Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lacking Inspiration

As a writer, my inspiration comes from everywhere around me. But lately, I haven't felt very inspired. It's been a long time since I've written lyrics, or a poem. And while I try to keep working on my tons of different novel ideas, it's hard to sit down and discipline myself to write and do research and work out an outline (which I never do). I tend to type and go with wherever the story takes me. But that doesn't always work, as I go back and change things a lot. 

Right now I'm working on a YA story. Don't ask me why I decided to start a YA novel (I feel like I shouldn't call them novels, because they'll probably never get published. But here's to hoping!). I used to hate reading young adult novels, all that drama and those annoying love triangles that made you want to tear the book to pieces. But since I've started reading more YA novels again, I decided I wanted to write one myself (which will definitely turn into a trilogy at some point--because trilogies, to me, are the best number to work with for a series). It's about an assassin, a princess, dragon-shifting knights, and a magical kingdom. Yeah, it's a work in progress. The hardest part is wondering at what point in time this would take place at and how to write the characters talking in the way they did then. This will probably get pushed further back on my list of ideas. But I really love the premise.

The last song I worked on was actually a healing process for me. Writing is an emotional process sometimes, and that's what makes it the best kind of therapy. It helped me put some things into perspective, and I can't say that I'll ever share it with someone. Sometimes the best lyrics are for your eyes only. Also, I'm still quite sad that I haven't yet found my song book. It's been lost for some time now, and it's really freaking me out. I have so many ideas stored in there, and if I were to ever lose that... *shudders* It'd be a true disaster. 

As of right now, inspiration just won't come. I haven't had the urge to string together a couple lines of lyrics, or go chapter by chapter of what I want to do in my story. I'm in a writer's block right now, and I can't seem to get out of it. Maybe it's because I haven't had a lot of free time to work. Or if I do, I choose to watch Netflix instead or read one of the many books I've started but haven't finished. Whatever the reason, I've been lacking imagination. I've been lacking that inspiration that has always found its way into my consciousness and latched on. 

I'm lacking heart. 

My Steps:
1. Just write. 

That's it. That's all I need to do. No matter what anyone says or thinks; no matter what I tell myself. 
I just need to write. 

Found this on Facebook and thought it was very fitting.

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