Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015 Love-a-Thon Mini-Challenge #5: High Five!

I am SO EXCITED to be participating in Alexa Loves Books' Love-a-Thon this year! I think this is such a wonderful and positive event, and it has come at a great time especially with how the year has started in this community. And I'm so excited to just be spreading the love, finding new favorite blogs to read, and meeting more people. :) 

This post is about my current "high fives" in books, authors, genres, bloggers, and bookish merchandise.


♥ Book
Well, I'm reading this one right now. Although it's not necessarily a favorite, I am enjoying it! It's for my blog tour stop this Friday.

But I just finished these two below this last weekend and LOVED them both! I can't wait to read their sequels!

♥ Genre
At the moment, I've been in the mood for fantasy, though I have a schedule that hasn't allowed room for them (aside from The Collectors' Society above). I have a few must-reads, and then I'm going to continue my Legend Trilogy binge. After that, hopefully it will be spring break and I can get back into some fantasies I've been meaning to read!

♥ Author
I'm currently obsessed with Brighton Walsh. After reading Caged in Winter during my Christmas break, she became a favorite of mine. And I was lucky enough to get an eARC of Captive from NetGalley and I read that about a week and a half ago. Loved it so much! Now I'm dying to get my hands on the sequels (companion novels) to both of them. I also joined her street team, and I'm so excited about it! :)

♥ Blogger
Okay, I can't just pick one. Not at all possible. I haven't been commenting on posts as much, which is kind of awful, and I really want to get back into doing it regularly soon. But the bloggers whose posts I HAVE to read and at least try to comment on as soon as they're up include: Hannah @ So Obsessed With (someone that I only recently started following but whose posts are always fresh and so lovely), Val @ The Innocent Smiley (who is so cute and entertaining in all her posts), Gillian @ Writer of Wrongs (whose posts are always hilarious and bombarded with Bellarke gifs), and Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight (who does so much, I don't know how she finds the time). Their blogs are on my sidebar if you want to check them out (and all of the rest on there, because I love them too and they're also favorites of mine)--which you should! :)

♥ Bookish Merchandise
I'm still addicted to Gillian's (Writer of Wrongs) shop on Society6! I have a couple prints already and the Gansey, Blue, and Camaro tote bag (which is very durable and big so you can fit lots inside of it!). I also discovered this Etsy shop on What Sarah Read's Fangirl Friday post and I want basically all of these bookmarks now! Especially the Harry Potter mini ones!


What are some of YOUR high fives from these categories? :)


  1. YAY for The Collectors' Society! Seriously, this makes me SO happy! I loved Legend too!

  2. I LOVE ALL THIS LOVE! That is all. Also, Legend is a good series, I find that each book gets better in the series!

    I LOVE that we will be at BEA together soon. That is my favorite thing of all.

  3. glad to see you love those adorable bookmarks as much as I do! :-)

  4. The Ghost of You looks really interesting! I'll have to stop by for the blog tour :)

    & oh my gosh, I'm loving those bookmarks!

  5. Craft'ed deserves all the love they've been getting today - their bookmarks are fantastic! And I love seeing some of my favorite bloggers mentioned in your post ;)

  6. I like the cover from The collector's society. Fantasy is the best <3


  7. I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying the Legend Trilogy, it's such a wonderful series with the most beautiful epilogue ever <3


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