Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2015 Releases

God, is it already February? Where the hell did January go? I can't believe we're already a month into the new year; time sure does fly by fast. And because we're in another month, that also means there are new book releases! Yay!

February 2nd

February 3rd

February 5th

February 8th

February 9th

February 10th

February 16th

February 17th

February 24th

I've already read One of the Guys and The Last Order. I liked both of them, though they weren't favorites. My reviews will hopefully be up soon!

Still need to review: Seeker, Shadows Over Paradise, Where the Road Takes Me, Heartsick, and The Oathbreaker's Shadow. I hope to get all of these read and reviewed this month!

Most highly anticipated: Red Queen, A Wicked Thing, and Salt & Stone!

What new releases are YOU excited about this month? :)


  1. FEBRUARY THEN SPRING. Hopefully. Ok not really but you have no idea how done I am with winter I AM SO DONE.

    Val is looking forward to 1) A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC (I need it NOW) 2) The Sineater's Daughter (praying to the library gods that they get it soon) and 3. Red Queen (same thing with the library gods)

  2. Girl, you are behind! I want you to read Seeker now, okay? So that we can talk about it. I am still waiting for someone who "gets" it. Oh, and I don't think The Sin Eater's Daughter comes out until the 24th.

    Okay, I have read: Seeker, Salt & Stone, A Wicked Thing, Dove Arising, and I Remember You from your list. I have also read I'll Meet You There, Inherit Midnight, When Reason Breaks, Soulprint... maybe that's it? And I am currently reading The Sin Eater's Daughter.

    Now, as for my MUST haves: City of Savages, Verum, The Glass Arrow (pre-order), My Heart and Other Black Holes (own), Scripted (pre order), The Last Time We Say Goodbye (pre order), The Distance Between Lost and Found, and A Darker Shade of Magic (pre ordered).

    Holly, I have a problem, and its name is BOOKS. I need a support group or something, stat.

  3. I'm probably anticipating The Ruby Circle the most, I can't believe it's the conclusion of the Bloodlines series! I wonder where we'll go from here? I can't wait for it to arrive! I received The Red Queen and I've heard great things as well. Thanks for the round up Holly!

  4. I'm spending SO much money on books this month. I've already preordered Soulprint, Invaded, The Return, Salt & Stone, Rebound, Black Holes, and The Glass Arrow... and of course there's THE RUBY CIRCLE. I'm going hunting all this week to see if I can find it early. :D

  5. So many good books being released this month! Where do I start? I really want to read Verum, Red Queen, Salt & Stone... some of which I do have review copies of. I also have read and loved The Glass Arrow so I feel great for that!


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