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Review of Forbidden: Discover the Legend (Wolf Sirens)

*I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I struggled through this, and by the end, I was just glad it was over. I'm sad, because the synopsis intrigued me. But this fell flat in so many ways that this will be the lowest rating I've ever given a book. 

*Possible spoilers, because this may or may not have turned into a rant...

Rating: 1/5 stars!
The main character is Lila, new girl in a small town, with a mother who never pays attention to her and a father who is nonexistent in her life.

She was seriously one of the dumbest girls I've ever had the displeasure to read about. Her personality was awful. I hated her.


"As I gazed at him I unfortunately knew then that I found his friend, Sky, far more attractive, but if he was seconds, then I was sure I could compromise.

"I wondered if I was pretty but didn't ask, as I knew he would tease me. If I was, it wasn't the obvious gleaming beauty he and his friends obtained. I was decidedly more like Giny, maybe slightly better looking than her I supposed, otherwise he would date her, although he wasn't with Lily or Bianca either, and as far as I could tell they weren't otherwise taken. Perhaps I’d underestimated myself and I liked that thought." 

"The fact that Reid wanted to hook up at all with the new chubby girl, in baggy street gear from the city, was amazing to me."

"Reid wrapped his broad arms around me and we kissed. Feeling his warm lips, I played the part, but I was acting. I was going through the motions, numb. After making out on the bed, I decided I had done enough to deserve more answers." 

"I would have perhaps drawn a line at mass murder, but anything less only intrigued me." 

Winning personality, right?!

All the guys were hot, of course, and all of the girls average compared to 'The Clique.' Seriously, all of the girls that were described were given such poor physical characteristics. Except the Clique, and Lila. Although she did tend to cut herself down. All she ever talked about was what people looked like, and their physique, whether good or bad, was all she described about them. Nothing else mattered. She whined about no one wanting her and about being alone, that everyone was judging her just because she was new. But in reality, she was the worst of them all. 

Her actions and reactions didn't sit well with me. When she was dating Reid, she couldn't stop thinking about Sky, who just happens to be dating the leader of the group. "I ached for Sky when he left. I could have loved Reid. He was everything but he wasn't Sky. He was handsome and buff and kind, but a feeling of nausea had infected me every time I thought of Sky with anyone else, even though he wasn't mine." Her feelings were back and forth throughout the whole book, with all of the characters. And she had sex with Reid when she was supposedly so "infatuated" with Sky! Obsessive is more like it! One step up and she'd be considered crazy. 

Right off the bat, this story was hard to understand. The preface was confusing, and I didn't understand how any of the paranormal elements, the werewolves, came to be. And once I started reading Lila's POV, I immediately disliked her. Going through the book with her thoughts was painful, especially since the writing was terrible. Grammatically speaking, mostly. Incomplete sentences, run-on sentences. Conversations seemed forced. It didn't draw me in, and it made me want to stop reading. It was very sophomoric, at best. 

All of the characters had little personality; the emphasis was placed on their looks. And her mother was completely absent from almost everything. She lets Lila do whatever she wants and doesn't ask any questions. At one point, Lila was gagged and locked in the closet at school for a few hours (highly improbable in real life) because "someone" didn't want her to go to the Dolphins' (the popular girls' dance group) practice. And she never told her mother! The first person she told about it was Reid, and even then, she thought he might have had something to do with it! Lila is an embarrassment to all the kickass heroines in YA novels. 

This book had a 'Mean Girls' feel to it. New girl moves to town, the popular clique of girls wants her to join them, she meets a new friend who says to stay away from them, then who wants her to 'infiltrate' the group so they can destroy it from the inside. Really, that's all it was, a poorly written version of the classic chick-lit movie. Except, you know, with werewolves

Nothing about the paranormal element was believable. How Lila found out about them was a little ridiculous. And if the character, Cresida, was supposed to be some kind of guardian, then it really didn't work. Even when the werewolf component actually showed up in the story, it never got interesting. Older people die bitten. All werewolves are in their 20s. They don't age. Except: when they're young, they age until they are in their 20s, and if they're in their 30s when bitten, they age backwards. Uh, yeah, because that all makes sense. Oh, and when Lila finds out about them through the death of Lily, she's okay with it. Seriously? I find that highly disbelieving. And Sam can persuade people do anything she wants? So, she has a werewolf "superpower"? I don't get this.

There was basically no plot. It was painfully obvious that the book was about werewolves, so there was no mystery. I found myself trying to hurry it along, wondering when something exciting would happen. I thought it might help the boring plot because there was hardly any action. The pace was so slow that I was dragged along, just wanting to finish it so I could write my review. 

Don't even get me started on the insta-love fest going on. *shudders* Jesus, how do two people think they've fallen in love with each when they've never even spoken with one another? The romance was dull and boring, and Lila being who she is, I just wanted her to not get any guy. She sure as hell didn't deserve the kind and gentle Reid. And all aboard the 'Twilight' knock-off train. The only reason Lila wants to be turned is because of Sky. *rolls eyes* The synopsis said: Inspired by the legend of the mythical femme fatale, Wolf Sirens is an intimate tale of unrequited and forbidden love in the underworld, a masterpiece of romance fantasy. I was waiting for the "masterpiece of romance fantasy" to come into play. Sadly, I was quite disappointed. And it was hardly forbidden love, unless that just meant she was a human dating a werewolf (but there were no rules about werewolves and humans mentioned--just that if they got out of control, they'd be killed). And it's hardly forbidden love when the main character has the hots for a guy who's taken. But in the end, a revelation is uncovered that shocks Lila, and that is where the "forbidden love" aspect came into play.

The ending felt rushed, but that epilogue was better than the whole book combined. Everything came out at once in a very anti-climatic battle. And I felt that there were holes in the plot, holes in the paranormal elements that weren't very present in the story. It's all still very confusing...

I realize that this negative review could be seen as spiteful and less constructive criticism. I tried being nice, but in all honesty, how do you tell the author that you truly and undeniably hated her book without being mean? It's not possible. I hope others enjoy this, though. To each their own...

After really wanting to 'DNF' the book after the first couple of chapters, I'm not surprised my feelings hadn't changed. I'm definitely not going to continue the series. I've had enough of this story and these characters. 


  1. Vampires and werewolves are sooo not in anymore. When are they going to give up on this? God!

    1. It's not even that it's about werewolves. This book was just awful.

  2. I detest insta-love! It's seriously not going to happen in real life, I'd rather read about a slow paced love story than someone who thinks they've met the love of their life just by gazing in his eyes.

    I saw your comments on Goodreads, I hate the feeling of not liking a heroine because of bad personality. I feel for you.

    1. Right? God, I hate insta-love so much.

      Haha, I'm sorry you had to read those. When I don't like a book, I tend to rant about it. And I absolutely HATED Lila.

      This was one of the worst books I've ever read.

  3. Hi Holly!

    What a great, thorough review! I'm sorry that you didn't like the book and I know how it feels since I recently went through the same thing. I wanted to bang my head against my desk. I cursed myself for accepting to read the book lol. I hope the next one you start to read will be much better!

    The examples you posted above made me cringe. Wow, Lila sounds like a headcase lol. Thanks for the heads up, I will be staying clear of this one.

    I am now following your blog! Feel free to stop by sometime and say hello. Always looking for new blogger buddies to chat with. Oh, and if you want to check the review I did for the book that I absolutely detested, you can click here--> The Silver Chain.

    Best Wishes,
    Mia @ The Muses Circle

  4. YES! Your review is spot on! Almost everyone enjoyed it, for reasons beyond me. I even read a review that said that the writing is better than most YA novels (??). Umm. Lila was my main problem as well, and the non-existent plot drove me crazy. I couldn't wait to finish this atrocity. And really, don't feel bad for writing a negative review! It's necessary, especially since everyone seemed to love it.. Man I'm so close to going on a rant because this book is just that bad but I'll control myself. Anyway, awesome review!
    ~New follower via Bloglovin' and GFC. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    1. Finally, someone who's read it and agrees with me! Yeah, I hate seeing comments about how "good" the writing was. Because, in all honesty, it was HORRIBLE. It was like a schoolgirl had written it. I'm an English major (possibly!) and a grammar Nazi, and I couldn't stand the author's poor writing style and poor use of grammar. And Lila is the worst character I've ever read about. Her personality was seriously so awful I'd never want to meet a person like her.

      I just cannot understand how this book was published. Maybe it was self-published? That would make more sense! I don't recommend this to anyone.


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