Monday, December 1, 2014

November Recap

It's been a long time since I've done a monthly recap on the blog. October was a very up and down month for me in my personal life and in blogging. I was feeling discouraged and a little unhappy, and when the Hale storm rolled in, I became aware that a break was needed. And so I took a two week long hiatus that resulted in a name change, new design, and a better place for me to be in. Y'all have been so supportive and encouraging, and it made me so happy to FINALLY share the idea I'd been thinking about since July. To say I love you all is an understatement. Blogging has given me so much and has become a safe space where I can just be myself. So, here's to hoping year three will be just as awesome! Since I've changed the blog name, I've gotten over the slump and I'm excited about my 3rd year. I honestly think this was the best thing for me, because I've never been more excited about blogging before. I have plans and ideas and features. I'm hoping to start a feature this weekend, so be on the lookout for something new! :) (I know I keep talking about all of this, and it's probably annoying, but I'm just really excited about everything. And I literally cannot stop looking at my blog).

But not only was I in a blogging slump, my reading took a major hit in October and, subsequently, November too. I haven't read a lot, and I also haven't been reviewing much, so this section is a bit bare. Of course, I've read more than this. But I never post all of my reviews on the blog, just Goodreads.
A month in reviews!

*Dead Girl Walking by Ruth Silver
*Alex by Sawyer Bennett
*Perfect Chaos by Nashoda Rose
*Rush by Eve Silver

This is kind of the saddest thing I've ever seen. I've never reviewed so little books in a month. But, like I said, I don't put all of them up on my blog. Most of the time, I don't have the energy to write a full review for a book that isn't an ARC. And so I just write maybe a few sentences or a couple paragraphs on Goodreads. I also haven't been reviewing books fast enough, which is giving me a heap of trouble for one that I read way back in October but haven't written yet (Oops). Not to mention, I decided to handle my slump by rereading my favorite series ever. It brought me back to that feeling of happiness that I've found in reading, and it was needed to help me remember why I love doing this. It's not about the ARCs; it's not about the being the best of the best. It's about my love for books and my desire to share that with everyone. I needed to be reminded of why I started my blog in the first place.

I was also mostly focused on setting up The Fox's Hideaway and my 2nd blogoversary this month. I spent more of my time on cool and very personal posts in celebration of the two major blog events. I wrote about the story behind the name, which was very personal and I almost didn't publish it. And my week long blogoversary celebration was split into five posts.

Guys, I ALSO STARTED A COOL FEATURE WITH SHANNON! If you haven't already heard of The 100, where the hell have you been? No, seriously, it's been all over Twitter the last few weeks and almost every blogger I know is watching the show and fangirling over it. It's kind of hilarious that Shannon and I were DMing each other on Twitter after each episode and flailing about it. But it wasn't until after our first recap that the blogosphere exploded over this show (not because of us, we're not that cool. :P). Anyway through our DMs, we decided: why not recap each episode in a joint blog feature together? Seriously, Snark From the Ark's the best decision I've ever made. And if you've missed our first two posts, here they are: Episode 4 and Episode 5. Stay tuned because The 100 is back this week, and that means more BELLARKE. Oh, and it also means another recap on Sunday. :)

I also did the tag, Sisterhood of the World Bloggers. It's always fun answering questions about myself and my bookish habits. And oh, if you're curious about what books are on my TBR for December, just check out this TTT post about the winter reads I want to get to during my Christmas break.

So, that's basically been my month. Aside from school and life, that is. But who cares about that? No, but this semester has been so much better and I've actually been socializing more! I made lots of plans with friends and also went Black Friday shopping with my best friend and her family. It was fun BUT 12 HOURS OF SHOPPING IS TOO MUCH. November has been a huge month for me in terms of changes. Besides the obvious blog one, I joined the APSSC, one of the psychology clubs on campus! I've never been in a club before, so this is all new and kind of exciting and I'm so happy my friend is in it too. She's actually the one who convinced me to join. I haven't been in it that long, but I know this will be good for me.

And aside from failing at NaNo (really, I need to get out of this writing slump), that has been my month. I'm so happy that this semester is ending and that Christmas break is coming up. But I'm nervous about the next semester and there will probably be more changes. And I hate change. So, I'm just going to relax and not think about anything during the break. All I want to do is read. Oh, and if you didn't see this, I joined the Twelve Days of New Adult Giveaway Hop! Go here to enter to win one of my favorite NA books. This is international!

And I think that's a rap. I hope y'all have had a great month and here's to counting down the days until Christmas! :)


  1. I feel you, I hate change too. But sometimes it is a good thing. Plus, a break sounds like heaven :) Sorry you failed at NaNo. I did too. Miserably, in fact. And TWELVE hours of shopping!? Good lord!

    Don't feel bad about not having reviewed many books either, it takes time to get out of a slump! Plus, I feel like November flew by. So blame that instead! Also, we are most definitely not cool enough to get a whole community behind a TV show, but maybe we can ride the wave ;) I am so excited for the episode!!! (And, not having to come up with a post idea for Sunday, muahah.)

    1. It is a good thing sometimes. And hey, next year, Shannon. We won't fail next year. :)

      Oh my gosh, November did fly by! It was here and then it wasn't. Like, is it really December? REALLY? I'm so excited about The 100 this week! I NEED MORE BELLARKE. And I know, right? This is why I like weekly posts because I don't need to come up with ideas. Haha. :)


    And hey get out of these slumps. I demand that you do. Ok look at that you are out of them already. AND I PROMISE. I PROMISE TO WATCH THE 100 OK! I'm on episode 4 I think, and that's pretty good. Right? out of 13 for the season?

    1. I can't believe I lasted that long!!

      And I am out of these two slumps, both the blogging and the reading one. YOU BETTER WATCH THE 100 OR ELSE.... (Wow, that sounded really sinister).


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