Sunday, November 9, 2014

2nd Blogoversary Celebration Kickoff

My little blog is now two years old! TWO! It feels like just yesterday I started blogging, that I jumped headfirst into the the bookish community without doing my research, that I decided to share my passion with other people who are exactly like me. These two years have flown by; full of learning and mistakes, triumphs and disappointments, joys and pains. In not just blogging, but my life. However, this was the one constant that never failed to bring me up when I was feeling down, make me feel surrounded by love and friendship in incredibly lonely times, and gave me a platform to use my voice when I felt like no one was listening to me. And that no one cared enough to pay attention to my silent screams. In a summer of intense loneliness and longing, blogging was the one thing I had in my life that made absolute sense. That I knew I needed in my life. Becoming a book blogger was something I never knew could mean so much to me.

But it wasn't always this glamorous a design or name (as you all know if you've been a follower for a long time now). I didn't always know what to do (still don't, actually). I haven't always been this awesome at writing up posts (Ha. I still feel awkward and weird at times, but my writing has improved tenfold). But I'm so much better at it than I was in the beginning. And I thought I'd share with you just how much it has changed in two years:

The Evolution of My Blog!

November 2012: Northern Girl. Oh God, every time I think about this name, I die a little inside. I was SO clever /sarcasm. But also, at the time, this blog was just an outlet for me when I couldn't seem to find the passion to write anything. Lyrics, poems, stories. I think I lost my voice, and blogging helped me find it again. But yeah, the posts were mostly about college and my life as a freshman. Sort of. The beginning posts were kind of terrible.

Sometime after November: The Fox's Hole. I find this so incredibly ironic and funny that I came back to this theme. And you know what, this was actually when my blog turned into one just about books. So, I guess I knew what I wanted out of this, and what name I wanted, even in the beginning. I just can't believe it took me so damn long to get back to it.

May 2013: Part of that World. The one most of you will be familiar with it! If you've read my first post with the new name, you'll remember that POTW came from my friend's creative mind and not mine. But I loved it at the time, and I felt that I needed to go with something that was bookish (I'm over that now, clearly). It also had that horrid purple design. Confession: I actually hate the color purple. Unless it's a really light purple. I kept this one for over a year, though, so it wasn't a bad thing! It helped push me more into the blogging world.

And of course, November 2014: The Fox's Hideaway. My favorite by far because obviously. And the most creative I've been on the blog, I think. I have been floored by the overwhelmingly positive support and encouragement from everyone after changing the name and design. I didn't know how this would be received, and I'm so happy that you all love it. I have so many new ideas, and I can't wait to continue this blogging journey under the foxy name. <3

I hope it hasn't been too hard for y'all to stop thinking of me as Part of that World. It has actually been easy for me, maybe even too easy, to let go of the old blog name. I just, wholeheartedly and 100%, wanted the change after being hit with the inspiration behind TFH. So, I've been pretty much thinking of my blog as The Fox's Hideaway since July. :)


This week's schedule, hopefully!

Monday: I look back on the two years I've been blogging.

Tuesday: A different top ten about my favorite moments.
Wednesday: A post in which I basically get all mushy and sentimental.
Thursday: Random facts you didn't know about me.
Friday: I don't know yet.
Saturday: Something maybe?

It's not much of a plan, and I still haven't finished any of those posts. Honestly, I don't know if the schedule will keep this week, considering I haven't even written up Monday's post yet and I have a pretty big exam to study for tomorrow. So let's just wing it, okay?


  1. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!! And wow, 2 years!? Congrats, that is such an accomplishment! I love reading about everyone's old looks and names and stuff, it is too funny! Hope the exam and post creation goes well :)

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  2. HAPPY 2 YEAR BLOGOVERSARY WOW IT'S BEEN THAT LONG? Hahah I'm glad that you were able to find a great blog name to settle on, BUT NORTHERN GIRL IS PRETTY COOL!

    I completely understand how you feel! I didn't know (and you probably didn't either) that blogging would change my life so much. We're surrounded by such an awesome community, and I'M GLAD YOU DECIDED TO BLOG :D :D

    So ya! I'll be looking forward to your posts this week! BECAUSE YAY getting to know you and YOU'RE BLOGGING PAST. I CAN'T WAIT


    2. Northern Girl is pretty lame, you mean. :P And blogging has changed my life and myself in numerous ways, I couldn't even count them. I'm glad you decided to blog too, because I ADORE YOU! And I'm excited that you're excited about these posts. :)

      PS: Shannon always beats you. :P

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! PS, I'm still not sure what I'm doing half the time. I'm a blogger by luck :)

    1. I am very much a blogger by luck too. Lol, and thank youuuu. :)

  4. Congrats on your anniversary and finding yourself! :)
    Emily @ Follow the Yellow Book Road

  5. Oh wow, you have definitely had a lot of name changes! I haven't changed my blog name once xD I've been around for a year though. I really like your blog and look forward to the posts. Ooh, and also, congratulations on the two years! Like you I jumped right into book blogging without doing research and then did it this summer alone xD

    1. I just couldn't settle on one, but I'm so happy with The Fox's Hideaway. And it WILL NEVER change again. And thank you. :)


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