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Snark from the Ark: Episode 2.9 "Remember Me"

Welcome to Snark From the Ark, a feature in which myself and Shannon from It Starts At Midnight fangirl and flail and snark over The 100. 

Previous recaps: Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6, Episode 7, and Episode 8This particular recap is from season two, episode nine: Remember MeTHERE WILL BE SPOILERS!

So, what did you think of "Remember Me"?

Well. I didn't hate the episode.

I didn't either. I also didn't love it. 

I think I just expected more from it after the big bang of the mid-winter finale.

Yes! That was probably a big part of my problem too. That, and that I found it too predictable. 

It was a little bit. Especially at the end.

I guess I found it to be so most of the way through. Now, I did not see the poison thing coming, that was a nice touch. But Clarke's behavior (which I think is just a handy tool to be able to drag Bellarke out as long as possible) was just too convenient. 

I saw a clip about the poison, so I knew it was coming. But I also think they could have went a different way with it. Make it more intense and everything, I guess. 

They really could have- the actual moment of poisoning. Because the minute he took the taste, you KNEW what was happening.

I think I would have found it more interesting if one of her people or even the Grounders had tried to poison her.
Even though that would have started another war between them.
I think this episode was more about the characters than the plot.

Yeah, for sure! Almost like they needed a "calmer" episode. 

I really liked that there were many character revelations in this one. Clarke with her mom. I think, even though she yelled at her, that she finally understands Abby and her actions. And with Raven. When she was watching that guy get tortured, she realized that Clarke had given Finn a merciful death. Lincoln, with him being outcasted by his own people. He chose Octavia and her people instead.
And Abby. She's finally accepting that Clarke is a leader and a survivor who can take care of herself.

I LOVED watching Raven realize what Clarke had done, and why it was the right thing. And it absolutely horrified Clarke that she judged her mom so badly for so many years, and in fact, they did basically the same thing. 

That was one of my favorite moments of the episode, when Raven realized that. It was like a parallel from season one, when they both put aside their differences and their feelings for Finn to survive.
They're both so strong.

Yes! They ARE both incredibly strong, which is why they are likely to butt heads so much.

Yes, exactly. I loved the parts with the Grounders and Clarke and Co. I am honestly a little tired of the Mount Weather scenes. I don't know why though. I guess I just don't find them that interesting?

Oh, I HATE Mount Weather. ENOUGH. Can we spring Monty and then just blow the place up or something?

Seriously though. Screw everyone but Monty. Oh, and Miller, I guess.
We can just leave Jasper with Maya. They can die together. 

Maya's portrayer is not the best with the acting. Sorry

Seriously, why does she need to be in any episodes?

She's awful. Her character is so displeasing to me. I hate her whiny, damsel-y nonsense. 
Get it together, girl. 

I just hate her.
And Jasper is seriously pissing me off.

Me too. I used to really like him. But now I want Monty to become a Reaper and eat him. Or something less cannibalistic. 

Maybe when the "war" finally happens, Jasper will get hit in the crosshairs? One can only hope.

Maybe if Maya gets taken out, we won't want Jasper to get speared again. 

This is true. It's all Maya's fault.

It makes sense that they do eventually kill her off though. So that's a bonus! 

She's one of those characters who doesn't matter and will probably eventually get killed off.
Like the 46 other people imprisoned on Mount Weather.

Exactly. Plus, no one will want her around after the liberation of Mount Weather. Grounders won't like her, and neither will Arkians.
She's expendable. 
HA! Right? I bet half of those people die. 

They don't even matter.

They'll end up being "sacrificed for the good of many"  and the dead horse will keep getting beaten. 

New story-line please, 100 writers!

Seriously. And now, we can watch Clarke find her "way back" to loving again, via Bellamy. You can expect that cliffhanger at the season finale. 
Will they or won't they? And then season 3 will start with an interruption that postpones them again! 

And omg Clarke said that his life being risked would be worth it. I just. MY SHIPPPPP.

It made me so mad! Like Clarke is not just going to stop caring about him. Things don't work like that! Even if just platonically, she CARES about him.

Exactly! Like, not even a hug? Damn you, 100 writers. They totally left us hanging with that. AND NOW BELLAMY COULD DIE. BELLAMY JUST BETTER NOT DIE!
I'm so scared for him.
Nah, he won't. There won't be much of a story without him. 

True. And we have Bellarke. They're not going to kill him off before we at least get a little Bellarke action. But still, any time Bellamy's life is in danger, I want to cover my eyes until it's over.

Nah, the endgame HAS to be Bellarke. Especially now that Finn's dead.

Whatever. It's not like Clarke was in love with him.

Nope. She most certainly was not. Maybe she loved him. Like a friend. But not IN love. Nope nope nope.

Just watch the creepy as hell ghost Finn show up throughout the season to cockblock Bellarke's progress.

HA! I bet you're right! Dude probably has a contract, so we can expect him to pop in and out. Maybe he should pay Raven a visit. Bring Wells! They should have a big old  Séance, there are so many damn dead characters. 

Seriously though, Finn's facial expressions in that episode were hella creepy! PLEASE GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK.

They WERE. He haunted ME too. He looked like an actual serial killer.
So if that is what they were going for, mission accomplished. 

Did anything else worthwhile happen in this episode?

Well, Monty is in a cage.
Jasper SHOULD be in a cage.

God, yes. Put Jasper in the fucking cage already.

Kane and Abby were likable. (Anyone else seeing a romance there in the near future?)

Girl, I saw a romance between them the first time they were in an episode. It's GOING to happen.

I cannot WAIT for them to get together.
I loved Kane's quote, when Abby was upset that the Grounders were "being led by a child" and Kane said "So are we." LOVED it.

I LOVED that quote, too!

OH Linctavia were just napping right in front of everyone outside! 

"You're not that monster." "I hope you're right." I LOVED this exchange between them.

Aw me too! They are so cute. I adore them.

Saaaame! And oh gosh, I'm loving Lincoln so much. I'm glad he shaved his beard.
Raven was nearly killed. That large dude WAS killed.

That scene with Raven was kind of, I don't know, less intense than I thought it would be?

It was. I guess because Clarke was hallucinating Finn while the Raven stuff was going down.

Yeah. Man, that whole poison thing was just not how I thought it was gonna go.

The poison stuff did not bug me, the Clarke stuff did. Not even the ghost thing, but the whole "I am now unfeeling and emotionless because some Grounder told me to be" thing.
Gah, seriously, does she really think this is the best option? Her love for the people around her only makes her STRONGER.
Exactly! That is WHY she has been so good at protecting everyone so far.

Yes! I mean, I know that's why I didn't get a proper Bellarke goodbye. But it still grates on my nerves. We'll just blame it on Clarke's grief.

She should spend a few minutes with Jasper in the cage as punishment.

Hahahaha. Instead of go sit in the corner, it's now GET IN THE CAGE.

I bet she ends up going in after Bellamy.
Since she "knows the layout" or some equally ridiculous crap.

I don't know, though. I think she's needed to make the peace last.
Ah, that is true too. Hm. Well he can't go in there alone!
Isn't Lincoln going with him?
They've got this shit, don't worry.

Ohhh is he!? How did I miss that!?

He had this sappy goodbye with Octavia, how DID you miss it?
I mean, I could be wrong. I was kind of fuming over the no goodbye from Bellarke.

Seriously, where the hell was I? I know I watched the whole thing. 

Maybe I was mad too?

What do we think's gonna happen in the next episode?

  • Abby will try to talk to Clarke about her grief, and they'll fight. Again.
  • Jasper will either do something really stupid or cook up this half-cocked plan to rescue Monty, which won't work. He'll probably be too busy making out with Maya.
  • Shannon said that Bellamy or Lincoln will end up in a cage, to which I replied: DON'T SAY THAT. She said she was sorry, but I don't believer her. (DON'T MESS WITH MY EMOTIONS TOWARD BELLAMY, SHANNON).
  • Raven will try working with Clarke and not against her, though it will still be hard not to think of Finn when doing so.
  • Monty will rescue everyone and himself. 
  • We haven't seen the last of Ghost Finn.

Your turn:
What do you think's going to happen in the next episode?


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