I'm not wasting my time. lol


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