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Reapers and Forbidden Love: Review of Blurred

*An ARC was provided by the author and Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Who knew Death could be so appealing? I really loved the first book in the series, Inbetween, but this one exceeded all of my expectations. Once I started reading, I was hooked. Blurred was an addicting read, the forbidden love aspect achingly beautiful, and the story wonderfully told. 

Rating: 5/5 stars!
That cover is seriously one of my favorite covers. Ever. It's gorgeous! 

The Characters:
Cash: In the first book, Cash is just Emma's best friend, a guy with a broken past and a wounded heart. He's always been there for her, even when people thought she was downright crazy. After the fire at her house, Cash was supposed to be at peace. He was supposed to die. In a turn of events Anaya, Heaven's beautiful and enchanting reaper, holds all of the cards, knowing why Balthazar wanted her to save him. It was actually pretty hard seeing the bright and fearless boy in the first book be broken down beyond repair. He was so alive and so full of life that he now feels hollow and empty, just waiting for death to take him. He's confused, angry. The lines are all blurring, and he doesn't know how much more he can take. But with Anaya, he starts to feel like his old self again. And I just love Cash's character--he's hot, got a great sense of humor, and loves beyond all faults. He won my heart with his story.

"You wouldn't be the first girl this shirt has worked on. But you could be the first dead one if you wanted."

"Hey, fuck you too, Casper."

"And everywhere in between, it feels like I belong to you."

Anaya: Even though she played a role in Inbetween, we don't really know much about her. Not until this book. I loved reading about her past! She's been a Heaven reaper for over a thousand years, and she's doing this so she can finally go beyond those gates and see her loved ones. But what Balthazar asked her to do to Cash, it feels wrong. She's trying to figure out if what Balthazar has promised her would be worth losing who she is. Because if she does this, it'll go against everything she stands for. But what she doesn't count on is falling in love with the one boy who has made her feel something in a thousand years, the one boy who looks at her like he needs her to breathe. But she's dead, and he's close to death. She knows nothing could possibly work between them. 

Emma, Finn, and Easton make appearances again, as well as a few other characters. Like Balthazar, who is good at being evil and nice, a contradiction to all of people who know him. Cash tries hard to forgive Finn for what he did, and in the end, he understands better than anyone what it's like to give up everything for the one he loves, to sacrifice himself for a girl. He also sees the appeal and understands why Emma fell for Finn, because he fell hard for Death himself. Death in a white dress with gold eyes. 

The Plot:
What do you do when you almost died and were saved, except now you're being haunted by shadow demons? They're evil, fearful, and hungry. They're hungry for souls, but not just any soul. Cash's soul. As Cash tries to figure out what is going on with his life, Anaya shows herself to him and gives him some answers. It's her fault he's in this predicament, and it's her fault that she triggered his shadow walking abilities. Although she made a mistake in not giving Cash his deserved peace, she's trying to right her wrongs. And I loved how she came to the conclusion that she couldn't do this to him, and that was before she even fell in love with him. But there's still a lot of distrust between the two of them, and it doesn't help when another shadow walker shows up, promising Cash a better choice than the ones he's being given. Noah tries to drive a wedge between Cash and everyone he loves. He draws on people's weaknesses, and what he is "supposedly" giving Cash is something far worse than what Balthazar wants him for. Because shadow walkers are rare, coveted beings, Cash is invaluable to everyone. But it's deciding what team he wants to be on that messes with his head and makes him push away everyone he loves. Anaya is also fighting with herself, trying to figure out what's right and what she should do. When Cash asks her to delve into his past lives, they are both shocked with the outcome. How could Anaya have known that what she'd been waiting for for one thousand years was right there in her arms? She finds out that Balthazar tricked her, and she hates him for it, especially when she finds out the truth surrounding her death. And when Cash is tricked into Umbria with Noah, it's up to Anaya and Easton to save him. 

The Writing:
I love how easily it is for me to connect with the characters. I love Tara Fuller's writing style, and how she uses double perspectives to tell the story. It's so nice to have both of the main characters' sides and thoughts. 

My Thoughts:
I guess I don't even need this section, with all that I've written above. But I do have more to say. The plot was amazing, the story was enchanting: it was a delicious tale of love and courage. The love and passion that sparked between Anaya and Cash was powerful and sizzling to the core. It's clear that there's something more between them, and that death is not going to stop their feelings for each other. Also, is Easton going to get his own story? I have to say, when I first read about him in Inbetween, I imagined him older, graying. I never imagined him young and hot! ;) Seriously, if he's getting his own story, I'm gonna flip out. I want more of Easton after what he did for Anaya in Blurred. There's more to him than his violet eyes and all-black wardrobe. 

I'm so incredibly grateful that I received an eARC of this, because the expected publication date is July 2nd. I couldn't have waited that long!


  1. This is a great review, I just finished Blurred tonight, and definitely agree, the characters and the romance was definitely good. I hope Easton gets his own story too, I'm guessing he will! :) He definitely came through for them in the end! I wasn't expecting that, haha.

    1. I LOVED this book! And Easton is getting his own story! It's called Descent, and it won't be out until Summer 2014. So long of a wait! :( But I'll bet it will be worth it. Thanks for reading my review. :)


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