Monday, July 1, 2013

My Writing Projects

So, I'm not just an avid reader. I'm also an aspiring writer who loves to tell stories. Someday, I hope to publish books (which won't be in the near future!). It's on my bucket list. :) 

It has never been a career choice for me. I knew that writing would come second to whatever job I had when I was older. Writing is my passion and hobby, not my career. 

I want to give readers an escape, much as books have been an escape for me all these years. I want to touch people's hearts with my stories; I want to make them feel. And I want to give my readers something that'll make them happy.


At the moment, I'm working on tons of projects. But there are three of them in particular that I'm always working on. And I don't mean just typing them up. I've got their stories in my head; it's writing them down and making them work on the page that keeps me from getting further. 

"Jackson and Natalie"  
Yes, that's exactly what it's called. For now. This is the one that I'm the furthest in, and those two names are my two main characters. I'm a little over 35,000 words. But you also have to subtract my notes and pieces of conversations that I've written down so I won't forget them. Because usually they're pretty pivotal bits of information.  It's a mystery, though I know exactly what's going to happen. ;) And there will be romance! It's a love story, so expect lots of swoony scenes and heart-stopping moments. My main problem will be balancing the two. I don't want 80-20, or 60-40. It has to be 50-50. It has to be the perfect balance of suspense and heart-achingly tender moments. Though Jackson and Natalie are the two main characters, there's another couple who will have part of the spotlight. I can't tell you why, though. Let's just say, they are key characters, as well. Now, this isn't a stand-alone novel, either. It's going to be a trilogy, but each book will feature a different pair of characters, yet connected to everything.  
"Assassin and the Princess"
Again, don't pay much attention to the title. I just need something to call them while I write the story. But it really does involve an assassin and a princess. While  it was originally meant to be a fantasy novel, I don't know how I'm going to write in the fantastical elements I have. I don't yet know how everything connects. I don't know how to make it seem believable. But I do know one thing, this is set in the past, which is one reason I'm going to need to research. I have to figure out in what time period this is and how they talked then. I know this series is going to take a lot out of me. It's going to need more nurturing and attention than the other two. Just because it's fantasy doesn't mean I can do whatever the hell I want. It at least has to make sense, and it has to be able to bring the reader on an adventure with the characters in a new world. I just know this one is going to be the hardest to write, not because it's going to emotionally impact me all that much, but because fantasy involves a lot of different aspects that you need. 

This is my contemporary romance (which I never thought I'd even want to write in a million years). Since my characters are seniors in high school, I don't know if I can call it "New Adult." I have this very emotional and intense story-line in my head, all centering around my main character, Cat. Her love interest also has a POV (I can't write a book with only one POV. I'll never do that, because as a reader, I love having that other character's perspective and side to the story. I think it helps readers connect with the characters more). I'm sure, once I start getting into the heartbreaking moments, it's going to be painful to write. It's going to be hell. Because if I'm not being ripped apart by the story, then my readers won't either. If they're not feeling the emotions of this story, then I haven't done my job. When I think of contemporary romance, I think of emotional intimacy too. Usually these kinds of books are the ones that take you on a rollercoaster ride of intense actions and heart-wrenching moments, shaking you to the core and making you feel everything. If it impacts my readers in any way, shape, or form, then I know I've done it right. 

One of these days, I just need to sit down and write. I need to plug my headphones in and ignore the world for a little while. 

Because these stories deserve my full attention, and they deserve to be told. 

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  1. So many projects! I think it's just natural to feel the need to write when we read so much :-)


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