Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Blog Name, Peeps!

Originally, my blog was called 'The Fox's Hole.' Now, if any of you followers have ever wondered why it was named that, I'd be glad to tell you if you were curious about it. ;) Nevertheless, it needed to change.

My blog name has actually changed a few times, but you'd never know because it was right when I first made it and I didn't have any followers then. 

Anywhoooo, just wanted to give everyone a heads up. You know, in case you pay attention to my blog and wondered where 'The Fox's Hole' went. 

It's strictly a book blog now, with the occasional personal tidbits about my life thrown in every now and then. I've been doing a lot of cover reveals, and I'm enjoying being part of C.M. Stunich's June releases and sharing them with y'all. I finally figured out how to make new pages, and I've been building up my blog starting with that new design. It's kind of plain right now, and I hope that, in the future, I can personalize it and make it more 'me.' But I'm still learning the ropes of blogging, so I'm not too sure that'll happen soon. 

I've got ideas for this, and maybe someday I'll even make a Facebook page. (Although, I don't know if that'll happen, as I don't like Facebook all that much). Twitter is where I can be found at all times. I have a personal one and one exclusively for my blog and all things blogging. 

Anyway, sorry if I'm boring you! I tend to ramble and go on and on about things once I get started. And I just love my blog. :) As time goes on, I want to do more with it, participate on blog tours and do giveaways. Right now, I'm just slowly developing a signature blog that'll stand out among the other hundreds of book blogs. 

To top off this really random and ridiculous post, I'm just going to say that today is the official launch of 'Part of that World.' The name and inspiration for the subtitle credited to my dear friend, Liz, who is also an honest to God bookworm like me. :)

This is the last and final name change. <3


  1. Awesome! Digging the new name! Such a Disney fan so I assume it relates to the little mermaid? Anyways keep up the cool updates, it's fun to switch it up every once in a while just to give your faithful followers something new to look at :)

    1. Haha, thanks! I told my friend to help me, and she went full out with the names. :) I'm pretty sure it does! I love Disney, too.

      Thanks for checking this out. :)


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