Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dancing with the Stars

Melissa and Tony won Dancing with the Stars!!! I am so happy for them! Although I LOVE Shawn and Derek and was rooting for them, I was really hoping Tony and Melissa would win it. This is Tony's first win, and this win was well-deserved for Melissa. Now that it's over, I'll be counting down the days to the next season. But this season has been FANTASTIC! Because it was All-Stars, I didn't much care when the couples pushed the boundaries and broke rules. Derek said it best when he said, "They've seen it all before." This brought so many great performances, and I'll share a few of my favorites.

I absolutely loved this rhumba. It was romantic, sensual, and utterly precious and timeless. I think the song's been done on the show before, but this was completely different than the others. I loved the "catch", though still not sure why Carrie Ann called it a lift. This just played on my utterly romantic heart. Titanic theme song, Derek looking sexy as Jack (he really did look like Leo had in the movie!), and a beautiful performance. What's not to love?

This was brilliant; all the details, the transitions between each couple, and the story told. It was fun, full of great lifts, and it was so much better than the other team dance. That, in my opinion, had been a train wreck. And while sometimes train wrecks can be great, this dance actually proved how great all of these couples are as individuals and as team members. :)

Although I'm usually the type of person who hates it when they don't follow rules or push the boundaries, I didn't really care about that this season. It was ALL-STARS, and they've all danced before. This was great! I loved it; I didn't care that it wasn't a typical or traditional samba. The samba moves that they put in were perfection anyway! 

This was my favorite freestyle! It was completely different from the others, and we know that contemporary dances have only been done one other time, by Kelly and Val. Which is another favorite dance of mine from this season. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE contemporary dances, as I've seen them done on So You Think You Can Dance many times. And I am so glad that they won, because after this performance, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that Melissa and Tony didn't deserve that trophy! :)

Since it's over, I will be reliving this season on Youtube as much as I can. It never fails to disappoint me, and week after week, I can't wait to see what these pros and celebrities can come up with. We've seen so many dances in all these seasons, I don't know how they keep coming up with more! :) Also, I'll missing seeing Derek every week! He's my favorite pro. ;) 

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