Friday, November 29, 2013

Book vs Movie: Catching Fire

I went and saw Catching Fire in theaters today! AND OH MY GOD, I LOVED IT! Peeta. Katniss. Finnick. Johanna. The games. The costumes. The fights. The casting. Loved, loved, loved it! :) 

I'm honestly not a movie critic. I just don't care about reviewing movies, nor about reading reviews on movies. If I liked it, I liked it. If I hated it, well, then I'm never watching it again. They don't move me like books do. I just watch movies for the entertainment value only. So, this isn't really a movie review so much as a tribute to how much I loved this movie. See what I did there? ;)

It's been over a year since I read Catching Fire, so it's safe to say that I forgot a lot! Not the most important parts, like the character deaths, the arena for the games, and that godawful cliffhanger ending. (All those people who moaned about it--they didn't read the books! Suckers gonna have to wait a loooong time to find out how this series ends). So, my "movie review" might not necessarily reflect how I felt about the book, because I can't remember how I felt while reading it. I should have done a reread; however my cousin told me that I probably would have liked the movie less if everything was fresh in my mind. I would have caught changes and been like: THAT'S NOT HOW IT HAPPENED IN THE BOOK! I sort of did that with the first movie. Anyone remember Madge Undersee? I get why they cut out her character, but I still hated it. Anyway, maybe it's a good thing I can't remember all those little details about Catching Fire. Because I want nothing to soil my view of the amazingness of this movie.

I love all of the casting choices! Seriously, I couldn't picture anyone else bringing these beloved characters to life. Jennifer Lawrence IS Katniss. She's able to embody everything that Katniss is and believes. I also LOVED the casting choices for Finnick and Johanna! They were perfect for those roles. Do you have any idea how long I've wanted to see Finnick on the big screen? Well done, Sam Claflin. Well done. You guys need to check out this buzzfeed article about why Sam Claflin is the Hunger Games tribute of your dreams. Haha, so hilarious! Seriously, though, he and Johanna were awesome in their roles. As well as the rest of the original cast: Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, Woody Harrelson as Haymitch, and Elizabeth Banks as Effie. Oh wait.. I'm forgetting Liam Hemsworth. Clearly, he's unimportant. Just like his character in the books... #sorrynotsorry 

In the first movie, I thought the games were so PG. I mean, this was a fight to the death! I was sorely missing that gore and violence. Does this make me a bad person? Oh well, I don't care. I'm the type of girl who can watch war movies and not get squeamish. I know, I know. The Hunger Games was PG-13 and also for a younger audience. Still, I wanted more out of that in the movie. It didn't have to be blood gushing, limbs broken and heads severed type of violence. I just wanted it to be more INTENSE. (I swear I'm not a violent person!) However, I think, when I read Catching Fire, I felt that those games were much more intense. Maybe it was the anger coming from the tributes. The desperation to live. The hunger for Snow's blood. The terrifying knowledge that no one is safe. It was intense and powerful, and I felt every emotion. I loved how the Games were shown in this film, how they were brought to life. From the special effects to the characters' emotions, it was played to perfection! There was less action than the first movie, but that's because Catching Fire has less fight scenes, even though it's much more intense. And I think most of the reason why it's much more intense is because these tributes are all VICTORS. They've been through the games, and they won. They're not children anymore, and the second book is much more mature and advanced because of that.

Oh, I have to talk about the plot! Because this movie is an adaptation of a book, the plot and overall story-line portrayed is very important. As to effectively bringing to life the story-line that Suzanne Collins created with the books, I thought the movie did a great job! Like I said, I don't remember all of the details in Catching Fire, so I could be missing important details. But as it stands, I thought it did a great job of following the book's story-line. 

If you were the director of this film, I'd ask you one question: how the hell do you bring to life this kind of story?!?! From the costumes to the world these people live in. From the games to the differences between the districts. It's so much to show! It's such a vast and grand world to bring to life. The dress and style of the people of the Capitol alone is a daunting task. But I thought the special effects were done perfectly! Especially those of the games. From the arena to the different things that happen there. This movie brought to life the characters we all fell in love with and the games we all feared.

(Not sure if this is an "official" poster, but I love it!)

I'm probably building this movie up way too much. My cousin loved it, but she wasn't gushing giddiness about it. My little brother said it was good. Just good, not great. Not amazing. Not fantastic (I really have an addiction to this word right now). Maybe I'm just so happy with it because I've finally been able to see it. Maybe I'm blinded by the amazing talent of the actors and actresses. Maybe I'm just distracted by Finnick's smile and sugar cubes. Whatever the reason, I just don't care. I loved the movie, and I would watch it again. And again. And again. I loved it more than the first movie, if that were even possible. AND I CAN'T FRIGGIN' WAIT FOR MOCKINGJAY! :)

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