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Snark from the Ark: Episode 2.13 "Resurrection"

Welcome to Snark From the Ark, a feature in which myself and Shannon from It Starts At Midnight fangirl and flail and snark over The 100. 

Previous recaps: Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8Episode 9, and Episode 10This particular recap is from season two, episode nine: Remember MeTHERE WILL BE SPOILERS!

So what did you think of the episode?
I LOVED this episode!
Oh, I did too! I just think the main point of it was that holy shit, things are about to get INSANE!

Is it just me or are the episodes getting better and better?

Oh absolutely!
When you think there will HAVE to be a lull, there simply is not.

These writers sure know how to destroy all our expectations.
I agree though. It was setting up for next week! holy shit, things are gonna get intense. And I'M SCARED, Shannon.

THAT SONG! In the preview?! SCARED ME.

Like, I have nightmares.


IT'S SO CREEPY because they are showing everything going to hell, and then this weird ass sunshine song.


oh, oh yeah! THAT IS SO CREEPY. 
And that last part? What the hell is in the sand? Are those PEOPLE?

Is it Jaha and company?

It might be the ones who turned back!

OOOOH I bet it is! I think you are right.
It won't be Murphy. I think he has a bigger purpose, based on his scenes lately

He definitely has a bigger purpose! but what?

Finding Fake Vegas!

of course, how did I not think of that?

Well, it's easy to forget about Fake Vegas. On account of it being fake.
And I just don't care about that story-line yet.
I'm more interested in what is happening with Mount Weather and everyone else.
I don't either, to be honest. BUT I think it is going to be the next "big thing" after Mount Weather is over.

And it will probably bring even more obstacles and evil people with it!
but not this season! I'll bet the finale will end with a Mount Weather showdown with the Grounders and Arkians.

I think that it'll be deceiving- we will see a resolution with Mount Weather, and then BAM, all hell breaks loose in Fake Vegas.

The finale will probably end with Jaha finding the City of Light and his whole "for my people" speech.
Cut to the showdown, everyone's either dying or close to it, and then BAM! Jaha's back to end it all. End of season 2. And no Bellarke kissing.

I am going to cry. For real. We need some kind of Bellarke moment!
Maybe a brief one when they reunite?

Maybe, but after that promo of Clarke and Lexa about to kiss, I'm not so sure.

HOLD UP. Clarke and LEXA?!

Lemme find it for you.

Poof, I has it:
(Cue major flailing and trying to decide how we feel about it).

Poor Bellamy! He needs a hug.
Or a nap ;)

Speaking of napping, you think Raven and Wick will finally do some since he's back?
They'd better! Raven needs some lovin'.

She needs someone to take away her grief. ;)
She wasn't really in this episode. BUT OCTAVIA WAS. 
My warrior princess is so damn amazing.

YES! Octavia was AMAZING!
Clarke is so useless, and Octavia saves the day!

What did Clarke do this episode, besides killing that guy?

That is IT! She finally was nice to Lincoln, and then offed that dude.

dude, do you think Lincoln's gonna say something about finding Lexa and Clarke outside of the camp? He was suspicious!

I don't know! I think he is going to keep his mouth shut because Octavia will want him to
But sooner than later, it is going to all come out.

Oh, he's most definitely going to tell Octavia. After she gets done being amazing, of course.

OH and don't forget Cage trying to kill off Maya!

Dude, that was INTENSE. And Monty was there, saving the day like always!
And Bellamy!

Yep! Bellamy, holy crap, he came through in the nick of time!
I thought she and Jasper were kind of cute for once too.

blah. ew, Shannon.

No, it was! With the whole: Jasper: I won't let you die.
Maya: I won't let you surrender.

Fine, okay, it was CUTE.
I thought for sure Jasper would do something stupid to save her.

Me too! But he was actually reasonable. This is progress for him.

Very true, maybe he'll get some more character development!
omg but can we talk about Abby and Kane sharing a conversation underneath the collapsed building?

YES! I love how Kane put her in her place, even though I don't think Abby is completely wrong.
She loooooves him.

They've both done terrible things, but they're not terrible people. Just like Clarke. And Bellamy. And Murphy. ...oh, wait.

Hahahha! Yes, exactly. I mean, I am not condoning Abby OR Kane's decisions on the Ark... but, how does Clarke doing the same exact shit help anyone? Isn't the goal PROGRESS? Repeating the same mistakes is not doing them any good!

It's not. And aren't they supposed to be better than the Mount Weather people?

Exactly! But what Lexa and Clarke did... it was almost WORSE. Because they knew how wrong it was.

And yet they did it anyway. I can't. I just cannot see how that was a good decision.

Nope. There could have been other options. I mean, if I was Mount Weather, I'd have assumed they saw my missile guy, NOT that there was an inside spy!

But, I mean, I guess they didn't have much time to make a decision.

No, they didn't, but a real leader wouldn't have run away, leaving all the people closest to them to DIE.

Not to mention, Bellamy would never have wanted Clarke to do that for his sake.

Nope. Never. Especially because he could have hid, he could have done something himself!

gah, that episode killed me.
and this new one is going to do the same!
what are your predictions for it?

I don't even KNOW! What the hell is happening, anyway!? I am so confused (and freaked out) by the promo, that I haven't a clue what to expect!


*Someone is going to die, and neither of us want it to be a favorite!
*Maybe Bellamy will stop the fog with the help of Maya.
*Lexa and Clarke are gonna be off somewhere by themselves. (Curious, how do you guys feel about these two becoming a couple?)

Award tiiiiime! 
This was clearly LEXA this week. She basically did nothing this whole episode. She was just along for the ride. (Don't get us wrong, we like Lexa. We just don't know how to feel about her yet mostly).

We love our warriors, but we thought the princess of the week was EVERYONE. Like not even kidding. We couldn't decide on ONE person. (Mostly) everyone played a hand in helping out. Jasper with his hacking skills, Bellamy coming for the rescue in the nick of time, Monty saving Maya's ass, Abby not giving up on finding Kane. So many warriors this week!

We gave this one to OCTAVIA. She was so damn amazing in this episode! I fucking love her.


  1. I don't like Lexa. Nope, nope nope. She is making me mad. Trying to win Clarke over, being cool with a bunch of people dying... feed her to Greg! I am going to watch the creepy ass Sunshine episode now. I am scared!!!

  2. Now I KNOW I don't like Lexa! WATCH THE SHOW, we have talking to do!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight


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