Sunday, December 9, 2012

Vampire Craze

Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, House of Night series...
It's no wonder that people are going crazy for vampires, and even werewolves, right now. I think Twilight really helped bring back the vampire genre. And now there's TV series, book series, bringing new and interesting views on vampires. What they are, how they came to be, what kinds of power they have. 

I'm a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries! #TeamDamon! But I do love Stefan ;) I won't care either way who Elena ends up with, because this show is fascinating. And I, unlike other people, am really enjoying the new twists this season. Except the sire bond, sort of. I won't judge it till the story-line delves deeper and goes farther. 

I'm also a huge fan of The Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts. Now, I hope you NR fans out there have read these three books, because if you haven't, you're really missing out. 

Morrigan's Cross: the first book in the series. Hoyt is the powerful sorcerer who is charged by the goddess of war, Morrigan, to form a circle that will have to defeat the vampire "queen" Lilith, a nasty vampire who's been around for 2,000 years. He ends up in our time, looking for his brother Cian, who has now lived almost  1,000 years himself. Then comes Glenna, the witch, and they travel to Ireland with Cian's friend, King. They don't know exactly where to start, but as they have a vampire among them, they can at least find out how to kill one. Hoyt and Glenna are interested in the magicks that they could use to defeat the enemy, as fire is a weapon against them. Moira and Larkin come along, and the circle is almost complete. When they lose one of their own, it almost tears them apart. Blair comes along almost near the end of the story, where they have a pretty big skirmish between the vampires, their first real fight. Hoyt and Glenna's love story is very sweet and lovely to see unfold. What I love about their relationship is that it's not perfect. It takes work and patience and heart. They have all of that. All in all, I loved this beginning. 

Dance of the Gods: now comes along the middle part. Larkin and Blair take point in it, and as you may have guessed, they fall in love too. Of course that happens, right? :P Larkin is by far my favorite of the males, but it's mostly a tie between him and Cian for me. He's charming, sweet, and he can turn into a dragon! Um, hello handsome! This book takes place half in Ireland, but mostly the rest is in Geall. This fantasy land that Nora created (maybe! I don't have a clue if she made up the name or not, along with a lot of this fantasy story-line). Blair is the warrior, tough as nails, too scared to love again when she was unkindly rejected by her first love. It's nice to see her find someone who accepts and loves her ever the more for who she is. Larkin strikes me as the man who would never reject the woman he loves, and he's also the type of guy who will never let the woman he loves go. They have a lot to work out, seeing as how he's from a completely new world than she. It works out, as all true love stories do, but not without its bumps and bruises along the way. This book didn't take me very long to finish, and then I was craving the last story until finally I got back to the library to get it. 

Valley of Silence: the final book in the series. And, to tell you the truth, my favorite. Not only because the huge battle takes place, but because of the love story unfolding between Moira and Cian. There's just something about a damaged man (okay, vampire) that draws me in. He's a mystery, a puzzle. He's sarcastic and sweet. Funny, when he likes to be, mean when he needs to be. He's not perfect, and neither is Moira. She's quiet and strong, intelligent and sometimes too empathetic. After witnessing her mother's death by vampires, she's learned to not only trust Cian, but came to love him. Their love is the sweetest, and the saddest of them all, for he'll live forever and she's only a mortal. Will he change her, turn her into a vampire, or will he let the only woman he's ever loved in a thousand years go? That's the question, and some of you may or may not be surprised with the ending. The six are still in Geall, making more preparations and training an army. We learn more about Lilith's past, and about her weaknesses. Then comes the battle, with a few little skirmishes along the way. Enjoy the fast pace and suspense! And the ending is totally worth the wait, trust me. :)

6 people: a sorcerer, a witch, a warrior, a scholar, one who has many shapes, and one who is lost. And in true Nora fashion, they end up in pairs. True love, passion, fantasy, a war of the worlds. Evil, death, happiness, life. These books have it all. They won't disappoint you, and if you love the vampire genre, you'll fall in love with these books and characters as I have. They've got a unique view, and who doesn't enjoy a good love story? And the best part? You get three of those great love stories. :)

She seriously needs to make this trilogy into movies!! I think so many people would love them, and since the vampire craze is still huge, it would have a lot of fans already. I would love to see these in film. I really want to see them happen, and SOON! Mostly just to see how the characters would look, and to see the battles. :) But seriously, THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN! 

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