Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Recap, July Schedule

It's time again for that monthly recap of my blog. What does that mean? Well, I bore you with the books I've read, the things I've done at this point in the summer, and just talk about random things. I also like to let people know my plans for the next month, which includes more summer things, the books I can't wait to read that are coming out, and all the blogging things I've got scheduled already (I add to and subtract things from the "Schedule" tab on my blog constantly). 

June Recap:
Firstly, I want to welcome all of my new followers! 
*awkwardly waves*

You guys are what keep me posting all the time. When I get a new comment, it makes me smile. I appreciate it more than you know! :) 

When I first started the blog, it was just something for fun, a hobby. It's since turned into a book blog, and I love it! It's pretty boring looking, to say the least. But I have the perfect design in my head; I just don't know how to make it. I will look into that, hopefully soon. :)

Secondly, onto the books. Well, let's just say, I haven't read as many as I wanted to. Currently, I'm about 41 books behind schedule on my Goodreads challenge. Yikes! And I've only managed to read 1 book on my NetGalley challenge (Thank God that it's a yearly thing, not monthly). That was Taking Back Forever, and you can read my review full of Lilo & Stitch gifs here. I have an addiction for all things Disney. You'll find that out as you read more and more of my posts. 

Memes that I participate in weekly.
Join them! They're so much fun! I'm thinking I need to add to them, do one everyday. If you know of any good ones, please let me know! It just can't be on the same day as these ones. :)

Thirdly, my summer activities. Other than my little brother's baseball games, I've done nothing. Two weekends in a row, my plans were ruined. And these plans were the ones I was really excited for. Let's just say, I was pissed. This summer hasn't turned out so great. I'm just going to spend my time securing an on-campus job for the school year, blogging, hanging out with friends and family whenever I can, and knocking down my never ending to-read list. 


July Schedule:
I don't have much scheduled right now. What I do have scheduled is two cover reveals, two release day launches, and one book blitz (possibly another). I've been asked to do a few tours, but they weren't of books I'd either read or didn't think I'd like. There was one that I signed up for but never heard anything back about, so I'm probably not on the tour. I'm just waiting to do one that I'd really like to do. I'd love to finally participate in one and become more involved in the blogging world.

I also LOVE signing up for ARCs of books. I got two that I really wanted: Taste the Heat by Rachel Harris and Found (The Crescent Chronicles, #3) by Alyssa Rose Ivy. Their reviews both need to be done before the release day launches. :)

Here's something to think about, my fellow followers: I'm going to work on a giveaway for this month. It'll be my first. I just need to figure out all the deets, clean my room and organize my bookshelves, AND reach 100 followers. I'm so close, guys! Help me reach that amount, so I can give back to avid bookworms like myself. :)

Also, if you are following me via GFC, please do so via Bloglovin! Google Friend Connect will be gone tomorrow, July 1st! I don't want to lose any of my faithful readers (and I don't want you guys to miss any of my posts, if you know, you actually read and like them). Make sure you know that you need to follow your favorite blogs by other ways! 

Follow on Bloglovin

So, I think that's that. 

Well, I guess there are some July books that I'm anticipating their release of (some that I've even already read or can read early thanks to e-ARCs), including:
  • Losing Hope, July 8th. I actually have an early e-ARC of this thanks to NetGalley! As soon as I'm finished with the three books I'm currently reading, I'm starting it.
  • Found (The Crescent Chronicles, #3), July 16th. Again, I have an e-ARC of this for the release day launch post. Look for it on the scheduled release date!
  • Blurred (Kiss of Death, #2), July 2nd. I pre-ordered this in March, and I'm so excited to receive my paperback of it! I've already read it, thanks to Tara Fuller and Entangled Publishing. But it is one of my favorite covers ever and one of my favorite books, so I'm glad to be getting it in paperback. :)
  • Never Say Goodbye (Never Say Goodbye, #1), July 20th. 
There's probably more, but for the life of me, I can't remember them. :)


Random question, one that I'm extremely curious about coming from other bookworms.

Do you prefer paperbacks or hardcover? Why?

Let me know in the comments below! Or check out the poll I have underneath my Bloglovin follow button. Although, I'd rather hear the why part and not just your answer. :) 

I'm going to keep track of all the answers this month, and next month when I make another post like this, I'm going to tally it up and let everyone know. It'll be July's poll. (I'm going to start doing monthly polls on a bookish question that I have for my fellow readers). 

Oh, and my answer to that question? I love paperbacks more. I don't know why, but it's not because of the price difference. Hardcovers are just so clunky, for lack of a better term. I hate how the covers always slip off to the point where I have to take them off just to read the book. If you were to check out my bookshelves, you'd see that about 90% of them are paperbacks. :)

Why do I want the answer to that question? Well, I've been curious about what people like (It will come in handy for future giveaways), and also it's because I've always loved paperbacks more. One of my favorite blogs asked the question, and a lot of the readers said they preferred hardcover, even though they're more expensive. Then, because I was curious, I asked my bookworm friend, Liz. She said she liked paperbacks more. We got into a discussion about it, as we do with all bookish things. But.. to each their own. :) 


That's all I have for y'all! I'm hoping to get a great start on reading for July. Usually, I do, but then it starts to slow down. I really need to read as many as I can this summer, because when I go back to school, it's gonna be hard to find enough time to finish my homework, let alone read a book. 

I'm also really excited for this week, because it's the 4th of July! Woohoooooo! Why am I excited? Well, my family (not just mom and the brothers--alllll my relatives on the Underhill side) have a family picnic at my favorite lake around our area. Grilling, delicious food, swimming, beach volleyball, baseball game with the cousins and uncles, and just hanging out with my favorite people on earth. It's gonna be a blast! Hopefully I can see some fireworks, too. This is what I live for in the summer: spending time with my cousins, the best friends I'll ever have. 

Okay, this post is extremely long. I swear, I love to talk too much. I mean.. er.. I love to write too much (don't take that literally--I love writing so much I'd never quit). Really, if you guys read all this, you deserve a high five. Except, I can't give you one over the internet. Or can I?

There's your virtual high five for continuing to put a smile on my face every time you comment on a post of mine. :D

So, anyway, that's it! Yes, I really mean it this time. I have nothing else to talk about. 

Thanks for following my blog! :) 


  1. I still haven't read inbetween yet but I would like to do so soon and its nice to know that your enjoyed it :-) thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh, I love that series so much. You should totally read it soon! :)

  2. I don't have a preference between hardbound and paperback, but I'm definitely preferential to physical copies period. I'll read an ebook if I must, whether a digital review copy, a novella, or whatever, but I would so much rather have an actual copy. First-time visitor, love your blog! :)

    1. Oh, I definitely love a physical copy more than an e-book. But I do love snuggling up with my Kindle reading a great book. :)

      Welcome to my blog!! :)

  3. Hello, Holly! (That feels really weird to type...LOL!) I'm a new follower, so you're 1 closer to 100 now.
    As for the question....
    Do you prefer paperbacks or hardcover? Why?
    I don't have a real preference. But, I am quite completionistic. Meaning that I like to have complete series of books I love. But, I can have 2/3 of it in Paperback, 1/2 of the other 1/3 in Hardback, and the last couple in eBook, and I am alright with that. I am more worried about getting to read it all than what format that it's in.

    1. Hi, Holly! :)

      I don't mind having my series in different formats, as in half on Kindle or half in physical copies. But I'd much rather have all three in paperback or hardcover more.

      Welcome! :)

  4. Hey Holly! First of all, that Stitch cartoon is FAR too cute :P secondly I don't think your blog looks boring at all! Give yourself more credit! Thanks for the follow, I'm following you back and will be keeping up with your blog :)
    Haley @

    1. Aw, thanks so much. It's not really that I think it's boring. It's just that I have the perfect design in my head of how I want it to look. I just need to figure out how to make it.

      Welcome, and thanks for the follow! :)


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