Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 2014 Releases

I know I'm like 6 days late, but I had posts that actually needed to be scheduled on certain dates, so this couldn't be published until today. Aaaanyway, I'm looking forward to quite a few books this month, but there really isn't many being released. Here are the ones I could find, and I'm probably missing some.
December 1st

December 2nd

December 8th

December 9th

December 12th

December 15th

December 16th

December 23rd

December 30th

I've already read Christmas at Carriage Hill and Princess of Thorns, and I loved them both! I love Carla Neggers' Swift River Valley series, and I adored this sweet novella to tide me over until the fourth book releases. And oh my, Stacey Jay sure knows how to write fairytale retellings. She just needs to keep writing books like this, and I will forever read them. I want MORE.

I only have Suspicion (which I've heard incredibly TERRIBLE things about) and For Real from NetGalley, so I'm not pressed for ARC reviews. Thank God. I really want to spend my Christmas break getting to all of the books I've neglected because I've felt so guilty when I wasn't reviewing enough ARCs and so I haven't really let myself read "me" ones. I could use the break, even though I really shouldn't take one. But if I don't, I'll just get burnt out on review copies, and then my mood will affect the ratings. So yeah, I'm glad I only have two ARCs for this month!

My highly anticipated: THIS SHATTERED WORLD!

What December books are YOU excited about? :)


  1. Quite a few good ones out this month! I'll definitely be buying Princess of Thorns and This Shattered World for my shelf, and I can't wait to read Wicked, Amour Amour, Breaking the Rules, and Inspired! I definitely do NOT recommend Suspicion haha.

    Thanks for sharing, hon!

    1. My copy of This Shattered World won't be shipping until January, so I have to wait a little longer for it! And gah, NO ONE recommends that book and now I don't really want to read it. I do want to see how I feel about it though and if I like it or not. :)

  2. I'M GOING TO BE READING THE SHATTERED WORLD. I AM SO EXCITED. And there are so many releases in December. Oh, it looks like I'll be missing the release date for Suspicion since I have the ARC. Oh well.

    1. Ugh, I have to wait until January to read This Shattered World unfortunately! Yeah, I'll be missing that as well. But I'm posing my Princess of Thorns review on the 9th, so I have an excuse. :P

    2. I WANT TO READ PRINCESS OF THORNSSSSS. Hahahah nice excuse there.


  3. Breaking the Rules and Wicked are on my Kindle now! That's cool that they released on the same day. :) For Real was a really fun book. That's one of the ones I have to finish my review for. I have an e-arc of Last Will and Testament, but haven't started it yet. :( (Soon, though!)

    1. I have Breaking the Rules too, and I'm SO excited to read it! I need more Noah and Echo. :) And ooh, you told me that about For Real. I'm glad, because I'll hopefully be reading that soon.


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