Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review of The Bane

*This is my first NetGalley book that I've read and reviewed. 

I wasn't lucky enough to read Eden by Keary Taylor before she signed with a publisher to make the book into a trilogy. I'm actually going to be scouring bookshelves in stores for a copy of it, even though it is no longer available and is discontinued because of the trilogy. I like collecting books and other editions of the same books. It's definitely going to give me problems as I get older, I'm sure of it. Because it's already giving me problems now, since I have zero space left in my room for my books. :)

When I saw that The Bane (The Eden Trilogy #1) was on NetGalley, I had to request a copy of it!

Rating: 4/5 stars!
The Characters:
Eve: She is one of the toughest heroines I've read about this year. She's always trying to keep everyone alive, while trying to figure out why she doesn't feel. I love her different sides: the tough act and the vulnerability. It makes her a three-dimensional character; it makes her human.

West: After surviving out in the wild with two fellow friends, the people of Eden welcome him into their camp and into the family that they've created. But it's clear he's keeping secrets, and the people are wary. While he does whatever he can to help, it's hard to be trusted when Eve finds out what he's been holding out on her. A secret that opens her eyes and threatens her entire world.

Avian: Even though he has military training, it is clear that his skills lie within the precious medical knowledge that he has. It's clear that he is a leader, and that they trust him. He also has the one weapon that can destroy the Bane, and if he wasn't so needed, he would be trying to figure out how to forge a weapon that could wipe out the entire race of the dangerous Bane. 

There were many secondary characters, as well, ones that didn't have such big roles to play, except for Gabriel, their quiet and strong leader. I felt myself becoming attached to the characters, and I cried after what happened to one of them.

The Plot:
From the very first page, this book sucked me in and I had to slow down a little when I realized how fast I was reading. It's suspenseful and thrilling; it pulls you into their world from the very beginning. I loved the world-building and the idea of the Bane. How it happened was a little confusing when I first learned about it, but I liked how creative the story-line was. There was a lot of action, but at some parts, it slowed down, especially when it came to the quieter and more serious scenes. But that never got boring to me, and I found myself still enthralled with the story.

The Writing:
This copy was an unedited advanced reader's edition for the Kindle, so I ignored the editing problems and errors. It wasn't hard to ignore them, especially knowing that the errors and mistakes would be fixed before it was printed (hopefully, they were!). Before I read this book, I tried reading Branded by Taylor. But I didn't like her style of writing then, and it didn't flow well to me so I never finished it (which I will, someday, because I really liked the premise of it). Because of that, I wasn't sure if I'd like this book. Not to mention the fact that I don't read very much apocalyptic and world-ending stories. And I know there are a lot of zombie books out there, and ones about the world ending and being in the post-apocalyptic stage. But I loved this book! Her writing style drew me in, and I felt the story flow from the page and into my head while a movie played out in all the detailed glory of this post-apocalyptic novel. 

My Thoughts:
While I loved all of the characters, I didn't like the love triangle. At times, I felt it overshadowed the plot, and it was those moments between Eve, West, and Avian that slowed the action down. Eve's feelings felt back and forth to me, and I didn't find myself caring that that could be because of what happened to her before the world ended. I felt that the book should have centered more around everyone, and not just those three. Although, I still think it's beautiful that she's finding love in the middle of all this. As one character stated: "If love dies, that's when we've all truly died." But I was very unhappy with her pick, and what happened to the other guy in the end. It frustrated me a lot, and this is why I hate love triangles!

I'm definitely looking forward to reading The Human. I just hope it makes me feel better after that ending! It was so predictable! Now I just want to continue the series in hopes that my personal choice of the guys will be okay.

I think this is the most detailed review that I've done so far, and it won't be the last. I'm really excited, now, because Keary Taylor gave us some news about The Human (The Eden Trilogy #2). The release date is June 18th, 2013! Another book that is gonna be added to my most highly anticipated books for the summer list! Ah, and just look at the cover! Eve looks like a badass fearsome soldier!
I can't wait!

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