Saturday, January 3, 2015

Holiday Bookish Bingo Wrap-Up

Great Imaginations hosted this awesome bingo challenge from October through December, and I am so glad I participated! I didn't cover all of the squares, but I did read a lot of ARCs that I had been neglecting for a long time. It was also fun (and frustrating!) trying to find books that fit the themes in the squares.

Squares I Covered:
*Historical: Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers
I adored this ending to one of my favorite series! Hottest YA romance of the year too.

*Snow on Cover: Creed by Trisha Leaver & Lindsay Currie
A quick, mostly creepy read that I could not put down.

*Set in Space: Cress by Marissa Meyer
Who doesn't love this awesome series? The latest book was not a disappointment.

*Witches: Morrigan's Cross by Nora Roberts
This was my third time rereading this series, and I adored it even more if that's possible.

*Red Cover: Dance of the Gods by Nora Roberts
This wasn't my favorite book in the series for some reason, but I still loved it. Great sequel.

*Fall or Winter Release: Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater

*Green Cover: Kissing Frogs by Alisha Sevigny
The only book on this list that I did NOT enjoy at all. This was way too high school for me and had no depth.

*Mystery: Of Scars and Stardust by Andrea Hannah
Twisty, mysterious, and holy shit what a ridiculous rollercoaster ride that did not end how I thought it would.

*A Book that was a Gift: The Young Elites by Marie Lu
Dark, gritty, and oh SO GOOD! If this is any indication of how awesome the Legend series is, then I gotta read it.

*Reread: Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts
Still one of my favorite books ever. And one of my favorite hate-to-love romances ever.

*Set in New Orleans: Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys
I definitely didn't like this as much as Between Shades of Gray. It was dry and historical fiction is not my favorite genre.

*Romance: Caged in Winter by Brighton Walsh
A sweet and sometimes frustrating romance with one a good guy who makes the bad boy appeal feel ridiculous.

*"Ice" or "Snow" or "Frost" in Title: Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis
I adored this book! There were a lot of similarities to The Lunar Chronicles, but I thought it did well on its own.

*Creature on Cover: The Last Changeling by Chelsea Pitcher 
An intriguing fae book that was too light on the Faerie world.

*Black Cover: Damsel Distressed by Kelsey Macke
I want more books like this one! Ones with undesirable and kind of unreliable characters. It had a great message too.

*Birds on Cover: Beastkeeper by Cat Hellisen
Even though MG is not my favorite genre, I still liked this one! Very twisty and surprisingly dark.

*Set During Christmastime: Christmas at Carriage Hill by Carla Neggers
I adore this series so much, and I CANNOT wait for the next book! :)

*Set in Autumn: Until You by Penelope Douglas
A great follow-up to Bully, and I loved having Jared's POV. It gave me new insight into him and the other secondary characters.

*Orange Cover: Awaking by Madeline Freeman
I have to be honest, I only read this because it had an orange cover. Haha, but I actually liked it!

Squares That Defeated Me:
*Native American MC - seriously the hardest one EVER.
*Set on Halloween
 *Serial Killers


I'd like to thank the lovely ladies at Great Imaginations (or just Bekka?) for such an awesome and fun challenge. I'm so excited to be participating again for the January, February, and March bingo. And I am DETERMINED to cover all the squares!


  1. SO PROUD OF YOU...wait YOU DID NOT FINISH I AM NOT PROUD OF YOU. Just kidding, you were so close. Set on Halloween is a difficult one. Hmm. I can't even think of one that's like that. BUT HAHA no Horror for you? I think you would've liked The Girl with All the GIfts. Not exactly horror, but classified as horror. (ADD IT TO TBR NOW)

    :) I'm still proud of you hahahahh <3

    1. SHUT UP OKAY THIS WAS HARD. Yesss, that one was SO difficult! It's not like it's something that's advertised in the synopsis, so you wouldn't know it unless you read the book. Yeah, I wanted to read a horror but I just wasn't in the mood for one. I did read a couple thrillers, though!

      Shanks my little smiley. <3

  2. GO YOU!! Looks like you did absolutely awesomely! I signed up to a bookish bingo for this year! I'M PUMPED. I love ticking off things, so it ought to be fabulously amazing. XD Congrats on this, though!!

    1. Thank youuu, Cait!! Ahhh, aren't bookish bingos fun? I hope you beat yours like I didn't with mine! Haha. :)

  3. You read two of my favorite sequels! I absolutely ADOREEEE His Fair Assassin and Cress is my favorite of the Lunar Chronicles books so far.

    Thanks for playing!!

    1. BEKKA!!! Do you know how hard this was?! Seriously awesome bingo, though. Mortal Heart and Cress were two of my favorite reads this year! SO good!! :)

  4. Ohh, this is fun! I've never heard of it. Will have to participate next time! Like you, I adored Mortal Heart, Cress, BLLB (yay!), Caged in Winter, and Stitching Snow. So great picks!

    1. You should participate next time!! It was much fun. And yay for all those picks! So glad you loved them too. :)


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