Monday, December 29, 2014

My Writing Wishlist

Earlier today I saw this post on Cait's blog and thought it was so much fun that I had to do it myself. She got the idea from Kara @ Diary of a Teen Writer. :) Basically, this is a writer's bucket list of stories that they want to someday write and hopefully publish. I don't know if I've said it that much on my blog (I feel like I have though), and I've certainly never shared snippets of a current WIP. But, if you're not familiar with me at all (or don't follow me on Twitter), then you might not know this about me. 

I want to be an author. I want to publish books upon books upon books. But, for me, this would be a passion. A dream. And since I'm a psychology major, I'm clearly not in school to make a career out of being an author. But oh, how I want to make this dream come true. And oh, how I'd love to be able to put a book out on shelves and for everyone to read. I want to touch people's hearts. I want to make them happy and give them what books have always given me: an escape from reality.

And these are the story ideas that I would love to write, or finish, someday! :)

1. One with curses and set in the South.
This one is pretty specific, but I want to write both a book that takes place in the south and one that's got curses (and preferably together). I'm a little nervous about it, because I'm not southern. At all. I'm very much a northern girl, so that means I'd have to try really hard to make it believable. I've written about 1,500 words in this, and I'm already excited about it. But I have no idea where I'm going with the curses part, so yeah.

2. One with a love triangle.
Yes, yes, I know what you're all thinking. ARE YOU KIDDING ME HOW DARE YOU LOVE TRIANGLES ARE EVIL INCARNATE. I know how much they annoy and piss people off (I'm not a huge fan of them myself). But guys, I have this idea about a girl who loses her memory after a car accident and who has to stumble through life with her identity always just out of reach. And yes, there would be two boys. But I would hope that I could write it where it feels genuine and realistic and needed.

3. A fairytale retelling.
Because who wouldn't want to write one? I adore reading them, and it makes me want to come up with my own unique spin on a classic story. Since Beauty and the Beast is my favorite, I think it would be insane to do something with this fairytale. However, I've been thinking a lot about a girl locked in a tower, so we'll see what happens.

4. A New Adult book.
It's kind of funny, but I was writing New Adult before it became a recognized genre. I started a bunch of stories about characters in this age group but I never got very far, which is not surprising to me at all. I have many ideas for contemporary romances set in this genre, and I'd love to write them. But for right now, I'm just going to stick with YA.

5. A mystery.
So, I'm actually in the middle of one right now. It's an Adult novel that would be part of a 3 book series that follows a set of characters who keep getting swept up in mysteries. There are dead bodies, but there is absolutely no suspense in them at all. I just don't think I'm cut out for this genre. But I adore these characters so much, and I just love writing about them. However, the actual mystery part needs A LOT of work.

6. A Civil War novel.
Remember that Twitter hashtag, #RBWL? It was created exactly for this. It's a bunch of tweets where bloggers, readers, authors, and people in the industry tell you exactly what they want in a book. And I kept repeating that I wanted more war novels, especially those set in the Civil War era. But I'm impatient and wrote a prologue that very same day. However, historical fiction makes me nervous, and I'm not sure how to get into the mindset of a character in this time period, so I've set it aside. But someday, I'd love to get back to it and write a love story that transcends a devastating war.

7. An epic (regular? high? urban?) fantasy.
This is my favorite idea at the moment. Dragons, an assassin, a princess who doesn't back down from a fight and becomes a fearless leader. I keep bouncing back and forth, trying to figure out where exactly I'd go with this. I *think* I have a plan, but I'm going to have to scrap everything I've already written and start over. And that is a daunting task.

8. A happy contemporary.
Why, you ask? Well, every time I start writing a story, it becomes darker and grittier than I mean it to. They're always filled with death, tragedy, unhappy home lives, characters who are in pain. I can't seem to write a fluffy, happy contemporary where no one is ever sad or depressed or angry or got screwed over by life.

9. One about gods and goddesses.
How cool would it be to run with an idea about the gods and goddesses? I know that there are so many of these types of stories out there right now, but I've always wanted to give it a shot. I have absolutely no clue what I'd even write about (and hell, I hate research, and it would require lots), but I adore the idea!

So yeah, I really want to write all of these. *le sigh* Someday.

Do you write? If so, what are some of the stories on your dream wishlist? Also, keep writing, even if it sucks, even if you don't think it's any good, even if you don't want to continue it. Just keep writing. :)


  1. I love how you talk about writing, you're so enthusiastic and you have some pretty great ideas too. Your idea about a book with curses sounds awesome and it's maybe my favorite from your list because it is completely unique.
    I think mysteries are the hardest to write because you have to line up all the clues carefully while at the same time still try not to be too obvious.
    Great post, Holly and good luck! :)

    1. <3 I just love writing and want to share it with everyone. And that's exactly why the mystery is so hard; many things need to line up.

      Thank youuuu! :)

  2. You seriously brought this upon yourself.

    NORRRRTHERN GIRLLLLLLLLLLL. I still think you could do research and figure out what a Southern girl talks and sounds likes/thinks like. Hmm. Yeah I mean everything involves research, GOOGLE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND.

    You know, I've figured out why there are so many love triangles in YA. IT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN TO WRITE (at least I think so hypothetically). So yeah I say GO FOR IT hahahaha.

    DUDE YES there definitely needs more civil war novels. There are a lot of YA WWII novels, but not civil war. heck not even WWI has that many either.

    AN EPIC FANTASY WOW HOLLY LOOK AT YOU THAT WOULD BE GREAT AND PLUS IT WOULD TAKE AGES THOUGH. Yes you need to commit time for that one. Oooo a happy contemporary? No, you must only write sad and tragic stories where everyone dies. Yes.

    I love mythology so you should USE THAT IDEA TOO. That would be fun to research also!

    Ok, so I'm giving you permission to write these all, ONLY IF YOU GIVE THEM TO ME WHEN YOU'RE DONE. If I don't get some sort of signed ARC, I will NOT be happy. Ok? Yes. Good I'm glad we agree.

    1. I KNEW you were going to bring that up! I hate research though. Grr.

      They probably are a lot of fun to write, but some of them are just ridiculous. And yes, more civil war novels! I want all the war novels.

      Dude, the epic fantasy scares the shit out of me, but it's my favorite story. Even if I write a sad story, I will never not end it on a happy note. Unless, for some reason, the story wanted to go that way. Otherwise, it's not in my plan to crush my readers' souls. At least, not completely crush them. ;)


      So, you want a signed ARC? Haha, you're very confident in my abilities. But I have a question for you: would you ever be interested in beta reading? :)

    2. I WOULD BE INTERESTED COUNT ME IN. Of course my editing skills are slightly lacking BUT THAT DOES NOT MATTER GIMME YOUR BOOK

    3. YAYAYAYAYAY!!! It's definitely NOT ready yet, but once it is, I'll let you know for sure. And oh, honestly I'm very good at grammar and stuff (not trying to be arrogant here or anything) so all I would be looking for is someone who could give me feedback on everything else, as you would if you were reviewing it. :)

  3. I'd love to read some of these! I have to agree with you on the gods and goddesses note; I'd love to write one such novel myself! A book set in the south also catches my attention, and so I can only hope you see it through! Have fun getting through your list!

    1. Aw, well I hope you'll be able to read them someday... And wouldn't a gods and goddesses novel be so much fun to write? It'd require a lot of research though. Thank you! :)

  4. Haha, I love your list! I have seen this post at Paper Fury as well, and made my own personal list (although I didn't share it on my blog.) And it also set in motion a novel I am working on right now, which is a Snow White fairytale retelling.

    1. I found this through Cait, actually! And oh, you should totally share your list; I would love to read it! Ahhhh, girl, a Snow White retelling would be so cool. As a reader, I'll never tire of reading them. :)


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