Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Top Ten Favorite Blogging Moments

I've had my moments of insecurity, moments of feeling like a failure and that I was a sucky blogger. There have been times I've wanted to quit, to give up. But I have had so many wonderful moments while blogging. Moments of joy and fangirling and flailing. Moments that make everything I do worth it. And here are my favorite blogging moments after two years. <3 (These are in no particular order!)

1. Joining the Flirt Squad. I love being a flirt! I adore Rachel Harris (I have an author friend, which I think is very cool). She's so supportive and down-to-earth and encouraging when it comes to everyone in the group. And we're kind of all friends who share personal details about our lives and bring each other up when someone's feeling down or shout out encouragement when someone needs it. Whenever I need a boost, I just go to our Facebook page. <3

2. My name in the acknowledgments of a book. This was one of the coolest things that's ever happened to me. It's happened TWICE, actually. The first time was in My Not So Super Sweet Life by Rachel Harris because I won a FS contest. But the second time was a complete surprise and brought tears to my eyes. Rachel's just the sweetest person ever, and I love her books. So, it was totally awesome to see my name in the back of Accidentally Married on Purpose. <3

3. HarperCollins approval. It happened once, I swear it did! But I think it's a fluke because HC just seems to hate me. This is one of the publishers that I love so much; I pretty much want all of their books. So, I was ecstatic when I finally got approved (for The Queen of the Tearling, which I loved). However, it hasn't happened since then, so I'm trying my best to change that. It's one of my goals for next year. :)

4. Harlequin Teen auto-approval. I was kind of shocked when this happened but ecstatic at the same time since I love HT's books. I especially love their authors, like Julie Kagawa, Aimee Carter, and Katie McGarry. I've since then lost the approval (which apparently wasn't about me so much as HT), but I loved having it at the time. It made me feel like one of the "popular" blogs. Ha.

5. Receiving my first print book for review. Through YA Bound Book Tours, I got a print copy of Rush by Eve Silver to review this month! It was so exciting, receiving an actual book and not an e-copy (which I don't mind because I love reading on my kindle). But yeah, such excitement opening up the package and seeing Rush in it. I'll be reading it this weekend.

6. My first discussion post involving other bloggers/authors. I love writing up discussions, but this was the first time that I asked for help from others. I was floored with the support and encouragement, and so happy that quite a few people wanted to throw in their opinion (I was honestly worried no one would be interested). I'm hoping to do more posts like these in the future. :)

7. Changing the blog name. I was SO nervous about this, but I'm so happy with how it turned out and having a name that means a lot to me. This one just fits me so much better, that blue color is beautiful, and I adore foxes. 

8. Doing my first author interview. If I could remember who it was, I'd tell you (I have a terrible memory, really). I was actually pretty nervous about this, because I didn't know how they'd go and what I should ask about. I read so many where it seems like the blogger and author are interacting in real life, but mine never feel like that! I looove doing them, but I want to get better at making them entertaining. 

9. Sending out a book to my first giveaway winner. Yup, this is on here. I used to think that you HAD to do giveaways, or else people wouldn't really like your blog that much to visit (I have terrible thoughts sometimes). But I really just love giving people books that they might not be able to get otherwise and sharing my love of reading. It was a wonderful moment of sending it off but also one full of anxiety that something would happen en route.

10. "Meeting" so many wonderful people! I know I say this a lot, but a being book blogger really does mean a lot to me. And so do all of you. There is just not much to say except THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU and I HOPE I CAN MEET YOU ALL IN PERSON SOMEDAY. Because, you really do feel like real friends to me. <3

So yeah, I decided to switch up my TTT topic today (even though I really loved the one from the Broke and the Bookish and I'm kind of sad I didn't do it). I hope you're loving these blogoversary posts as much as I'm having fun writing them. I'm not sure what's on the agenda tomorrow, since I might switch it up. I was going to write my mushy and sentimental post, but I think I'll publish the facts you don't know about me. I have no clue yet, though, so we'll see. :)


  1. AH, a physical review book! That is so, so exciting!! An an auto-approval!? That's awesome. But I am sad that they took it away. That shouldn't be allowed! I love this list, it is so nice to look back on positive experiences :) I hope you have many, many more!

    (Also, this is not related, but my brain will NOT come up with a creative name for you-know-what. I won't give up though!)

    1. It's probably a good thing they took it away, as I'm still catching up on the books I downloaded from them. And they still approve me, so. :) I hope I do too!



    Look at you go! I'm so proud of you Holly. Also, YAY FIRST PHYSICAL REVIEW BOOK. I'm still waiting until my first blogoversary comes by before contacting publishers, just because I am not confident at all hahah!

    I think I also got approved by HarperCollins ONCE. Hopefully it happens again. BUT WHAT they took away your auto-approval? BOOO. At least you still have some books by them!

    And haha Giveaways. I used to think the same thing as you, until I looked at my bank account and was like nah. I'm planning one for my blogoversary, but that's it. I don't haz the moneyz.

    (what are you guys talking about. what name. what. let me in on this. hahahahaha)

    1. I haven't even tried contacting publishers about physical ARCs yet, but I want to do that very soon! I'm nervous, though. The rejection would probably feel worse than it is on EW and NG.

      And I would love a HarperCollins approval again, but man, I don't know what else to do to get them to like me. :(

      I don't have money either, so I rarely do them but I love it.

      AND MUAHAHAHAH YOU'LL NEVER KNOW. Just kidding, you'll know what we're talking about soon. I hope. :)

  3. Yes, these are all awesome things when it comes to blogging! I think I agree with the last the most, because I absolutely love talking and visiting blogs as well as replying to those who answer back on mine. The book blogging community as well as a few other blogs as well are all so nice, and it's great to interact with people!

    I absolutely love HarperCollins and all their branches, as well as Simon & Schuster. The latter is probably my favourite publishers, but Harper falls second :D Their books are the most I request, and usually the most I read as well xD

    Receiving print books for review is so fun <3 It's hard to do when you live internationally, but some authors are willing to do so, and it makes me happy when it comes signed, with something, and becomes a new shelf addition!

    Love the post <3

    1. I so agree with you--I love this community so much! And whoa, I didn't know S&S was a branch of HC. Ah, the things you learn, huh? I'm still constantly learning more about the bookish and publishing world, which is very helpful since I want to become an author. And yeah, I'm kind of lucky to be a US blogger when it comes to all of that.

      I'm glad you loved it! :)


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