Friday, November 9, 2012


I love psychology, and I might possibly major in it. I've learned A LOT of cool and weird things in my PSY 100 class.
  • Smelling like vanilla or cinnamon (baked goods) is very attractive to men. ;)
  • You can potty train your kids in a day, just like my psych professor did, using classical conditioning. It just might save you a load of trouble.
  • Psychology is not just about behavior, but also about the cognitive (mental) processes. 
  • Freud thought all dreams had sexual connotations. A banana represented.. Well, you get the picture.
  • Not all psychologists work in the mental health area. Only about 60% do. That, I did not know.
  • A lot of hostility and anger can cause heart/coronary problems. 
  • Stress is not just because of negative events, but also positive ones. They're not always major events either; some are minor. 
  • Fixed-malleable. People who think intelligence is malleable tend to do better in life than those who think it's fixed. I fail a little at that. I always stress about grades and become down when I get a low one.
  • My psych prof also proposed a whole study method for reading a textbook: 1) read summary first then stop, 2) half the chapter with pictures and cartoons one day, 3) second half the next day, 4) summary again, then explain the significance of each term, 5) study guide. 
  • Learning isn't a gradual and continuous process. People don't get better and better. Practice does NOT make perfect. 
  • Caffeinism: symptoms of a panic attack. 
  • Psychoactive drugs are any that influence behavior, mood, or consciousness. Even caffeine. 
  • Correlation does NOT mean causation. 
  • Most psychologists are eclectic. Ask them two questions; what is their theoretical approach and what field are they in.
  • Psychology is NOT just common sense. People can't predict the results. 
  • I was classically conditioned to hate sleeping with the light on, and waking up to it in the morning, thanks to my mom. Lol.
  • Stressors are always a bad thing, is only a myth. Sometimes they energize us and activate us (like putting off a paper until the last minute). 
  • Stress can cause heart/coronary problems, immune system problems, and kills brain cells responsible for learning and memory.
  • I've learned that I lean towards social, aesthetic, and philosophy traits in a personality test. Yeah, that's not surprising.
  • In a test of stressors, I got a 460 score for events that I've been through in the past year. It's a high number, but normal.
  • How electroshock therapy came to be: the nurses and orderlies noticed that depressed patients who had seizures were better afterward. So they decided to shock a patient with depression to create a grand mal seizure so it would help them. <--I totally didn't know that! Or that treating depression with electroshock therapy is only used when medication doesn't work. 
Favorite class of the day(: 
If I learn more cool facts, I'll add them to this.

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