Saturday, August 17, 2013

ATOTC Challenge Week 3: Where Would Reyna Send YOU?

Hey, everyone! I recently joined Rachel Harris' street team, the Flirt Squad. She's the author of My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, Taste the Heat, and A Tale of Two Centuries, which released on August 6th. And in celebration of her new release, the Flirt Squad is taking part in a three week A Tale of Two Centuries challenge.

The third challenge is titled Where Would Reyna Send You? And if you don't know who Reyna is, you need to read the books. ;) But if you haven't, all you need to know is that she's got magic and it was because of her that Cat was sent to Renaissance Florence in Super Sweet and Alessandra was brought to modern-day Hollywood in Tale of Two.

BUT. Before I list the places I'd want Reyna to send me to, I thought I'd add in week 2's challenge: Something that made you BLUSH. I didn't get to do this one, as I hadn't read A Tale of Two Centuries until this week. So, here's the Austin quote that made me blush. Well, not necessarily blush so much as it made me swoon. :)
A low growl is the only warning before Austin's hands thrust into my hair. "  I warned you about playing with fire." (couple sentences later) My first kiss is not the slow build-up I witnessed between Cat and Lorenzo. This is aggressive. This is passionate. This is Austin. The shocking sting of teeth biting into my lower lip causes me to gasp, and Austin uses it to drive his tongue into my mouth. My knees buckle. If it weren't for the splay of his hand on my lower back and the pressure of his fingers wrapped around the nape of my neck, I would sink to the sand.
This was such a swoon-worthy relationship; their kisses and some of things Austin said or did had me blushing. ;) 

Favorite Austin quote: "I do see the real you, Alessandra. And I think I'm falling for the girl I see." I LOVE HIM! <3 

CHALLENGE #3: This is by far the toughest challenge for me. Not because it's hard, but because I'm a history buff who couldn't narrow down my list of places I'd love Reyna to send me to in less than five. 

In no particular order:

1. Ancient Egypt. 
Pharaohs, Gods, hieroglyphs, mummies, the Pyramids. Egypt is one of those places that I want to travel to before I die. I want to see the pyramids in real life and I want visit the tombs of pharaohs (I'm weird, I know). :P But I'd also love to just go back in time to when they were alive, because Egypt's history intrigues me! (And it might be because The Mummy and The Mummy Returns are two of my favorite movies... :)

2. Victorian London.
Love this era! I don't really know why, except that whenever I read a book set in this time period, I just get excited. I think it's in large part due to the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare. I just love the fashion in this era, as well as the customs of the people, and even what society was like then. Steampunk. :)

3. Civil War Era.
Yes, this is on my list. Though the war was ugly and vicious, it was one of the major turning points in our nation's history. I'm a Yankee, but I'd love to see how the Southerners had lived and viewed slavery in the years before the war, during it, and after it. I also love the clothing style. And I guess.. the wars the US fought just really fascinate me (well, the Civil War and the Revolutionary War, that is).

4. Ancient Greece.
I just love Ancient Greece (and modern-day Greece). From the mythology to the gods and goddesses, from the culture to the way they viewed religion, science, and philosophy, it's quite fascinating. I also love the architecture, and I would love to see those historical landmarks one day! And to see them when they were first built would be even better. :)

5. To see my Native American ancestors.
I had to place this in my top five. I've always been curious about my Native American ancestry. Though I'm only 1/16 Indian, I still have that blood in me. If I could see where my ancestors came from and how I came to be 1/16 Indian, it would just be so special. And meeting them would be truly something. <3

It would also be totally cool to see Renaissance Florence during the time when Cat was there. It was very fascinating learning about it while reading My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century. The medieval time period would also be amazing to see in real life. :) Oh look, I'm cheating. I said I would only do the top five, yet I can't help myself. I love history, and I thought this was an awesome challenge question. 


I was going to do a little collage for a time-travel kit, but all I'd really take with me are two things. A camera and a notebook and pen. Why? Well, the camera is obvious. Being in those time periods would be amazing, but capturing the moments to relive them would make it all the more real and special. Your memory becomes lost as you grow older, but pictures will always be permanent. I would also take with me a notebook and pen, to jot down everything that happens. I would want all of my adventures in writing. Why only two items? Well, I'd need tons of room in my backpack for souvenirs! ;) I'm totally the type of person who'd slip something into my bag to take it home with me because I just couldn't part with it or the memories it gives me. 


I love this series so much, and I can't wait for book three! Check out my review, Romance in the Renaissance, and see why I thought My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century was amazing! :)


  1. Oh I'd love to see ancient Egypt! And Victorian London is one of my favorite setting in books, I would love to live in that era. I wish I could go there :/

    Lanaia @ The Temporary Escape

    1. I know right? *sigh* I just love the Victorian era. :)

  2. Ack, all good choices ;) Is it weird if I have my bag packed waiting for Reyna? LOL

    1. Haha, definitely not weird! I wish Reyna would give me my own adventure... :)


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