Wednesday, November 12, 2014

21 Things You Didn't Know About Me

So at first I wanted to do a Q&A type post. I had hoped to get like 8-10 bloggers to ask me a question each so that I could answer them. But after a few days of no interest, I decided to throw that plan out. Instead, I'm going to tell you even more about myself (as if you haven't heard enough already in the last few weeks). This is just me pretty much expanding on the "Who's the Fox?" tab. And I'm doing 21 one facts because it's my age and I'm boring like that. So, here goes! :)

1. I never even drank alcohol on my 21st birthday. (I'm an anomaly, I know).

2. I hate vegetables. Unless they're carrots drenched in ranch or corn mixed in with mashed potatoes.

3. I tell people I hate Christmas music, but secretly I love it.

4. I love socks. But I'm constantly buying more because I can never find a matching pair (I mean, honestly. I think Dobby's stealing them).

5. I think I'm a little allergic to cats, even though I've never been tested.

6. I like to be organized and I like things to be in order, but when it comes to my bedroom, the rules apparently don't apply.

7. I really don't like hardcovers. I cannot stand the annoying jacket when I'm trying to read.

8. I'm terrified of sharks, even though I've only swam in the ocean once and I've never been anywhere near the creatures.

9. I'm not a fan of water in general, and I hate swimming. Unless I can touch the bottom of the lake with my feet, then it's not so bad.

10. I like my space and my alone time. 

11. I believe in miracles.

12. I was a very adventurous kid and I loved being outdoors, but that's changed a lot.

13. I'm more of a fan of snow and rain when I don't have to go outside.

14. I'm not a very spontaneous person because I don't like changing my plans on a whim.

15. I don't take naps. (Again, I'm not a stereotypical college student. I know this).

16. I played the clarinet for seven years and stopped once I graduated high school. Sometimes I wonder if I'd even remember how to play it after three years.

17. I have a serious case of wanderlust. I want to travel the world and see it all and do everything possible.

18. I love writing songs, but I don't do it nearly often enough. 

19. I'm so addicted to mountain dew, it's ridiculous.

20. I wish I had a cool accent. I don't think I even have one.

21. I love going to volleyball games, and the one regret I have from high school is that I stopped playing.

And there you have it. I hope y'all liked learning more about The Fox! :)


  1. You hate swimming and naps!? Can we still be friends!? I jest. But seriously, naps and swimming are kind of my favorite things to do outside of reading! And wine, no wine? You're killing me! ;)

    I am totally with you on the travelling! My goodness, I love to travel. I need to go to ALL the places. This is hard without money, no?

    I don't have an accent either, it's a bummer. I sound like the CNN news people, so if you do too, I think that makes us accentless :(

    I always take the dust jacket off! I hate them, aside from the pretty factor. I take them off and leave them on my bookcase until I am done with the book. Paperbacks for the win. I am also allergic to cats, though I have one. I am too indecisive for spontaneity too, and my room is like an episode of Hoarders ;)

    I loved your list, it is fun to compare!

    1. DON'T WRITE ME OFF YOUR FRIENDS LIST YET, SHANNON. I should have said I really don't care for swimming, since I like it in small doses. But yeah, no naps. Can't do them. Never have, even as a kid (unless I was sick).

      Aaaaand this is why I need money. Travelling world would be amazing, though. Yay for paperbacks! I really do love them more than hardcovers (but I'll settle if it's for a book I so badly want). Girl, my room could totally be on an episode of Hoarders. Haha. But at least I know where everything is! :)

  2. POOP. Though I was expecting this I haven't been keeping up with your posts BECAUSE SICKNESS (take it away from meeee).

    Wow, you don't like swimming. How about in a pool? I think lakes are kind of funky because they all have that sticky green seaweed stuff. I like the ocean, but sometimes it's just TOO cold to do anything.

    You have an American accent, a Michigan accent? IDK. I mean you have an accent compared to people around the world :D

    I'm allergic to cats but also haven't been tested. I want a cat though. I might get a cat and take allergy pills all the time.

    I secretly take your socks. And eat them.

    I WANNA WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS DUN DUN DUN DUN dun dun. I don't like Christmas music until it is after Thanksgiving :D

    OK OK I should pay attention to stats now, BUT WOW SO MUCH CUTE. I loved your list more than Shannon does.

    1. *waves magic wand* Your sickness is cured!! (I actually really hope it is, because that is no fun).

      I HATE pools!! They are so much worse than lakes for me.

      I'm sure I do have an accent, and would if I traveled far away from Michigan. But I doubt it's a cool one.

      (You probably shouldn't get a cat if you're allergic).


      And now I'm going to tweet all the Christmas music at you. :P Also, this little competition you're having with Shannon is cute. (I think she's beating you, though).

    2. SHe's NOT BEATING ME. no. no no nuh uh
      don't even say that.

    3. I will continue eating your socks because you said that. Also my sickness went away so yay


      (Also yay, that's good).

  3. I so relate to your hate of vegitables! If it's green that means it's gone bad, right? Hardcovers look pretty sitting on the shelves, but they're too heavy to read. (I'd probably kill myself with an epic fantasy)

    I didn't think I had an accent either, but when I went to SC to visit my sister a hat seller knew we were from Michigan!

    1. YES RIGHT THAT'S EXACTLY CORRECT. Haha. And yes, about the hardcovers. They annoy me to no end when I'm reading, which is why I take off the dust jacket until I'm finished.

      So, we DO have accents! Huh, maybe I need to head down south for it to come into play. But that's hilarious that she knew exactly where you were from just by your voice.


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