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Review of Taking Back Forever

*I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Starry Sky Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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After really enjoying, Grasping at Eternity, I was so excited to be approved for this one. Taking Back Forever exceeded my expectations, and it was so much better than the first book. And after that cliffhanger ending, I know I'm gonna go crazy not knowing what happens next. 

*Possible spoilers. But lots of them if you haven't read Grasping at Eternity. You've been warned.

Rating: 5/5 stars!
This book starts off right where the first one ended. Maryah remembers Nathan, but as to her kindrily family, her memories are still blank. Everyone is trying their hardest to help her, especially Nathan. 

Taking Back Forever is told in the perspectives of both Maryah, and Harmony, which I loved. After her less than stellar attitude toward Maryah in the first book, she's probably not on everybody's favorite character list. But she's got her reasons. And as you read her thoughts, you start to understand this woman, who sees and talks to ghosts, and who dresses up like a Goth. I found myself liking reading the book through her eyes more than I did through Maryah's. And I understand why the book was told in their views instead of the other Kindrily members. For this book is about Maryah's determination to astral travel again and Harmony's devotion to finding her soul mate, Gregory. 

In the ending of Grasping at Eternity, Nathan has a secret, one that could hurt a lot of people. In the beginning of Taking Back Forever, when Harmony asks for Maryah's help in locating Gregory using her astral traveling, that secret comes to light. Gregory isn't just lost to them; he's one of the Nefariouns. He's also the one who killed Maryah's parents and Mikey. It makes Harmony more determined than ever to find her soul mate. Her love for him will never waver, and she will fight to bring him back home. Her determination pushes her, making her desperate. In her desperation, she goes to an unlikely source for help. Some of the choices she makes hurts members of her Kindrily. But they never turn their backs on one of their own.

I love this Kindrily family! It would have been so easy for all of these characters to get lost in the shuffle. It would have been too easy for readers to get confused, because even though there's two main characters, all of the other Kindrily members play key roles in the development of the whole story. That's fifteen characters in total! Well, you can exclude Mikey since he's a baby, but that's still fourteen other characters who are part of this wonderful Kindrily. 

So I'm giving the author a big thank you for creating a family tree and putting it in the book. It helped to keep them all separate, and remember who the soul mates are and what powers they each have. 

I can't even decide who are my favorites, though Nathan kind of takes the cake. He's pretty damn sexy and so lickable. ;) 

Seriously, he's like the perfect guy. I know, I know. There's no such thing as perfect, even for book boyfriends. But he had me swooning in almost every single scene of his. Maryah is very lucky, indeed. 

The only grievance I had with this book was Maryah's character. Sometimes she frustrated me so much I just wanted to scream!

I already said that I enjoyed Harmony's POV much more than I enjoyed Maryah's. Let me give you a scenes where she frustrated me:
1. When Nathan planned this very romantic and old-fashioned date, she was complaining about it. I mean, seriously girl, you just need to open up your damn eyes and realize how perfect your soul mate is and how very hard he's trying to help you get your memories back.
2. When Krista told Maryah that she was crushing on Carson, she immediately dismissed the idea because there's just no way her "cousin" and best friend would fall for a guy like him. She chalks it up to Krista's grief. 
 3. When Harmony and Gregory are reunited, Maryah and Nathan are still in the room. She thinks Harmony's going to kill him and tries to get in the way of it. I'm sorry, but did you really just step into the middle of an argument that's been coming for two decades? They're soul mates, for God's sake. And when they leave the room so Harmony and Gregory can make up, she starts to go back in when she hears crashing. Honey, they're making up after two decades apart. Leave them alone!
Maybe this isn't fair of me, but seriously, this girl can be extremely stupid and very naive sometimes. Maybe it's also because her character is much weaker than the woman they've all known throughout the lifetimes. As she grows in her character development, the old Mary is starting to come back. And Maryah is slowly gaining more confidence in herself, and she's more determined than ever to get her memories back. 

Oh, and when Harmony and Gregory were reunited, it was just so beautiful! And hilarious! I just know I'm going to love these two as a couple. :) 

Now they are one big happy family, except for the part where Gregory has a lot of making up to do with several of the Kindrily members. Dedrick corrupted his mind, but he hurt so many people he loved, especially Harmony and Maryah.


The plot itself was fantastic! I just love this idea of the Kindrily, old souls, and supernatural powers. It's so creative and original. But it did almost seem too easy that Gregory was reunited with them. The fight was very short and two people ended up seriously hurt. 

When Harmony ripped off Gregory's sunglasses so she could see into his eyes....
Okay, so maybe I'm not being totally serious that this is how it happened. :P But when I saw this gif and remembered that part, I almost died from the laughter.

Back to the fight! It's still a little impossible for me to believe Krista could heal the two dead members of the Kindrily. One of them was seriously grave. There was no way that character could come back from an injury like that in real life. Maybe it's because Krista's power is getting stronger, like some of the other Kindrily. But it was still hard to think it was even probable that she could do that.

The book is really all about Maryah trying to astral travel again so they can find Gregory. And once they find him, she ended up still looking for Dedrick without her conscious knowing. Why is that? While the Kindrily try to figure it out, they are still glad for a reprieve from the Nefariouns and to have Gregory back. But he knows things. And when secrets come to light about what really happened on the beach at Amber and Dylan's wedding last life, it's too much for them to think Dedrick will stop coming after them. For not only do they have Edgar, someone with a supernatural power that the evil Element wants, but they have Maryah. Because with her erased memories, they won't know what he wants with her. And until then, none of them are safe. 


And that cliffhanger ending! OH MY GOD.  The author even warned me! She gave an alternate ending, a cliffhanger ending, for the readers who wanted it. I must love torturing myself, because that was one evil cliffhangerSo many feels!

I'm Stitch, the idiot who decided to read the cliffhanger. Lilo is anyone who decided to stick with the really happy ending. I think we both know got the best deal. Let's just say, we have very different ideas of what the next book is going to contain. And let's just say, y'all who didn't read it are extremely smart.

Can I have the next book now?
Pretty please with a cherry on top?! :)

I don't even know when Fighting for Infinity will be out. UGH.

One I started it with that quote, I couldn't stop with the Lilo and Stitch gifs. :) Anywayyyy, I really want the next book. Like, right now. Taking Back Forever raised the bar high, and after that ending, it's gonna be a loooooong wait. 


  1. I've heard so many good things about this series. Glad you liked this book. :)

  2. Google alerts is SLOW and i just received a notification about this review today, but what a great way to start the morning. I love pretty much anything Disney, so all these Lilo & Stitch GIFs were awesome!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write such an entertaining review. I'm still working on a release date for Fighting for Infinity, but I'll announce it as soon as I can. :)

    1. Haha, I LOVE anything Disney, too. And thank YOU for taking the time to read my review. :)

      Yay! I can't wait for the next book! :)

  3. Wow! I can tell you really got into this one. :) I have both of these and need to read them. I don't know if I'll like it as much as you because when characters get really dramatic or unresonable I have a tough time with a book, so we'll see.

    Tressa @ Tressa's Wishful Endings

    1. What can I say? I really love this series. :P Oh, and don't let my annoyance with the main character stop you. It's seriously only her that is very dramatic and unreasonable sometimes. :)


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