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My Book Boyfriends ♥

Oh, this is going to be good. So.. I've read many books in the last year, and I think I finally have my book boyfriend list narrowed down. It's really hard, considering the wonderful and swoon-worthy men I've read about. But here is my top 5 (it was originally eight, but I wanted to make the others honorable mentions, because they weren't my favorites but I did like them), with casting for my choices. There might be slight spoilers, especially for my number 1 book boyfriend. I can't just not talk about how much I love Tristan Archer. Please don't read his section if you haven't read the books; I don't want to ruin them for you. Just skim through it. :) 

Honorable Mentions:

  • Peregrine "Perry"(Under the Never Sky): While I loved him in the first book, he didn't grab hold of my heart like the others had. But that Robin Hood persona is dangerously sexy. ;)
  • James "Jem" Carstairs (Infernal Devices): Oh, how I love Jem. He has the most beautiful soul.
  • Gabriel Merrick (Elemental, #2): Gabriel is my favorite Merrick brother! I loved his story a lot, even when he was being a jerk. 

5. Kaidan Rowe 
    (The Sweet Trilogy)

My casting: 
Alex Pettyfer: Although I think his hair is a little lighter than what Kaidan's is, he still comes to mind when I read about this hot bad boy. He has that air of confidence and those smoldering looks down. ;)

At first, I just thought he would be the typical bad boy: sarcastic, moody, and probably bad-tempered. He won me over early on! He was sweet and charming. Kaidan really liked Anna, and it was clear he wanted to do right by her. And he tried his hardest, but with the lives they have to live because of their fathers, he needed to stay away from her. But it was hard for both of them after having fallen in love. He's got a British accent, plays in a band, and is the son of Lust. Holy hotness! :) I can't wait for more of him in Sweet Peril. After a last steamy kiss in the first book, I just know he and Anna are far from over. The whole I-want-what-I-can't-have thing didn't irritate me, either, because I really liked how dynamic Kaidan was. There was more to him than the show he puts on for everyone who would kill him if they knew his true feelings for her.

4. River Wilde
My casting:
Zac Efron: Brown hair, beanie, captivating eyes, and hot physique. Now that I've imagined it, I see him as River. I actually didn't have Zac in mind, until I read a review on Goodreads and knew he was the perfect fit.

River is just.. perfection. I mean, even his name is perfection. River.. *sigh 
He's sweet, charming, and totally hot. When he wants something, he goes after it. He's a fantastic singer, and I'm sure if I heard him in real life, he'd make my heart melt with his smooth voice. What I really loved about him, other than his extremely attractive physique, is the way he takes care of Dahlia. He believes in soul mates and true love and 'once in a lifetimes.' He never pressured her into anything, and when it came to her first love, Ben, he never made her believe that he was trying to replace him. He understood that she had loved him and that she wasn't quite yet ready to let go. The way he took care of her and loved her had me swooning and clutching my heart as I was reading their story. River was the perfect match for her. 

3. Dean Holder

My casting: Jensen Ackles. Although we have the cover reveal for Hopeless, and it has Griffin from American Idol on it as Holder, I still think Jensen comes close to what I saw in my head as I read this story. 
Oh, Holder.. With pinky holding, anti-cutesy text messages, and star gazing by the airport, Holder was everything that Sky had needed. Their love was powerful, magical, and oh, so real. My first impression of Holder was: who IS this guy? What is his story and what is with his fighting with Sky so much? But could he have been more perfect? *sigh. He even makes pinky holding and almost kissing hot! When I found out what he'd been hiding, I was thinking: I knew it. I'd known part of his story all along. He's very passionate about what he loves and he's not afraid of taking charge. God love him for how he took care of Sky. I'm so excited for his book, Losing Hope. I fell hard, and I'm sure I'll fall even harder when I read his perspective of what happened. 

2. Tobias "Four" Eaton 

My casting:
Paul Walker: Although a lot older than what Four is, I think he makes a great Tobias. He's darkly appealing and has that air of mysteriousness. The way he is in action movies makes me think he'd be perfect for Dauntless. 

I knew there was more to Four than we could see, a past that I just wanted to unravel. He was quiet, calm, and dangerous: a man who is trying to escape his past and live for himself. He doesn't believe he fits in Dauntless, and he's got views about the world they live in that people would laugh at him for. He proved to me that the choices you make don't always define you. He had me swooning with his protectiveness toward Tris, even when he was supposed to be acting like the leader. In Insurgent, he just made me fall even more. He loves Tris, but he also doesn't take any crap from her. He makes her question her life and the choices she makes. He makes her feel alive. He's smart, sexy, and confident. I loved how he took care of Tris and how he helped her find her way back to him. Four and Tris are one of my favorite swoon-worthy couples. In a world that was falling apart, their love came out stronger and felt even more real. And even though his name is Tobias, he will always be Four to me. <3

1. Tristan Archer 
    (Archers of Avalon)

My casting:
Ian Somerhalder: sizzling green eyes, rakishly handsome, always wears black. If he were a lot younger and had that tattoo, he'd be Tristan Archer. And I didn't want to go with the model, although he's hot too. ;)

Tristan Archer is my number one book boyfriend. Why, you ask? That's a good question. Let me answer it for you. This trilogy was one of the few books with a love triangle that I didn't hate. Automatically a plus, in my book. Although Gabriel, his twin brother, was dating Scarlet, it was clear that there was something about Tristan that she couldn't stay away from. We find out in the second book that they'd actually met first and fallen in love, back in the 1500s. Throughout those five hundred years, Tristan never stopped loving her, not once. He and Scarlet had been through so much, from breakups and almost hookups (because of a very specific reason, but I can't tell you) to losing each other all the years she was gone. In the beginning, Tristan is that typical bad boy, sarcastic and mysterious, with a little danger surrounding him (huh, sounds like Damon in the Vampire Diaries, :P). But when the flashbacks start, and you see who he is, all of him, you fall even more in love. They had that messy love, the kind that is worth writing about, the kind that makes you want to have that passion and true love that is only written about in books. For days after I finished the series, I was reeling from the sudden feeling like I'd lost a best friend. They had that kind of effect on me, and so did Tristan. He will forever be number one on my list. 

I highly doubt this list will change, especially Tristan being #1. But it seems like every time I read another book, I fall in love with another boy. Maybe I just need therapy. Really, I probably shouldn't be so attached to fictional characters.

What book boyfriends are on your list?

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