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Snark From the Ark: "The 100" Episode 2.7 "Long Into An Abyss"

Welcome to Snark From the Ark, a feature in which myself and Shannon from It Starts At Midnight fangirl and flail and snark over The 100. 

Previous recaps: Episode 4Episode 5, and Episode 6This particular recap is from season two, episode seven: Long Into An Abyss. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!

Well, at least this episode was better than last week's snooze-fest.

Oh, I know! I was pleasantly surprised about it. 

Me too, I think it was actually more action filled than I'd predicted. Oh, and sicker. Much, much sicker.
In fact, the first thing I wrote down during the episode was "sick sick sickos" with the girl in the flowers. And I stand by that.

That was so terrible! I thought the dude's son was evil, but the doctor is so much worse! "Sacrifice for the greater good" my ass.
At least they're alive. They're not going to die if they don't get to go to the surface.

Why didn't anyone just shove HER outside? Done and done.

Yes, let's test how fast it takes for the radiation to KILL HER.

Exactly. And they CAN go to the surface, just in their Ghostbuster suits.

Yeah, so it's not like their little experiments are justifiable and a means of survival. It's just for kicks because they're bored underground. Obviously, they need to find better hobbies.

Well this woman has a god complex, plain and simple. She needs help. Why isn't there any mental health help around here? I have a LOT of potential clients lined up.

Soon everyone's going to become a psychopath.
But not the old man, like I thought!
Raise your hand if you think the President is going to die a "mysterious" death soon.

*raises hand* I was SURE the son was going to lock him out.

I think Doctor Mengele is going to take care of him soon. I can tell she wants to.

I think so too, I think she wanted the son to do it, but he isn't going to. Maybe she'll even take him out first, who knows.
Maybe Jasper will swoop in and save Old Man Weather.

Jasper does nothing!

I know, that's why it was funny. Because aside from saying "but.. but GUYS" and swooning over that girl, he is useless.

While they were snooping around and he told that girl to wait outside because he was "the mastermind" and she didn't have a job to do, I started laughing so hard. The dude has done NOTHING.

I was about to STAB HIM with that knife-y thing. GO DO SOMETHING you dumbass.
That girl should have stabbed his dumb ass and let them take HIM for bone marrow "donation."

Oh, I'm sure Jasper would have just volunteered for that.

Monty is on the computer, that random dude (who will likely die next) is looking through paperwork, Random Girl is watching the door and he is... playing with toys?

"Dude, look at this sword!" because yes, you have time to play around while everyone else is actually doing the work.
Random dude's father is the one that stood up to Abby and wanted to stay, right? I have a feeling he is. Also, I don't remember that kid from the first season.

OHH yeah, he is.
And I KNEW Abby and Jaha would be fighting over this nonsense. I felt like Abby was off giving speeches to the Sea of Stupidity, and while she was doing so, I thought Jaha's head might actually explode.

Dude, what is up with Jaha though? I get it, he wants to save his people. But he actually threatened her! Maybe that fall to earth scrambled his brains.
I was all like "Oh shit, you did NOT just threaten Abby."

Yeah he was such an ass. He and Kane have switched places this season or something. I was proud of Abby for standing her ground. I even cheered for Blonde Army Lady!

I thought that blonde lady would actually listen to Jaha, and she didn't!
I cheered for Abby too. Standing her ground, just like Clarke. Mother like daughter. They're a force to be reckoned with.

They are. Again, some badass bitches on this show!
But um, since when was Clarke fluent in Grounder?

Oh, you know, Clarke is The Special One. She's good at everything. Of course she can speak Grounder.

But she can't get her head out of her ass when it comes to Finn. So I guess she isn't perfect after all. SACRIFICE HIS ASS. He needs to go.

You know many times Clarke went off on Bellamy in the first season? Why the HELL is she taking it easy on Finn! 
Do you think she's still a little in love with him? *vomits in mouth*

My thoughts exactly! Bellamy wanted to kill like, one, two dudes tops. Finn murders innocent villagers, and it's fine.
YES, unfortunately.
They are going to drag this dumb love triangle out as long as they can.

I still think all it was between them was lust and loneliness and a sense of togetherness because no one else was standing up to Bellamy.
I just don't believe their love. And I could totally just be saying this because I want Bellarke to happen so badly. But I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

Yep! She was just missing Wells, and mad at Bellamy, he was missing Raven, and is an obnoxious jackass. Boom. Napping.
No, I agree. Even now, when he is screaming for Clarke, and she is taking pity on him, it is JUST pity, and he is still JUST lonely and jackassy.

I just, I liked him in the first season. But I don't think I ever saw past his charismatic personality. He really is good at the charm.

Neither did I. I was sure he was the "good guy."

And that's the thing about this show. It's not good or bad, right or wrong, black or white. It's gray and messy and complicated.

You are so, so right. Probably the best part of the show too. No one is unredeemable, and no one is perfect.

But, if he dies, then Clarke will grieve and I doubt there will be any time for Bellamy.
How else are they going to make peace with the Grounders?

Oh, they aren't.
They'll probably fight some more.

I want them to fight the Mountain people!

Maybe by the end of the season they'll be at peace.



Speaking of peace, it looks like Lincoln is finally back to us.

YES. Linctavia FTW.

They had to give us SOMETHING.

Oh, those scenes with him hit me in the feels!

And to "fix" a dude, all you have to do is kill him, then electrocute him. Easy peasy!

I know, I was so sad for Octavia! But I had a feeling he'd be coming back around, so I wasn't *as* sad. But I did tear up a bit.

"You can't protect me from this one, big brother." ASDKLJKL; MY FEELS.

That WAS so sad! He wanted so badly to help her!

I always need more brother/sister moments between Octavia and Bellamy.

Where's Raven and cute engineer these days? They go back to space or something?

OMG I almost forgot about Raven and Wick! Like where the hell are they? I want more of them! More, I say.

I mean, they weren't even around for the speeches, or the packing, or any of it. They must be "napping."

Is that what we're calling it these days?

Yes, mmhmm. "Napping". It is the official stance of Ravick.

Speaking of, I think Linctavia need to take a nap soon. What's their deal?


I think a nap will do them wonders, after all of the emotional stress and the whole becoming a reaper and dying thing.

Yes, who wouldn't need a nap after that!?

I miss the Bellarke moments.
I'm still pissed about the episode teasing me in the beginning. Showing the Bellarke hug like something else just as monumental would happen. LIES. ALL LIES.

They'll be back. They know we will start an uprising if we don't get some soon. I guarantee SOME kind of little teaser for it next week. Not full-blown though.
The first episode of the new year is called "Remember Me." So SOMEBODY is dying I guess? 

And omg, that makes me scared. WHO'S GONNA DIE?

I am seriously betting that no one in the main cast dies.

But, but Finn! Do you really think he's gonna die in the next episode?

Nah, not going to happen. Because everyone thinks it is going to happen, so it won't. That is how this show works.
But I DO predict that everyone is going to be trying to sacrifice themselves instead. Because why save productive members of society when they can be sacrificed for psychotic murderers? Makes sense.

So. True. 
Clarke offering herself instead in the preview for next week's episode kills me. WHY. WHY.

Because she is being a martyr. That is like, some kind of Arkian commandment, it seems.

Thou shalt always offer yourself up if one of your fellow people is going to be killed. 

For whatever reason. Even if they kind of have it coming.

Even if they mass murdered 18 people and deserve it.

Even then. Even if you contribute a LOT to the group and they are basically having a complete, lethal breakdown.

Even if they are gone. Completely. Isn't that what Finn was telling Clarke? That he wasn't savable?

Yep! When the dude TELLS YOU he is probably going to be homicidal on the regular, you let him go off to Grounder Death Row. ASAP. And then you thank the Grounders, because you didn't have to do it yourself! Idiots.


No, she is not. She napped with once, and now she is being clingy and stupid. She loves BELLAMY.
And seriously, that was a LONG time ago. I don't care how much fun napping was literally MONTHS ago, since then he has KILLED A VILLAGE.

I mean, clearly. All they do is steal passionate glances at each other and don't even have to speak words to communicate their love.
Maybe it was the best napping she'd ever had?

I assume it was the ONLY nap she's ever had. Hence the clinging.

Once she's napped with Bellamy, it will be like, who was Finn again?

Exactly. Even Raven didn't care about Finn after her nap with Bellamy.

The whole time, she'd probably been thinking, this is what I've been missing?

MURPHY! It is going to be Murphy!
This isn't a spoiler, it is just a BIG hunch.


No, he wouldn't. BUT he was there too. And didn't stop Finn.
Someone would volunteer to sacrifice Murphy instead of Finn.
It makes sense- the Grounders get revenge from someone who actively took part, Finn stays alive AND goes crazier, a semi-big character dies, but fans won't be pissed. It works!


I think I did! (Watch me be 100% wrong and feel dumb next week, ha!)

Guess we'll find out then! Ha.

Predictions: Everyone is just gonna go take naps, make peace, and stop fighting. Boom. The End. And Bellarke lives happily ever after.

Just kidding. SOMEONE is going to die in the next episode! It's a given. But the question is: WHO? 

So, what did you think of last Wednesday's episode? How do you think the mid-winter finale is going to go? Do you think Finn's gonna die or will it be someone else?


  1. WEeeeeeeee another comment without reading the post. JUST SUPPORTING YOU ADORABLE GUYS.

    I can binge watch over winter break if that makes you guys happy

    1. And we love you for supporting us!! <3

      Um, yes, that makes me extremely happy. Don't forget to tweet us your feels!

    2. BINGE WATCH. That is all. Hey, if you catch up, you can play with us when the new episodes start!

  2. I just saw the E interview they did with Eliza Taylor and she talks about how hard today's episode is for her because Clarke is in love with Finn...
    I don't see this love, never have really.
    I don't hate Finn like most people do but I do feel like this Clarke/Finn thing is being forced on us.
    Stop playing around writers and just give us more Bellamy and Clarke!
    They also mentioned that romances are taking a backseat for a while to the action. Boo, you can have both!
    I hate that someone always has to die in finales. Get a little creative (like The Flash) and make it a kick ass finale without killing anyone off!
    Speaking of redemption, I like Murphy's character...this is coming from someone who has wished him dead since the first episode and almost every episode since....


      I don't hate Finn either, and I want him to have redemption. And I think the only way he could do that is by sacrificing himself to save his people. But would they really kill him off tonight?

      Yes, more Bellarke! Always more Bellarke.

      I'm semi-okay with the action-packed plot, but I'd like more romance please. I like the quiet and passionate moments in-between the intense ones.

      And you KNOW someone is going to die! It's gonna happen, so who will it be? I wouldn't mind it if it was Murphy. I actually don't hate him either, and perhaps he'll be redeemed. Either that or he's just a psychopath that we all should hate.

      Gah, so nervous about tonight's episode! WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN?!

    2. There is ZERO chemistry between Clarke and Finn, which is why the audience isn't buying it! And I am with you, you can have both! I agree about Murphy (which is why I think he is going to die- because people finally care if he does!), you can tell he doesn't like what Finn did either.

  3. So, it is recording RIGHT NOW. So I am of course of to write a quick (and likely crappy, who knows) blog post, and then watch it!! Though from the sound of things, there won't be any napping :(


      Damn it, there had better be some (Bellarke) napping soon!

  4. Great giveaway. I have The Raven Boys series on my TBR!

    1. Hi, you're welcome and I think you might have commented on the wrong post. Lol. :)


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