Thursday, May 29, 2014

WIPs and Author Aspirations

I've always loved writing. I've always loved stringing words together to create wondrous tales (even if they were extremely weird and sometimes so unbelievable I'm almost ashamed I still have them). But they helped me grow. Every single time I've written a story, I've gotten better and better. Now? Now I feel confident in my abilities to actually create something wonderful, something beautiful. Something that I hope will find its way into many readers' hands. 

I just want to give people an escape, much as books have given me over the years. But I've never made myself actually finish a book. I have so many ideas swirling in my head that I'm surprised I've kept them all separate. I want to write so many books, but I've never disciplined myself to keep going with them. I usually just wrote whenever I felt like it, skipping from story to story until I sometimes mixed them up! But now, I've got a clear goal in mind, and I'm going to accomplish it!



12524 / 70000 words. 18% done!
A YA Contemporary, CC is a reverse of a cliché trope: good girl and bad boy. And guys, I'm always partial to those bad boys. But this one is not like that. Instead, my guy is a Church-going, sweet-talker who never swears. (At least, not in front of his parents). The girl is a firecracker; wild, strong. She doesn't care what anybody thinks of her, and she's not trying to be anyone but herself. These two clash, but they bond. And what comes of it? Well, I don't even know that yet. All I know is that I have a beginning and an ending, and all I need is the middle. Musical inspiration: Cop Car by Keith Urban. <3 
I already LOVE this one! When I started writing it, I ended up doing the prologue and the epilogue first. Haha, so I knew exactly how it began and ended, but I didn't know the middle! I'm actually learning A LOT about my characters as I go, and I've even added in elements that I never knew were gonna be thrown in there. (I don't do outlines. I don't write down what I'm going to do later on. I just go with the flow). It's fun to have such creative freedom. And I'm so excited about this story! :)


8787 / 70000 words. 13% done! 

YA Contemporary. Acceptance (which may actually be the title) is about a girl who loses her twin sister in a car accident. It follows her journey as she stumbles through life without her soulmate, learns what true friendship means, and finds love in the unlikeliest of places. This follows her journey of self-discovery and grief, of pain and heartbreak. Told in 1st person narrative by the main character, Jess.
This one is really hard for me to write, because it comes partly from experience. As all writers understand, we put a piece of ourselves in each story and each character. Those are the ones that speak to us the most, the ones that just NEED to be told. And when we're telling them, they come directly from the heart. But it's hard, and I'm going to take my time with it, because I want it to be beautiful and be the best that it can be.



46765 / 80000 words. 58% done!

Adult Mystery, J&N is a story about a guy who comes home after being placed on leave and a woman coming back to town after the death of her grandmother only to discover a secret that's been hidden for more than twenty years. It'll be a trilogy, with two different main characters for each book. Jackson and Natalie are my two leads in this one, but they are definitely not the only characters. I truly, absolutely love this story even if it is terrible. I love my characters; I love how they interact and how they are together. It's exactly the kind of book I love; strong friendships and great characters, combined with a (hopefully) cool mystery. Told in 3rd person narrative, with more than one POV. 4 POVs actually.

As you can see, I'm getting really close with this one. But do not be fooled, because it needs A LOT of work! I have to rewrite quite a bit of the story-line (I finally figured out where I was going with it), and I also have to do some research (like, a lot) because I don't know forensics and law enforcement well. It's not a great mystery, by any means. But hopefully I can make it as entertaining as possible to make up for the fact that y'all would know who the killer is in the beginning. I've read books like that, where I know "who-dun-it" because I'm told. And I actually didn't mind them, but I suppose it depends on the author.



14778 / 80000 words. 18% done! 
NA Contemporary. BD is about a girl who has been through a lot and is letting the hurt and pain slowly damage her heart and soul. She doesn't realize how bad it is until one guy walks into her life and makes her question how she's living. And she makes him question how he's living, too. Star of the football team, this golden boy is anything but safe and predictable. He's slowly unraveling piece by piece, and he'll need the heart of one girl to help him heal. Told in 3rd person narrative by both of them.
This one is my favorite story. <3 To elaborate, my girl Cat has a mother with Alzheimer's and a father who left them. She's got her grandmother and best friend, but she still feels all alone. My guy Drake went through a tragedy that left him reeling, sending him spiraling. And he has a father who doesn't understand him. Presently, it's in 3rd person narrative, but I feel that 1st person would work better. However, I'm not sold on having to rework the entire story, especially if it's not what I really want to do. As it stands, I'm putting this one aside for now. I love it, and I know where I want to take it, but I just don't want to go there right this minute.


The one that I really want to finish is CC. Actually, I'd love to finish Acceptance, but I doubt that's going to happen. That one takes a lot out of me when I write. And it's just not coming through as clear. BD is beautiful and touching, and I wish I'd stick with it more often. I'm not far, but I know exactly where this is going and what happens. I just need to get myself there with it. I loooove J&N, but let's face: it's not going to happen for a loooong time. As it stands, CC is the one that I WANT to finish this summer!

The goal counts are guesstimates. Most books, I think, are around 80,000 words. But I have no clue how many pages that actually is. So, I could be done earlier or it might take me longer. Who knows? Every day, I'm going to write at least 1,000 words in CC. At the end of each week (on Saturday), I'm going to update my word count so y'all can see the progress I've made. They will all be down the right side of my blog. With this goal, I could finish the book this summer!! And I'm already wayyyyy ahead from where I started, so I'm positive this is going to happen!


So, stay tuned. :)

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