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Snark From the Ark: "The 100" Episode 2.5 "Human Trials"

Welcome to Snark From the Ark, a feature in which myself and Shannon from It Starts At Midnight fangirl and flail and snark over The 100. This particular recap is from season two, episode five: Human Trials. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!

What did you think of the episode?

I hated it! But in a good way?
I mean Finn... I was yelling at the TV!
And, let the record show, I was right about Jaha being tied in with the rest of it!

 That's exactly what I thought when I saw Jaha: Shannon was right. Good call.

Thank you, thank you ;)
And your thoughts?

Well. I was really happy with the Bellarke reunion. THEY HUGGED AND IT WAS PRECIOUS AND I JUST LOVE THEM.

I know! That was TOO cute! It was perfect- not over the top where we wouldn't believe it, but sweet.


I wanted Murphy to shoot him SO badly!

Dude. You know Finn's gone insane when Murphy is the voice of reason.

Exactly! But why didn't he shoot him? I am sorry, but if you and I are in the woods and you start killing innocent people.. I am going to take you down.


Then stop killing the villagers, Holly!

Fine, I suppose I'll stop killing the villagers. You ruin all the fun.
The look on Murphy's face, though, when Finn was shooting up the village. My God, I can't believe that happened. Can I just pretend that Finn didn't do that?
How did he go from who he was in the first season to THIS?

I know, I want to too. I think Murphy should have shot him in the leg at least or something. Maybe Clarke will!

I thought Murphy should have done more, but I also thought that if he'd tried to stop him, Finn would have shot him! Which, I mean, I guess he would deserve it.
I don't think anyone would have had a problem if Murphy would have been shot. Haha

Yeah that is probably what Murphy would think since he is a huge coward.
And I love how Finn was all "oh hey guys!" like he hadn't just massacred a whole town.

"I found you." The fuck you did, Finn. 
I needed several moments after that happened to slow my racing heart and ask WHAT THE HELL DID FINN JUST DO.

I know, I was so horrified. I just sat there, unable to compute.

There are just no words for it.
And it just doesn't make that much sense for his character. Why him? Because of losing Clarke, because of the "war" that they fought? Because he's always had it in him? I am so confused!

I know, it doesn't exactly "flow". Especially because he barely knew Clarke, really. Talk about insta-love.
"I only know you a bit, I have a kind-of girlfriend, but you're missing so I am going to kill ALL the women and children for you, 'kay?"

I'm just really upset about how his character has been written this season.
Maybe the writers are Bellarke fans and wanted an excuse for Clarke not to like Finn? Because who would after what he did...

I think that is kind of it. I mean, they probably don't want her to seem fickle by ditching him for Bellamy but.. wouldn't the fact that he hadn't been upfront about Raven been enough?
Oh, maybe the Raven thing shows his true colors!

See? I was pissed at Finn for all the shit he put Raven through, because I LOVE her and thought she got a sucky deal in everything. I didn't care for how he handled that. But seriously, this whole "crazy" side of him feels like a stretch.

It does feel like a stretch, I agree. But I suppose they need drama from somewhere, and Murphy being the only real "bad guy" from inside was also too easy.

Yeah, but we got creepy old guy in charge of the Mount Whateverians and his scary, mad scientist son who IS DOING SOMETHING TO MY POOR LINCOLN AND I WANT IT TO STOP.
Murphy's not the only bad guy.

And I know, the Lincoln thing is awful, but damn if the scientist guy wasn't creepily attractive.
I HATE old guy. But I think I hate the son more. And the DOCTOR. Get rid of HER please and thank you.
I am sick of Mount Whateverians already. I think the whole Maya thing was faked. The doctor did it on purpose so Jasper would volunteer.
Also, LOVING Monty!

Dude, I thought he was totally attractive too...
But still creepy! Also, I hate the doctor and I KNEW the thing with Maya was staged. It was planned to see what would happen to Jasper. Or maybe see how much he cared for her so it could be used against him?
And Monty is freaking AWESOME!

Yes, probably all of the above. Plus, easy way to test on the kids without having to do it in a shady way.
I hope Monty breaks out.

Monty is so sassy, I hope he's around for a long time. I love how he was all like: Bitch, please, I don't trust you and I'm going to watch every single thing you do to my friend.

I know, he was so funny! We NEEDED the bit of comic relief to survive the hellish episode too.

Monty's like the underrated guy in this series. I want him to have more face-time like he did in the first season.

He really is. Maybe now that he is the only one who seems to care that Clarke is MIA, he will have more of a story line.

Maybe he'll breakout and take Lincoln with him!
One can only hope...

Now THAT would be great. Though Monty trying to carry Lincoln would be pretty hilarious.

We shouldn't underestimate Monty's power!
Duuuude, did you watch the preview for the next episode? LIKE WHOA.

Yes, it looks so, so good. But two WEEKS!?! I can't wait 2 weeks. Nope, can't do it.

I'm so freaking nervous about what's happening with Lincoln!
But I'm glad that it looks like Bellarke and gang is gonna go after the Mountain people. 

I think he will be okay. I mean, they won't kill him off without Octavia ever knowing he was still alive.

Their romance is one of my favorite parts of the show, so I hope it all works out!

Yes I think it will. People would freak out if Lincoln died. Plus, with Anya gone, who else would be their connection?

And oh, can we just appreciate how awesome Raven is? I mean, Abby slaps her and she forgives it because she understands that Abby is sick with worry over Clarke and emotional about it.

Yes! I love how amazing Raven is being. Like, it was realistic when she was initially a mess over her paralysis, but now she is so damn determined. It is inspirational.

I just love her character so much, and I really want a Raven/Wick romance.

Oh is that the guy's name? I don't know anyone's name.

Hey, we're forgetting about Kane's story-line. Not that he's that memorable...

Yeah that was dumb. It seemed like filler. We all knew it was a trap, how stupid.
Typical Arker behavior right there.

I was kind of hoping it wasn't a trap but I should have known better.

Yeah, a person from the Ark? Would Arkian be more appealing?
I knew it was a trap. I mean, I hoped not too, but come ON.

Arker. Arkian. I like Arkian better.
I wonder what's going to happen to him and Jaha.

Oh, you know they'll both be all selfless "kill me, the people need you" "no, the people need YOU", blah blah blah.

Like on the ship! Haha. 

Exactly! Such a stupid game. Maybe someone should bring Abby in so all three of them can spew the same crap.
Maybe someone who wants to survive should take charge, cause this bunch of martyrs is pissing me off!

And then they all keep surviving anyway! It's all so pointless.

Yep. They are getting on my nerves. I would have volunteered to go to the ground just to escape those morons!
Take your chances with nuclear fallout, has to be better than being governed by them.

They just don't learn.

Did anything else even happen this episode?
Other than Clarke and Abby's "But MOM, you never let me find my friends in post-apocalyptic war grounds. All the other kids got to find THEIR friends."

Not much, aside from the evil experiments from the Mount Whateverians.
HAHAHA. That is SO perfect, though. I think Clarke needs to slow down a little and just chill.

I mean, I get her concern, and Abby IS a moronic Arkian after all, but like, eat a sandwich, take a quick shower maybe?

The girl just needs to breathe. 
I loved Abby in season one, but for some reason, I've liked her less in this one.

I agree. Maybe the weird space air killed off some brain cells. Maybe they all received head injuries upon re-entry?

Probably. I wouldn't be surprised.
Their stupidity has been phenomenal this season.
Okay, so what do you think's gonna happen in next week's episode?

Well, next week's episode will be a repeat, so I guarantee I know what will happen ;)

I forgot there won't be a new episode until 2 weeks...

As for the next new episode... Jaha and Kane brooding.
Clake and Bellamy figuring out what the hell to do with Finn.
Creepy old man Whateverian plotting to drain all the kids.
The doctor and the scientist fighting.
Arguments about going to Mount Whatever.
Idiots from the Ark trying to decide if they should look for Kane

Lincoln turning into a monster.
Bellarke kiss.
They should just let Kane stay where he is.

Oh definitely Lincoln being a monster. In fact- I could see Lincoln having something to do with capturing the 47.
I really hope you get your Bellarke moment. You deserve it.

I don't want them to use him for their own dark and sinister plans!
We both know I won't get a Bellarke moment because everything's going to be about Finn... 

Ugh, but I am bored of Finn.


So, what did you think of last Wednesday's episode? And, the most important question: are you a Bellarke fan? If so, we need to be friends. :)



    I am such a procrastinator. Well you know what? I'm going to watch the second episode RIGHT NOW SO HA. 13 Episodes. I can do this. I can binge watch it this week. Ok. Lets go.

    1. DAMN IT VAL STOP PROCRASTINATING. And I want to hear all about your binge-watch, okay?

  2. I feel weird commenting, because you know, I was there. Regardless. Valerie: Catch up. This is your mission during Thanksgiving.

    I was also thinking, you'd assume that Abby had some kind of sedative in that doctor bag, right? Cause Clarke needs one, stat.

    1. Let's both just hassle Valerie until catches up to us. Haha.

      And also, for Finn? THEY NEED TO PUT HIM DOWN.


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