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Snark from the Ark: Episode 2.11 "Coup de Grace"

Welcome to Snark From the Ark, a feature in which myself and Shannon from It Starts At Midnight fangirl and flail and snark over The 100. 

Previous recaps: Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, and Episode 10This particular recap is from season two, episode nine: Remember MeTHERE WILL BE SPOILERS!

So what did you think of the show??

I really enjoyed this episode!
It was very unpredictable.

Me too! Well, after the first 5 minutes.

Let's not talk about those first 5 minutes okay.

Agreed! Were shocked to find out who I thought the MVP was?
Okay, we shall never speak of Those Five Minutes again.

Who did you think the MVP was? 
I think it was Maya, tbh.

Maya! Our usually useless and hated Maya.

omg yes, I love it when we're on the same page!

As do I. She was amazing, and now we can't let Greg eat her (though now, more than ever, I think she may meet her demise).

I honestly didn't expect that!
She was literally the champ of the episode.

Me either! We were thinking Monty, maybe Jasper, but never MAYA!

She saved Bellamy and went against her own people.

Yes! And she didn't even KNOW Bellamy, which makes it that much more amazing.

I actually started to like her in this episode too.

Me too! She can stay, if she'd like.
And if she isn't Greg's bedtime snack.
I hope she does become a regular. I could see her being one tough cookie after what happened this week!
But I am sorry, Bellamy looked hilarious and ridiculous in Dead Guy #1's uniform!

Okay Bellamy just needs to go back to his Grounder uniform or what he was wearing at the Ark. Or hell, even shirtless. He just looked so awkward in the guard's uniform. Haha.

And um, did your heart break with the preschool kid!?

My heart totally broke at that scene. And to see Bellamy's and Maya's faces just made it all the more real and sad.

Bellamy felt SO awful. He is going to have a lot of trouble with what he had to do.

He is. He and Clarke can do some napping and grieve over what they've both done together.

Ohh! Now THAT is a plan!

Please let that be a plan.

I am so glad that Raven put Clarke in her damn place too. She needed that. I admit, I kind of hoped Raven would slap her.

That was a brilliant scene.
I think they both needed that.

Yep, to just lay it out there and move on. I am also happy that the ghost of Finn hasn't reappeared. I figured he'd be a clinger for sure.

That just goes to show how wonderfully and amazingly the writers have developed Raven's and Clarke's relationship.
I'm so glad Ghost Finn didn't show up again.

I agree. That two strong women who have basically every reason to hate each other actually respect each other and can work together? That is progress, people! Kudos to the writers for sure!

But Warrior Princess of the Week definitely goes to Octavia. Did you see her badassness against that Mount Weather guy?

Hahah yep! She is amazing. I would not want to piss her off!

She's turning into such a warrior. Speaking of warrior, Clarke standing up to Abby! "I am in charge." Whoa shit.

YES! I am sorry, but Abby was getting on my last nerve. Like, you have been on the ground for 10 minutes, and have been useless the entire time. What makes you think you should jump in NOW?!

Or that you know what's best for everyone!

Right! When clearly, Grounder politics are nothing at ALL like Arkian politics. And none of them were great at managing their shit to begin with, which was how they ended up on the damn earth anyway!

The adults just really don't even need to be there, except if someone gets hurt.

Nope. And Clarke can usually handle that anyway. Though I will give Abby the "Better Doctor" award, but um, Clarke didn't even have tools at her disposal, so...

Clarke's just a badass who doesn't need anybody apparently.

Nope. Except Raven, I guess.

And Bellamy!
She didn't know what to do until she talked to him. 

YES, that was AMAZING.
(Also, do you feel like you don't have a ton to say about this episode for some reason? I feel like I am writing another review hah)

I think the two of them needed that talk. 
Yes, I'm having trouble with finding what else to say!

I mean, the whole thing takes place in Mount Weather and Camp Jaha basically. It SEEMED really short (in a WOW, that was good, can't believe it's over way)

Yes, exactly what you just said! A lot happened but it felt really quick.

Me either, but mostly because I don't know what to say.
I do wonder where Jaha and his band of roving misfits are now though. I assume maybe the midwest? Some shitful place like Kansas or something.

We probably won't get back to that story-line for awhile.

Nah, that's why they did it- send them on some Oregon Trail-esque trip to Vegas so they can figure out what the hell to do with them.
Did Wick officially disappear too?

Maybe Wick went with them.
I love how he was in that one episode, and then...nothing.

Yeah! And he seemed like he was going to be of some importance. Poor guy, headed to Kansas.
Ew, did you know that Old Man Weather's son's name is CAGE? I did not catch that. But gross. I hate him, in case you didn't know, but I assume you did.

I had assumed that, and I also hate him. But I knew that, I just forgot about it.
Well, no wonder why he loves his cages.

Right? That one is a little too on the nose, really.

Haha, right?

I don't know, I am scared though. Scared, and sad. I mean, even if they kill him again, and revive him again... will he always be called back to it?

He will, because he's addicted. This is a relapse. Octavia will help him through it.

Yeah but how many relapses will he have, you know? It's so sad.

I KNOW. :(
okay, so predictions for next week?

I don't know! This is hard. I don't know HOW this is going to go.
I mean, they aren't all going to die in there. You can't kill off half your cast. Someone will die.

Someone will die. But who?

Definitely Old Man Weather. He's a goner. He may even sacrifice himself to save the rest of them.

Also, I think Bellamy's gonna get caught. Like how the hell is he gonna keep away from everyone and stay hidden?

Oh, he is most assuredly getting caught. He looks absurd! But I think it won't make much difference by the time they catch him.

And now the 46 are locked back up.
But that's okay, because Clarke and Co. are coming for them!

Yes.... but remember they want to blow that shit up. So either Clarke is going to have to stop them, or someone on the inside is going to have to get them out.

Gah, it's so nerve-wracking! 

I know! This is why I think OMW can "save the day" in his last act of kindness or something.

Maybe! But he's locked up.

Well sure, but he has to have some kind of loyal insiders. Especially if he figures out they're all going to freaking die in there!

Can't wait to see what happens!

Award tiiiiime! 
This was clearly ABBY this week. She was basically useless the whole episode.

We love our lady warriors, but we thought the princess of the week was OCTAVIA. She's so fucking badass with her face paint and fighting skills.

We gave this one to MAYA. Look, Shannon and I have never liked her, but she basically saved everyone's asses this week, especially Bellamy's. That makes her MVP in our book.

Your turn!
How did you feel about last week's episode? What are your predictions for tonight?


  1. Maya is totally the MVP!! I LOVED this episode, great discussion gals <33

  2. I don't understand why my trophies have that white background. They should not. Maybe because I sent them to you on Twitter? Anyway, I digress. I am about to leave my laptop to go watch the show. Time to see if Old Man Weather bites it!

    May the odds be ever in his favor.


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