Thursday, March 5, 2015

March Madness: The Crimson Gate by Whitney A. Miller

Today's March Madness stop is a top ten list from Whitney A. Miller!

(mini tagline is more about the first book)

Top Ten Reasons Horror Books are the Best
(Warning: clowns, zombies, and freezer-level horror books ahead).

I am an unabashed lover of all things horror. Maybe it's because I'm such a scaredy cat in real life, but there's nothing I love more than a really scary book. 

Being scared is fun! No? Is that just me? Hmm...ok. Well, here's my top ten reasons horror books are best. See if you agree...

1. When you put a horror book in the freezer so it can't hurt you, it provides an opportunity to grab some ice cream.

2. The clown from IT gives you a reason never to take your little brother to the circus ever again.
Inline image 1

3. Horror books rarely feature cute boys dying from tragic illnesses, so you won't be caught crying in public while reading them.

4. As an author of horror, you give people dreams. Bad ones. But still--dreams.

5. Horror books make great horror movies, which is a really legit excuse to eat popcorn.

6. Useful life skills can be learned from horror books, like how not to get killed by an axe murderer or why you should never try on a Marbury Lens.

7. Horror books can cause you to need a hug.

8. If you're reading THE SHINING and make a crazy face like Jack Nicholson, no one will mess with you.

9. Horror books really put your life into perspective by comparison.

10. Zombies.

oh god, Whitney, how could you do that to me?!?! I HATE CLOWNS! ESPECIALLY THAT ONE. OH THE HORROR I'M SO GLAD I NEVER FINISHED THAT MOVIE. Ahem. Moving on. I promise I'm okay now.


I think we all need something a little happier right about now. How about a giveaway? Whitney is so awesome and is offering up an ebook giveaway of the first book in this series, The Violet Hour. And this is INTERNATIONAL! :)


  1. Oh man I avoid horror books like the plague, unless they're more thought provoking. But hahah awesome list Whitney! Glad to see you being hosted by little Holly!

    1. I don't read many horror books, so I don't even know if I get scared so easily? I mean, if there's a clown, though...

  2. I love horror books!! There's just something about them that draw me in. They're so different from what I usually read. They're so creative, too (in a scary way).

    1. I need to start reading more horror books! I want one that'll actually creep me out enough where I won't be able to sleep at night unless the light is on. Hmm, just me?

  3. To be honest I am a huge fan of horror books and love them, but I don't read them nearly enough! In contrast, I hate horror movies, they petrify me a lot...

    1. I don't read them nearly enough either! I'm just never that interested in them, for some reason.


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