Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Lunar Chronicles: Review of Scarlet

I don't know any other author who could pull a series off like this. It was one thing when Marissa Meyer twisted Cinderella into a story about cyborgs, Lunars, and Earth having been sectioned off into a few major "countries." Her characters were so endearing, and the idea so inventive and different, that Cinder is one of my favorite reads. Ever. 

But to add in another twisted tale, this time Little Red Riding Hood, it was just writing genius! 

Scarlet exceeded my unfairly high expectations. But, to me, it didn't quite live up to Cinder's pure awesomeness. I still LOVED it, though. This is one of my favorite series ever! :)

Rating: 4/5 stars

After finishing Cinder in practically one sitting, I was desperate to get my hands on Scarlet. When I went to the library a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't decide between this one and another, so I had my mom choose. Let's just say, she didn't choose this one. So we'll just blame her for me not reading it earlier. :P But seriously, I can't believe it took me this long to read it! 

Scarlet was just.. awesome! It was wonderfully fascinating, emotionally stimulating, and delightfully comical. The only reason that this is getting 4 stars from me is because I didn't think it had surpassed my love for Cinder. This sequel was amazing in all its written glory, but it didn't come close to the feelings I had after I finished the first book. While I found myself not being able to put it down, I didn't quite warm up to the story until later on, especially with the additions of Scarlet and Wolf. 

I was incredibly happy to see that Cinder and Kai's story continued, because I didn't want to let go of either of them. For the first part of the book, I found myself preferring their scenes to the ones of Scarlet and Wolf. And I just loved the addition of Thorne, and the resurface of the ever-delightful Iko. They brought such a comical relief that added to the richness of the story and made it ten times better. It was a nice reprieve from the intense scenes that Meyer writes so well. 

It wasn't until later on that my feelings switched on me and I didn't want to stop reading about the two main characters, Scarlet and Wolf. Scarlet is one heroine who doesn't back down from a fight, and she will do everything in her power for the people she loves. Wolf, on the other hand, is mysterious and shy, and only wants to help. Or so it seems.. Even when secrets come to light and it seems we were all wrong about him, he surprises us and makes us love him even more. I knew he was the good guy! :) 

"I would rather die because I betrayed them, than live because I betrayed you." <3
The book was action-packed, with so many twists and turns that you won't see them coming. I sure didn't. And I love how Meyer builds up the suspense that she started this book out with, penning in convincing fight scenes and keeping us on the edge of our toes. 

With heroines who kick butt, bad boys who are loyal and protective, and an exceptional story-line and plot, Meyer has penned a brilliant retelling of the classic fairytales we all love so much. 

So much love that I have for this series. <3

And I CANNOT wait to see what other characters will join this misfit group of Earthens, cyborgs, Lunars, and androids. :) 


I'm sorry, but do you mean to tell me that Cress won't be out until 2014?!?!


Excuse me while I go curl up like a ball in the corner and cry... 

I guess I'll just have to reread these to suppress my need to have Cress in my hands.

Seriously, if you haven't read Cinder yet, do it now!

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