Saturday, February 14, 2015

Be My Valentine

So, everyone is doing all of these Valentine's Day posts just for fun, and I want to join in! And I had a few ideas to choose from: favorite swoony reads, favorite couples/romances/ships/OTPS/whatever hell else you want to call your fictional pairings. But I decided to focus on my favorite book love interests. I've done a list like this before in December, but that was limited to 2014 reads. These, these right here, are my top ten book boyfriends of ALL-TIME. Ladies, THESE BOYS. *le sigh* They're everything to me.

These are in a specific order; 10 being the guy who still manages to knock out all the others but is by no means my favorite, and 1 being the man who will forever remain my top book boyfriend.

10. Gabriel Merrick
I don't know what it is about this hot-tempered and fierce boy, but I love him. He's always been my favorite Merrick boy in this series.

9. Noah Hutchins
I love this boy dearly. At first glance, he's just your basic misunderstood bad boy, but he's so much more than that. But he has such a huge heart, one that is full of love for his girl and his little brothers and his best friends.

8. Dean Holder
Holder, oh Holder. He's intense and rough around the edges, but oh so protective and sweet when he wants to be. And I adored how he cared for Sky.

7. Sturmhond
He's so cool, he only has one name. But seriously, he's charming and funny and I fell in love with him the moment he stepped onto the pages. Alina didn't want him, but that's okay because that leaves him for me.

6. Jem Carstairs
I am notorious for falling harder for the bad boys, but in this series, it was Jem who captured my heart and wouldn't let go. He's the type of good man that all women want. Ever faithful and humble and kind, and he plays a mean violin.

5. Professor Marvel, or aka Dean West.
aka the greatest husband ever. Oh god, Dean is one of the most swoon-worthy "heroes" I've ever had the pleasure of reading about. He's a professor and very upstanding, but beneath the demeanor lies a dominant male who has a dirty mouth. And the way he loves and protects his wife? *swoons*

4. Cricket Bell
What can I say, except that he's my soulmate. He's just so freaking adorable with his awkwardness and his geeky side. He's such a genuinely good guy, and I wish there were more like him in books.

3. Richard "Dick" Campbell Gansey the III, or more affectionately known as GANSEYYYYY
C'mon, tell me you're surprised that Gansey isn't my number one. I know you are. No, he's not my top but he still ranks high up on the list. He's intelligent, confident, and self-assured. And a guy who is ever trying to be more. I even wrote a whole post about how much I love Gansey, and you can find that here. :)

2. Tristan Archer
Every time I think about this guy, I still get giddy and can't help smiling. He was the first "bad boy" that I fell in love with in books. He's sarcastic, protective, and will do anything for his girl. And he can cook pancakes. (Did I ever mention I wrote a guest post on Reading with ABC on a bookish date with Tristan and his girl, Scarlet? It's a little spoilery, maybe).

1. Cian Mac Cionaoith
There was a point in my life where I thought no one would top Tristan, until I reread my favorite series ever and realized Cian was my first book boyfriend and will always be my #1. He's passionate and dangerous and so much more than he seems at first. And he's so damn sexy.

Looking at this list, I've come to realize that my tastes differ SO. MUCH. I have bad boys, good guys, the funny and charming ones that are generally the best friends in stories and not the lead love interests. I guess it just depends on the book and how the author writes him. But I definitely tend to gravitate more toward those bad boys, the sarcastic ones who can throw out one-liners and have a soft and protective side toward their girls. They're the mysteries that you can't help but want to unravel.

I'm sure most of these won't come as a surprise, since I feel like I talk about quite a few of them a lot. Probably too much sometimes. But yeah, this a top ten that will be EXTREMELY hard for any other guy to inch his way into and knock out someone else. (Come to think of it, Sturmhond was my newest edition and knocked out someone else; he made a lasting impression on me). I'm actually waiting for the day it happens. There are some great book boyfriends I haven't met yet, and I'm looking forward to falling in love with them, too. <3

Who are some of YOUR favorite book boyfriends of ALL-TIME? :)


  1. Dean Holder is definitely a good one! And yes to Sturmhond!! I mean, I liked how it ended up, but I did adore him!! Um, don't kill me, but I haven't read any of the rest. Oops?

    Also, what is with these names?! Cricket is a dude!? It sounds like some female hippie. And Jem? Wasn't she a TV show in the 80's?

    And you know my book boyfriend. No one even comes close to Peeta. At least I am a devoted book girlfriend, no?

    1. I LOVE how everything ended in Ruin and Rising, but Sturmhond was definitely my favorite character. AND OMG GET RIGHT ON THAT SHANNON. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO READ SOME OF THESE BOOKS?


      I, uh, fell harder for Finnick in THG. DON'T HATE ME. Hey, at least this way you get to have Peeta all to yourself. :P

  2. Haha, "He's so cool, he only has one name" - great line. I haven't finished the series but from what I've read he seems like my kind of guy.

    Yes, Cricket! He's one of my all time favorites. Gansey is also awesome, but my favorite part of that series is shipping Ronan and Adam!

    I tend to prefer nice guys, unless they're pushovers. My top book boyfriend of all time has to be Park from Eleanor & Park, he's nice, he loves music, he's so very sweet, and he wears eyeliner. He's like my perfect guy and it kills me that he's not real!


      (Cricket is still mine). I ship Ronan and Adam too, but BLUSEY!

      I don't like pushovers, guys or girls (especially from the MC). Ooh, I still need to meet Park!

  3. I only know Cricket. :( What insanity.

    I PICK JOSH AND FINCH. And if can throw in tv pairings, Shawn Hunter (BMW) and Craig (DTNG, maybe).


      Oh, FINCHY. JOSH. Two loves of mine, though they're not favorites. :)

  4. Omg, Gansey! He is so swoon worthy! I love him the first time I read about him. He's perfect. :) I've read Siege and Storm and I know that Alina is very blind for not choosing Strumhond. Damn, where can I find guys like this in the real world? xD
    Azee @ UnderCover Critique

    1. Right? Gansey is SO SWOON-WORTHY!

      Sturmhond was never a choice for Alina, at least not IMO. But he was my favorite guy. <3

  5. These Valentines Posts are so much fun! The only one I know from here is Gansey and he's definitely swoony. Holder as well, oh my gosh he's attractive. Great list lovely!

    1. Aren't they? I had to join in! Thanks, Jeann! :)

  6. I love Cricket, even though that name freaks me out. He was such a great guy, a much better person than St. Clair if you ask me. I was so surprised when we really had the chance to get to know Noah and I realised that he's not your usual bad boy. I'm planning on re-reading the book this summer (sooo far away) and then continuing the series.
    I left the best one for last: GANSEY! I don't even know what to say, seriously one of the most amazing characters I've ever read about. The only reason he and Blue didn't get a place on my list was because they are not officially a couple.
    Really great list! :)

    1. YOU AND SHANNON NEED TO STOP MAKING FUN OF CRICKET'S NAME. and yes, he was so much better (though I liked St. Clair too). And right? Noah is definitely not your typical bad boy. Loved him. A reread sounds amazing, I should do that too.

      WOOHOO BUT HE'S MINE OKAY. I GET DIBS. pshhh, who says they aren't an official couple? :P

  7. I love, love, love Cricket!!! Great choices! I Haven't read most of them but they are all on my list now!

    1. Yay for another Cricket fan!! And yes, you should read all of these books/series. They're amazing. :)

  8. GAAAAANSEY THOUGH. XD And I also love Cricket. I never got to Stormhund in that series, though, gah, I'm going to finish it eventually I promise! I promise! I don't even know who my all time favourite book boyfriend is. Maybe Peeta Mellark? Although I have a particular soft spot for Chaol. xD


      Girl, you don't even know your favorite of all-time? *gasps* I do love Peeta, but I neeeeeeed to meet Chaol. :)

  9. I feel so ashamed that out of all the books mentioned I've only read The Infernal Devices *hides in corner* though Jem makes up for it! I also love Will though... I could never decide ahah

    Most recent post on Enchanted by YA:

    1. GIRL, YOU BETTER GET ON IT THEN. :P Haha, I loved Will too, but JEM. *sighs* *swoons* I fell for him so much harder. And I loved that epilogue. :)


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