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Seven Day Fiance Blog Tour: Review, Author Interview, and Giveaway

Angelle Prejean is in a pickle. Her family is expecting her to come home with a fiancé—a fiancé who doesn’t exist. Well, he exists, but he definitely has no idea Angelle told her mama they were engaged. Tattooed, muscled, and hotter than sin, Cane can reduce Angelle to a hot mess with one look—and leave her heart a mess if she falls for him. But when she ends up winning Cane at a charity bachelor auction, she knows just how to solve her fiancé problem.

Cane Robicheaux is no one’s prince. He doesn't do relationships and he doesn't fall in love. When sweet, sultry-voiced Angelle propositions him, he hopes their little game can finally get her out of his head. He doesn't expect her to break through all his barriers. But even as Angelle burrows deeper into his heart, he knows once their seven days are up, so is their ruse. 

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My Review!
Seven Day Fiancé by Rachel Harris is the second book in her standalone adult romance series, Love and Games. Where Taste the Heat followed Colby's and Jason's road to love, this second novel was all about Colby's bad boy brother, Cane, and Angelle, a newcomer to Magnolia Springs. 

After meeting these two characters in Taste the Heat, I was excited to learn more about them. And I was excited to watch them fall in love. From their shaky ground of friendship to their insane chemistry, I was rooting for these two stubborn people to open up and discover the kind of passionate love that's worth all of the heartache. Their rocky road to love, all of the mishaps and misunderstandings, the push and pull, and everything in between, was fun to watch unfold. These two characters were as stubborn as they come! Boy, did their relationship have a lot of ups and downs. Not to mention a lot of sweet moments, passionate exchanges, and a little drama. It was never boring, that's for sure. Angelle's and Cane's witty banter with each other kept me entertained, and their heated exchanges had me grinning from ear to ear. Their personalities are quite different, yet the pull they feel toward each other is hard to ignore. Even when they both want to ignore it for as long as they can. 

However, never underestimate the power of alcohol and matchmakers. When Angelle buys Cane at a Bachelor Auction, she feels it's the perfect opportunity to solve her problem. You see, she's been lying to her folks at home, spewing lies about a fiancé she made up to get them off her back. Now it's Thanksgiving, and she's going home without a fiancé. But if there's one thing a helpless female can count on is a protective guy who can't leave a damsel in distress to fight her own battles. Cane accepts her proposition, all the while with the attitude that a fling would benefit them both. Because that's all Cane does: sex without strings. 

His attitude toward the female population is not arrogant or sexist or about his need to be a bachelor the rest of his life. After learning that his father had had an affair with another woman, when he was only twenty, Cane's had a problem with attachments. He thinks he'll be just like him, that he'll cheat and hurt the woman he loves the first chance he gets. And he's so, so wrong. If anything, Cane is the most caring guy ever. His bad boy image is just that: an image. But underneath that hard exterior is an overprotective and loving brother, an adoring godfather, and a caring friend. He's rough and sweet, confident and sexy. And although he made some mistakes, stumbled along the way, he still tried his hardest to be the man Angelle deserved. 

Cane is like the polar opposite of Angelle. Her clumsiness and innocence was refreshing and endearing. Her sassiness and her ability to stand her ground when it came to her feelings and decisions was awesome to see. So many times I read about female characters who, either makes stupid choices, or let people control their decisions. In the situation of falling in love with her fake fiancé, I thought she handled it maturely. And I liked how she'd responded to Cane's one asshole (I'm sorry Cane, baby, but you were an asshole. I still love you!) mistake. She may have been like a mouse before she came to Magnolia Springs, but once she grew into her confidence, she became a tiger. Fierce and strong. 

Hers and Cane's character growth was one of the best parts of the book. But their relationship was definitely my favorite. It was adorable and sweet, sexy and romantic. Even when they were trying so hard to deny their attraction, it was easy to see that the two had sizzling chemistry. I loved the ups and downs, the push and pull. It was like a relationship in real life, and it made the characters so relatable. It made their conversations flow, and it made their interactions seem genuine. 

I love how detailed this book was, from the characters to the towns that they live in. From the food to the Cajun culture. It was interesting and at times, very amusing. What I also loved were the secondary characters. In Rachel Harris' books, they are always three-dimensional and not just pushed to the sidelines. I rather enjoyed seeing the Magnolia Springs residents again, as well as the new additions of Angelle's family and friends. It was heartwarming reading about these close-knit family ties and caring communities. 

Seven Day Fiancé was sweet and spicy; a perfect blend of romance, comedy, passion, and adventure. 


Exclusive Author Interview!
Welcome to Part of that World Rachel Harris! It’s so wonderful to have you here. J Congrats on your newest release, Seven Day Fiancé!

Thank you so much for having me!! I’m very excited J

First of all, I've read all of your books, and I've enjoyed them immensely. You've created such lovable characters, and you have a gift for storytelling. What made you decide to become an author? Or was it something that you always wanted?

Aw, that means so much, thank you! I've always enjoyed storytelling. I wrote tons of stories growing up—well, I began tons of stories while I was growing up. Finishing them…not so much. My longest effort was Guiding Light fan fiction in college (he he). During that time, my storytelling interests had shifted to telling a story visually, through television production. I hosted and produced several television shows for my college television station and that’s where I saw my life going. Shortly after returning from an internship in NYC, I decided I didn't want to live in a big city after all, and after I got married, I assumed my storytelling passion would just be something I called on with my own children. It wasn't until the summer of 2010 that Twilight entered my world, and I remembered how fun creating my own stories could be. I’d never imagined I could be an author when I was a kid—heck, I couldn't finish a story. But that summer I decided to give a whirl. I haven’t looked back since. 

What’s been more fun to write—young adult or adult?

Oh, they are both so much fun, for different reasons! I also have a new adult book in the works, and that, too, has its own unique enjoyments and challenges. I will say that I enjoy being able to really focus on a couple’s romantic relationship and exploring all the ways it can shape and challenge a character, and I have a bit more freedom to dive into that with adult. 

Which genre do you enjoy writing about more—fantasy or contemporary? 

Again, both are fun in their own ways, but I’m definitely more contemporary minded. Even my fantasy stories I feel are pretty much rooted in real life, contemporary situations, just with a touch of fantastical magic. I love telling (and reading) stories about people I can relate to completely, in a world that is very similar to my own. For me, it helps pull me that much deeper into the story, erasing that wall between reader and character, if that makes sense.   

How did you come up with the Super Sweet series? The Love and Games series?

The Super Sweet series came about with me just getting off a huge historical reading kick, and wanting to do the same. I’d just read Sarah MacLean’s adult debut followed by her fabulous YA, and I remember thinking that I wanted to throw myself in that kind of a world, too…but when I read historicals, the fun part of it for me is looking at it all with my modern day lens. I hadn’t really read any time travel books before, but it just seemed like a natural way for me to do what I wanted—lose myself in the past, but explore it through my modern lens. I’m a research junkie, so I decided to pick an era I already loved and wanted to explore even more (the Renaissance), and the first book pretty much wrote itself. Book 2, A Tale of Two Centuries, came about as I was writing the epilogue to My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century. All of a sudden, I have this surprise ending and I was like, well, looks like I have another book to write (ha!). It was so much fun to flip-flop it, and write about our modern world through the lens of a sixteenth century chica. The third book, My Not So Super Sweet Life, breaks the mold a bit in that it goes back to the first main character, is told via dual POV with her guy, and is contemporary with just a touch of magic.

Love and Games came from my desire to write about the people and culture of my hometown of New Orleans, to craft a love letter of sorts to that unique section of the world. I’m addicted to Food Network and while watching an episode of Chopped one day with fire captains competing, the idea just came to me and it took off from there. Family is so important in New Orleans—most of us have huge families and it’s rare that someone leaves, so I knew this would be a series. The heroine from book one, Taste the Heat, is the middle child, and that leaves at least two more books (Seven Day Fiancé and the youngest sister’s book coming in 2014), although I have plans to extend it even further. Each of the first three books focus on a different aspect of Louisiana culture—Taste the Heat was all about the food, Seven Day Fiancé is about Cajun country and dancing, and book 3 will be focused on the Mardi Gras season.  

Do you like to plan out your novels, or do you just let the characters and the story take you where you want to go?

Ha, if my assistant were answering this question she’d probably be rolling on the floor laughing. Yes, I’m a HUGE plotter. I plan everything, and even have to stop to adjust said plan during drafting. I can’t start without knowing where I’m going, the motivations for every step, and understanding the main characters arcs. And I can’t go forward with another chapter until I feel confident I got the current one where I want it. I edit as I go, which means fast drafting doesn’t happen, but I’m still able to write a novel within a couple months because of all that planning, and by the time I reach the end, I’m ready to send to my editor. 

Out of all of the characters in your books, who was your favorite to write about? Was there another character who gave you a lot of trouble?

SOOOOO hard to answer!! They are all so unique, and in many ways, they all have a part of me in them. Honestly, I keep thinking it’s a tie between Alessandra from A Tale of Two Centuries and Angelle from Seven Day Fiancé…hmm, both “A” names. Interesting. Also interesting is that they are both my most recent books, so I bet that has something to do with it. I always get really attached to my characters, so it makes sense that the ones I just spent the most time with are my favorites. Also, both of these girls are funny in more innocent ways, kind of silly, but also huge romantics. I think they are probably most like me in that way. And their book boyfriends were HOT!! As for a character who gave me a lot of trouble, not really, other than trying to keep bad boy Cane from Seven Day Fiancé a bit reeled in. He has a bit of a potty mouth. J

Which couple has been the most fun to write about?

Angelle and Cane from Seven Day Fiancé. I know, seems obvious because that’s the book we’re discussing, but honestly, they were so much fun. I love bad boy/good girl stories, and I think these two in particular not only had that intense chemistry from the get-go, but they had their own unique brand of humor that had me giggling and smiling the whole time. 

What’s next for you, as an author?

Currently I’m working on book 3 in the Super Sweet and Love and Games series, both of which are to be released digitally in the first few months of 2014. Then it’s on to my new adult holiday romance and the companion novel to my YA Contemporary series releasing with Spencer Hill next fall (the first book is The Fine Art of Pretending). After that, I have several projects calling to me, adult, new adult, and YA. I guess it’ll depend on what screams the loudest!

Can you give us a little teaser from a book you’re currently working on? ;)

Sure J This is unedited, so please keep that in mind! This is from My Not So Super Sweet Life, book three in my YA series. For the set-up, this is in Cat’s POV (Lucas is the other POV character). Cat is the daughter of Hollywood royalty and her birth mother just dropped a bomb on national television, and the paparazzi are tailing them. The two of them have escaped to a friend’s beach house for a breather from the chaos….

“Cat.” Lucas whispers my name like it’s precious. Like I’m worth something. And I so badly want to believe it. His blonde curls catch in the breeze, gliding over the bronze skin on his forehead, and my fingers itch to tame them. To capture the silky locks and gently tug. He grins as if he can read my thoughts, and warmth floods my body, pooling in my stomach. Picking me up, Lucas lays me on a blanket of soft sand and says, “You have no idea what you do to me.”
But I think I do. And that’s what makes my head so wonderfully fuzzy.
That look is back in his eyes. Still smoldering, but soft now, too. The hint that his feelings are real…and deep. Before he can see the tears welling in mine, still unsure I deserve any of it, I clamp them shut and tug his head down.
“Make me forget,” I beg him. It’s a big step, admitting what I need, but this is Lucas. I know I’m safe. “I just want to forget everything but us right now.”  
His hand curls around the side of my face, tilting my chin as his thumb skims my throat. But he doesn’t kiss me. He hovers, breathing me in until I reluctantly open my eyes. His gaze tracks over my face.
“We’re all that matters.” Our lips touch with each word he speaks, his stare so intense that I know he can see straight through to my soul. Too many emotions clog my throat to reply, so I nod. Right now, we’re everything.
Lucas brushes his nose along mine and my eyelids flutter. The last thing I see before they close completely is the dimple flashing in his cheek. Then his lips press into mine in a kiss meant to make the world fade away.
And it delivers.
Fingernails rake down my back, bringing a shiver. A low growl sounds in his throat, and I want to climb into his skin. Cologne, body wash, something uniquely him fills my head, and when his tongue flicks out, licking the seam of my lips, I open eagerly, greedy for more.
The air around us is electric. Humming, vibrating, and heated, weighted with lust, desire, and even love. Yep, love. I’m falling for this boy and that scares the crap out of me. But I can’t quit him. I don’t want to quit him. 
When Lucas kisses me, nothing else matters. Time doesn’t exist, our pasts don’t matter, and my heart is unscathed. With every delicious nibble and each tender touch, he mends another broken shard, making me believe that one day I really can be normal. I trap his bottom lip between my teeth and with a groan, his weight sinks against me. I wrap my arms around his back, gripping his shoulders so tight our bodies meld together.        

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, Rachel! J

Thank you!! J


Rachel Harris Bio:
Rachel Harris grew up in New Orleans, where she watched soap operas with her grandmother and stayed up late sneak reading her mama’s favorite romance novels. Now a Cajun cowgirl living in Houston, she still stays up way too late reading her favorite romances, only now, she can do so openly. She firmly believes life’s problems can be solved with a hot, powdered-sugar-coated beignet or a thick slice of king cake, and that screaming at strangers for cheap, plastic beads is acceptable behavior in certain situations.
When not typing furiously or flipping pages in an enthralling romance, she homeschools her two beautiful girls and watches reality television with her amazing husband. Taste The Heat is her adult romance debut. She’s the author of MY SUPER SWEET SIXTEENTH CENTURY and A TALE OF TWO CENTURIES. She loves hearing from readers! Find her at



  1. Holly, thank you so much for reading, and for sharing Seven Day Fiance with your readers :) The interview was fun!


    1. You're so welcome, Rachel! :) Just keep on writing these awesome books for us all. ;)


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