Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review of Timespell by Diana Paz

*A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

First of all, you must understand something. This book took me a long, long time to finish. I don't even know why, except because I didn't have a time limit on my review, I kept pushing it back. By the time I started it and got into it, I was behind on my blog tour reviews and release day ones. So, I kept pushing it back. And pushing it back.... Now I finally had the time, and I finished it rather quickly. 

Timespell was an intriguing read, wonderfully detailed and with an interesting concept on the Fates and mythology. I loved the aspect of time-traveling, the three main characters each had their own personalities and meshed well, even when they were fighting. And that ending! Ahhhh! There better be another book; this better be a series! I want more, and I feel like there's plenty more to tell.

4 Intriguing, Time-Traveling, Mythological Stars!

Timespell is not just one character's story; it's three characters' stories! Angie, Julia, and Kaitlyn are all important to the story. I liked how they each had their own personalities. Angie was the quiet, studious, sensible one. Julia is the sarcastic and loyal one, and Kaitlyn is a bitch. No, but really, she is. However, I know there's more to her than the mask she shows the world, than the meanness that hides her true personality (a girl who is more insecure and emotionally unstable than anyone knows). Even when they fought constantly, they meshed well together. And they should, considering the three of them are "sisters" in a sense. They are the Daughters of Fate, and they have an important task. To protect this world from the evil Sorceress and her creatures of Mythos. 

This mythological aspect is so intriguing! I want to learn more about it. And I also loved how time-traveling was interspersed in this story, how they used all of their gifts to complete their tasks. How their magic is the strongest when they use it together. 

Julia is the Daughter of Present, and she's also got a guardian. A Wanderer. His name is Ethan. When they first meet, Julia feels an intense pull to him, one she can't explain. She has a boyfriend, and here she is daydreaming about a guy she's never met yet feels like she knows. I want to know what's going on and why they have this connection. Although the ending did kind of explain that, I'm still confused. And this is why I feel there should be another book. I don't think it's over, and there is still so much left to tell. Anyway, I liked Ethan's and Julia's relationship. There is definitely chemistry between the two of them (especially that kiss!) but Julia has a boyfriend. Ethan also has secrets, for he acts like he's known her a long time and blames her for him being the Daughters' guardian. Like I said, I want more of an explanation. And I want to know what happened (some of it I understand from the ending, though not all of it).

The plot was filled with so much action, so much suspense and an underlying danger to everything that was happening. Their first task as Daughters is anything but simple and easy. They have no clue how to do this, how to work together and solve the problem as quickly as possible. Add in a Wanderer, Mythos creatures in the past and present, and an evil witch who will do everything in her power to stop them from closing the portal, and the girls are overwhelmed with so much in so little time. They'll have to figure out how to work together, how to overcome their differences and hatred, and become who the Fates meant them to be. They have the power; now they need to figure out how to use it. And use it they will. So much was going on, but I never once felt lost. It was just very action-packed and the pace was set really quickly once you get into the story. It was intense and thrilling, like a friggin' rollercoaster ride! 

I liked the author's writing style, and I thought the characters had great development. I loved the mythology, and I really enjoyed the book. Timespell was wonderfully intriguing, and I just want more of these characters and this story.

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