Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sweet Summertime :)


...Yeah, I'm really excited. I didn't want to say goodbye to the amazing friends that I've made here, but I wanted a break from this rough semester. Sweet summertime! :)

Plans already: 

  • Mackinac Island on June 2nd with The Villagers :)
  • Michigan's Adventure for Sam's birthday in July. 
  • Tons of open houses! 
  • Possibly a trip to Georgia to see my cousin. 
  • Start running every single day with my brother. I want to lose these extra pounds.
  • Drink less pop and eat less junk food.
  • Get a job. Preferably at a retail store.
  • Save up for next year.
  • Gain some more confidence in myself.
  • Make my mom a Twitter, manage her Goodreads page, and help her get her books out there! :)
  • Try a blog hop. I have some extra books lying around here that I need to get rid of. :)
  • Stay outside more often. Get a tan. <--Ha. Ha. That one will take awhile. 
  • Keep reading, but I want to go places more often and not stay indoors all the time. 
  • Almost forgot to add 'start blogging more.' :P (Become more involved in the blogging world, for sure). 
Bucket List for this summer:
  • Meet Hunter Hayes at the birthday bash (It's a long shot, but I don't care!).
  • At the beach, make faces on shadows and take pictures.
  • Own a nice camera (I need a new one).
  • Stargaze in the back of a pickup. 
  • Go night fishing. (this and the one above are more like dates). 
  • Try new things in Summer 13. <3
  • Become an inspiration.
  • Road trip with no destination (probably not for a few years though!).
  • Stop being so afraid and start living instead. <--This is what I need to do! ♥
  • Make an important decision with a coin toss.
  • Be completely fearless (my goal every single day). 
  • Be able to run a mile easily (my goal!).
  • Sleep under the stars.
These are long lists, and I will keep adding things on them. I don't know how much I will get to this summer, seeing as how I really want to find a job. But I will try. I will try my damndest to stop being so afraid of moving on and living my life the way I should have been for years. I want to live again. I want to start enjoying everything about my life again, the way I used to as a child. 

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