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The Best of 2013

This is the first year I've paid attention to what books I've read, and it's all thanks to a wonderful website called Goodreads. Seriously guys, add me on there! I love doing buddy reads, reading all my friends' updates, and talking my favorites and least favorites with fellow bookworms. But send me a message first! Sometimes I don't know whether people really want to be my friend to talk books or just add me to get more. And sometimes I have authors sending me friend requests, and I don't add many of them because I don't wanna get spammed. However, if you genuinely want to talk books, feel free to send me a friend request! Anyway, because of Goodreads, I've been able to keep track of ALL the books in the world. Okay, not all of them, because that would just be ridiculous. I don't even know if anyone would be able to read all the books they want in a lifespan. My number on my Goodreads challenge is 150, and I've barely been able to make it there. I mean, school could be a big reason why, but it's also because I have a life outside of books. And because of life and school (and soon-to-be career), I doubt I'll ever read all the books I want to. I've barely scratched the surface on my to-read shelf.

Anyway, this year I managed to read 162 books!!! 

Damn, that's a lot. I'm so proud of myself! :)


I was originally only going to do a top 10, but I just couldn't decide which book to take off, so this is a top 11 list instead. I also wanted to include some other categories, like best fantasy, favorite "new" authors, etc... That way I can cheat and add even more to the list! Haha, so here are some more categories for the books I've read this year. :)

Honorable Mentions:
These books, although I loved them, didn't make the "top 11 best of 2013 list." But they should be mentioned all the same! (Okay, so they're pretty much the ones that would have been on my "best of 2013" list if I'd done an unlimited number). :P
The Darkest Part by Trisha Wolfe.
The Distance Between Us by Kasie West.
A Tale of Two Centuries by Rachel Harris.
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black.
Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry.
Blurred by Tara Fuller.

Most Surprising Books (these are the ones that I wasn't sure I'd like but glad I gave them a chance):
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater.
Protector by Joanne Wadsworth.

Worst Book of 2013:
Hands down (UGH, just check out my review!): Forbidden: Discover the Legend (Wolf Sirens, #1) by Tina Smith. 

Favorite "New" Authors:
Colleen Hoover.
Rachel Harris.
Kasie West. 
Joanne Wadsworth.
Nina Lane.
J.A. Redmerski.
Sawyer Bennett.

Favorite Book Covers:
Clockwork Princess.

Favorite Book Couples:
Perry and Aria from the Under the Never Sky series.
Liv and Dean from the Spiral of Bliss series.

Best Sequel:
Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi.

Best Contemporary Romance (YA, NA):
Hopeless by Colleen Hoover.

Best Fantasy:
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.

Most Disappointing Book:
Allegiant by Veronica Roth.

Favorite Series:
The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare.
Elemental by Brigid Kemmerer.
Spiral of Bliss by Nina Lane.

Favorite Heroines:
Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone.
Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles.
Tris from Divergent.

Book Boyfriends of the Year:
Professor Dean West from the Spiral of Bliss series.
Jem Carstairs from TID. <3

Best Supporting Casts:
Elemental series by Brigid Kemmerer.
Off series by Sawyer Bennett.

Favorite Love Stories:
Tessa and Will, Tessa and Jem from TID.
Dean and Liv from the Spiral of Bliss series.

***I was only going to add ONE book to each of these categories, but that didn't happen...***

Overall Top 11 Best of 2013:
I just couldn't decide which book had to go! So, yeah...

These are in no particular order, and they aren't all published in 2013. These books are just the ones I read this year that have stuck with me for so long, and the ones that I would highly recommend to everyone! :) :) 


Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
Oh my God, these books! I loved them so much! So unique, the characters were all so wonderful and amazing, it was set in Victorian London. And even if you hate Cassandra Clare, there's no denying that she's a talented author. The way she writes, the way she managed to make me fall in love with all of these characters and their story. The way she ended the series. Oh, I had one of the worst book hangovers after Clockwork Princess! Seriously, read this series! And I would recommend reading it before The Mortal Instruments, because it's SO MUCH BETTER.

Divergent by Veronica Roth
One of the best dystopian books I've ever read. (I loved it so much more than The Hunger Games). However, I was quite disappointed with Allegiant. And I didn't think Insurgent lived up to the amazingness that was Divergent. However, don't read my thoughts on it if you haven't read this series (tons of spoilers!). And even though I was disappointed with the ending, I highly recommend this series. Or, maybe just the first book. Yeah... that might be better, considering it's the best one of the series. :)

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
GUYS, THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. WONDERFUL. FANTASTIC. PERFECT. Colleen Hoover's writing is flawless. Seriously, a must read!

Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Fairy-tale retellings set in a sci-fi genre. Sound amazing, right? Well, they are! This series by Marissa Meyer has quickly become one of my favorites. And Cinder was one of the best books I read this year.

Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi
This is my top favorite sequel of the all series I've read this year. I absolutely love everything about these books: Perry, Aria, Roar. The world-building, the story-line. I seriously can't wait for Into the Still Blue; it's my top most highly anticipated sequel of 2014!! 

Everbound by Brodi Ashton
Again, this is one of my favorite sequels. I love the characters, the story-line. And yes, I EVEN ADORE THE LOVE TRIANGLE! (You'll never, ever hear me say that). It's one of the best love triangles I've ever read.

Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay
This was my favorite fairy-tale retelling of the year. It was romantic, suspenseful, absolutely wonderful. It had some of the best writing I've ever seen in a YA novel. Stacey Jay's writing style is so lyrical, so poetic. And her world-building and imagery was exquisitely detailed. This is a must read for any fans of fairy-tales reimagined and Beauty and the Beast. :)

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
This is, hands down, my favorite fantasy of the year. I can't believe I waited this long to read it. After finishing it, I immediately picked up the sequel (although I didn't love it quite as much as this one). Karou was one of my favorite heroines, and I adored Akiva. I'm so anxious for Dreams of Gods & Monsters; I don't even know if I can wait until April. I JUST HAVE TO KNOW HOW IT ALL ENDS! 

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski
This book was one of my favorite contemporary romances of the year. I just loved Andrew and Camryn's story, their road trip, their ups and downs. I'm so incredibly glad I have The Edge of Always waiting for me on NetGalley, because I can't wait to finish their journey. <3

Arouse by Nina Lane
Oh my god, I love this series so much! Seriously, I can't believe Dean and Liv's story is over. Professor West is my favorite book boyfriend of the year, and their love story was absolutely beautiful, breathtaking, and passionate. 

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater
I'm so glad I gave The Raven Boys a chance. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect for this series, and I have to say, it's becoming a favorite of mine! I just love everything about it, especially the awesome characters. <3


Holy shit, this is a huge list. But I read so many amazing books this year, and I just had to share all of them! 

So, what books made your "best of 2013" list? Would you have to cheat like I did, or would you be able to narrow it down to one list? ;) 


  1. I love Goodreads too - I think I started using it last year sometime, but it's what helped me realize I could make the jump to being a book blogger, which I just did this year!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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