Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Storms and Scars: Review of Break the Sky

The Spiral of Bliss series will forever be one of my favorites, and Dean West will always have a special place on my book boyfriend list. I didn't even know that Nina Lane had written another novel until a few weeks before it was set to be published. And when I found out it featured Archer and Kelsey, I knew I had to have it. These two characters were mysteries to me in the series, and I always wanted to know more about them. I couldn't wait to see what two hardheaded, straight-shooting characters would do to and for each other. I couldn't wait to read about them falling in love.

Rating: 4.5 Stormy, Passionate Stars!

I loved Kelsey March in the first three books! I loved her sass and strength, her no-nonsense attitude and her friendships with both Dean and Liv. I loved the unconventional blue streak in her hair and how she always gave good advice. But that's not all Kelsey's about, and I never realized the true depth of her character until this book. She's not built from stone, untouchable and unshakable, like I first thought. She's more breakable than she'd like to admit. Kelsey knows what it's like to chase storms; the thrill and adrenaline, the risk and the high, the danger and excitement. The unknown, the power, and the unpredictable. But she's no longer that risk-taking adrenaline junkie who self-destructed. She's a straight-laced professor who has a carefully constructed plan for her life. And Archer West doesn't fit into that plan. He's as unpredictable as a storm, as dangerous and exciting and powerful. He unlocks the girl she told herself to let go of and pushes her to question what she truly wants. I absolutely loved her character development. I loved how she found that girl again, the one who enjoyed the chase and the thrill of the storms. 

Archer West brought out that storm girl. My heart melted when he called her that, and I lost it to this beautiful, scarred man. The sharp-edged, wholly masculine guy who considered himself a screw-up. Who didn't think he was worth anything. Who didn't think he deserved a second chance. Who never knew what love could be like until he met Kelsey. He thought an arrangement would work for them, but I think he was the one who fell first, hard and fast and irreversible. He was so much more than he first appeared. He doesn't appear to be a nice guy, someone who is bluntly honest with sharp-edged words and who hasn't done anything good with his life. But he's trying. For a little while, I felt like his character development was being overshadowed. Now, I kind of understand why. I think Kelsey had the most to work through, the most to change. And through helping her, being there for her, he helped himself. He started to crave the way she made him feel and the way she made him want to be the best kind of man. He had to work through a rough past, had to show her some ugly scars. But he beat all of that, with sheer determination and strength. And he used that to give Kelsey what she never knew she needed.
"You need peace and you need storms."
Archer challenged Kelsey and made her feel alive and breathless, lost in a storm that they created on their own. And Kelsey refused to let him believe that he was nothing more than a recovering drug addict who didn't graduate high school and who had no prospects in life. I loved everything about their relationship; the passion and fire, the teasing and arguments, the chemistry and romance. The way they held onto each other through the worst, and the way they pushed each other to overcome their obstacles. They brought out the best in each other.
"We're not so good together because we're different, storm girl. We're not night and day or sun and rain. We're so damn good together because we're the same. And you'll never belong to anyone else. Ever. Neither will I."
I loved the cameos with Dean, Liv, and Nicholas. I was hoping for a bit more interactions between Archer and Dean, but I knew their relationship was going to take work and time to mend. It wouldn't all be magically fixed because Archer helped them out and stayed longer than he meant to. They have thirty years of anger and pain to work through.

My heart was put through the ringer throughout this novel. I cursed, I cried, I cheered. I surrendered to the story and these characters and their perfect love. I got caught up in the passion and fire they created. Break the Sky was phenomenal; a wonderfully written romantic story about two characters who pushed each other to the limits and who loved chasing storms

Favorite Quote:
"He said the sky was still blue no matter where you were or what happened. Even if it was raining... behind the clouds, the sky was blue."

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