Monday, April 21, 2014

Release Day Review and Giveaway: My Not So Super Sweet Life by Rachel Harris

*I received an eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

It’s no secret that I absolutely love Rachel Harris’ books! From YA fantasy to Adult contemporary, she sure knows how to tell a story. I loved the first two books in the My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century series, and I was really excited for this one! I couldn't wait to be back in these characters’ world.

Rating: 4.5 stars!
You see, after I finished A Tale of Two Centuries, I felt discontent. I didn't feel like the story was finished. Well, Alessandra’s story was finished. But I never felt like Cat’s was over. I knew there was so much more to tell, and I wanted to know it all.

I loved Alessandra, with her quiet innocence. I loved Austin, with his sexy confidence. And I loved Lucas, with his gentle nature. But it was Cat who first stole my heart in My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, with her sass and openness to love and adventure. She was so very easily relatable, a girl who got thrown in a different century but who made the most out of it. But she still doesn't feel whole. In My Not So Super Sweet Life, we follow Cat’s life in the here and now where she learns what it means to truly heal and let people in.

Cat has trust issues, and it’s hard for her to open up to people. And it’s all because of one person—Caterina Angeli, Cat’s mother. Let me tell you, this woman is a piece of work! No wonder Cat has a hard time letting people into her life. But even though Caterina hasn't been a good mother, Cat still holds out hope that things could change between them. It is a hope born of a need for answers and an innocent expectation that her mother might actually want a relationship with her. I thought Cat dealt with her mother (and a huge surprise) in the best way possible. I understood her reasoning, why she gave her mother a chance. Cat felt like a piece of her heart was missing, like she wasn't whole. And she thought the key to healing would be through her mother. But it wasn't. It was in the love of her father, Less, Jenna (the mother she never got). And it was through the love of Lucas that Cat finally realizes that she has so many people in her corner, who love her unconditionally and who will never leave her.

And oh my, that boy! Lucas is one swoon-worthy guy who will do anything for Cat, because he loves her so much. Lucas is so gentle and sweet, so protective and strong. His love for her was beautiful and romantic. He understands Cat in a way that no one else does, and all he wants is for her to not get hurt again by her mother. But he doesn't stand in her way, because that’s not who he is. He gives her unconditional courage and strength, lending his arms when she needs safety and his shoulder when she needs comfort. But he’s also going through his own torment with family. He doesn't want to be a replacement for anyone, and it takes him a long time to realize that he’s good enough.

Oh, and I just cannot leave out how much I love the secondary characters! I've always loved Less and Austin, and I was so glad to see cameos of them in here, with Less’ quiet wisdom and Austin’s trademark joking. I also loved seeing more of Jenna, now that Cat has realized how wonderful of a person she is. It was great that Cat could have a mother/daughter relationship with her, even though she’d never felt like she was missing something with an amazing father. I also enjoyed the addition of Ransom (and I’d like to read his story).

Throughout this novel, we see wonderful change. Whether it’s Cat finally opening up and letting people in to understanding that she’s truly loved by many or Lucas having the courage to face his grief and his father, there is much growth throughout the story. But that ending was cryptic as hell, and it makes me wonder. It makes me think that maybe there will be more books in this series. And I wouldn't be opposed to that at all. ;)

I love Rachel Harris’ writing style and how she is always able to draw me into the story immediately. The dialogue is fantastic, the settings so detailed, and the characters are always so well-written. And I was glad it was told in dual POVs, because I loved having Lucas’ voice too. Also, giving Rachel a shout-out for the cameo of my name and for the sweet acknowledgement! I so love being a part of the Flirt Squad. <3

My Not So Super Sweet Life was a beautiful ending to Cat’s story that started in Renaissance Italy. I loved her journey, and I will miss these characters dearly.


Because I loved this book so much, I want to give away a Kindle copy of it to ONE lucky winner! Just comment below with your email address and you're entered to win! Contest will end and winner will be chosen at 2 p.m. EST on Tuesday April 22nd! :)


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