Friday, November 16, 2012


This new post is not about college, but about the Nora Roberts book I just finished, 'The MacKade Brothers: Devin & Shane.' Let me just start by saying, she really knows how to write a love story. She's one of my favorite authors, quite possibly my absolute favorite. I've read so many of her books, and even though I love her, I didn't love all of them. My two favorite trilogies are the Circle Trilogy and the Sign of Seven Trilogy. She writes fantastic fantasies. I think her books about the vampires, the Circle Trilogy, should be made into movies. They would be a great addition to all of the vampire-related movies and books out there. I think people would really like them, and let's be totally honest here, they would be so much better than Twilight. 

But onto the MacKade brothers. Let's just say, I fell in love with Devin's character. Well, to be honest, what woman wouldn't have fallen in love with these four fictional MacKade bad boys? I almost can't decide which one is my favorite, because it's a toss up between Jared and Devin. And now that I've finished all their stories, I want more of them. She should write up the kids' stories, bring back the MacKade herd. But onto the book; I don't just love it because the way she writes Devin makes me want my own Devin MacKade (okay, a little bit), but because he and his brothers are flawed, like all people. They fight; they make up. They love their family, and they love their women. The books were full of humor, and the brothers' love for each other was simply precious. Even their fist fights were enjoyable to read, and as all people who have siblings would know, normal for a brood like this. The paranormal aspect was also really cool, as I simply loved reading about Rafe's inn and the stories behind the ghosts. And now that I'm finished with the last bad boy, Shane's, story I'm yearning for more about the MacKades. I guess I'll just have to make do with her new books about the Montgomery trio. (: 

I love reading, and it's never hard to find a good book with a flawed and totally imperfect character. It makes them more real. It makes them believable. Nora does a fantastic job of making her characters come to life, and does an equally fabulous job of pulling you in from page 1. Of course, reading, like many other things, is all about taste and style. If it's not your kind of book, then it's a shame, because you're missing out. But if it is, I hope you enjoyed it. If you're like me, a romantic at heart, I hope you were satisfied with the delicious love stories she gave us. And that you were equally satisfied with the wicked and handsome MacKade men. 

I just had to write down my thoughts on it, because I didn't feel like making an entirely new blog just for one book review. Okay, so it could've been more than one book review, because I read A LOT. Mostly mysteries, because I like to solve them. But I didn't feel like managing another blog. Maybe I should just change the title of this one. I quite possibly will do that. But I also don't like to change people's ideas about books, because hearing an opinion on one before you read it could make you biased and, in turn, make you not want to read it. 

Anyway, if you love Nora Roberts, or you love these books, feel free to let me know which MacKade bad boy you fell in love with. I want to see what people thought of them and their stories. And I want to see which brother is the favorite. ;)

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