Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March Madness: The Storyspinner by Becky Wallace

For today's March Madness, I have the awesome Becky Wallace, debut author of The Storyspinner, on the blog talking about the great eight of VILLAINS. Muahahahahaha. *cue perfect evil music* :)


The Great Eight
Who doesn’t adore the good guy?  We love their sparkling morality and their devotion to doing what’s right. We cheer for them to fight the overwhelming odds and come out on top.  We want a happy ending.

But, for me at least, there’s something painfully attractive and interesting about a layered, conflicted bad guy. 

Maybe you’ll agree after you read look over my Great Eight—my eight favorite villains from modern books and movies. 
1. Cruella de Vil: Can I abide any person who hurts animals? Nope. For some reason, it’s harder for me to watch/read cruelty to the four-legged species than it is to my fellow humans. With that said, you’ve got to give this lady mad props on her fashion sense. Glenn Close played Cruella brilliantly in the 1996 version of 101 Dalmatians. She’s crazy, conniving, and determined to get exactly what she wants. Love. It. 
2. Vizzini: The sub-villain (no spoilers!) of The Princess Bride is wicked and crafty, but also a total bumbler. He puts a light-hearted spin on a character that is typical dark and gritty.

3. Scar: Of all the Disney cartoon baddies, Scar is the most nuanced and realistic. Yes, I know he’s a lion. But if you think about it, his actions are so very intelligent and calculated. He’s grumpy and antagonistic on the surface, but underneath he’s conspiring with his family’s greatest enemies and waiting for the perfect opportunity to take control. If that isn’t enough to convince you, check out this humanized version on (
Me: Whoa, this is SO COOL!!
4. Darth Vader: Oh!! How I love a character who chooses evil in an attempt to do good! His development from Anakin Skywalker to Lord Vader is brilliant. 
5. Khan: I have to put Khan (from Star Trek Into Darkness) immediately after Darth Vader because I think they share some similar characteristics. They’re guys who want to do the right things but go about it the wrong way. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch. Period. 
6. Loki: Poor, conflicted, pushed aside, ignored, Loki. You can’t really blame him for being evil! He was raised to hate his own race, never knowing the truth of his identity till far too late. And yet, even with all of that, he adored his adopted mother.  *heart convulses* I might chose him over Thor. You’ve got to love a guy with a soft spot for his mother.  
7. Darkling: If you haven’t read Leigh Bardugo’s SHADOW AND BONE series, may I suggest you do that right this instant? Darkling is an incredible bad guy, mostly because he’s so darn hot and has some serious game. He’s powerful, manipulative, controlling, and yet he has depth and incredible backstory. He’s the kind of player that makes you happy to have been in the game.  
8. Maleficent: Can I even call the Angelina Jolie/Maleficent a villain? She’s definitely an anti-hero, she makes bad choices, she does bad things. Was it right to take out her vengeance on poor baby Aurora? Of course not. Does it make her a realistic (not-quite) human being? You bet. Finding a little bit of yourself in the bad guy makes them so much more believable.  

Thanks so much for stopping by, Becky! I looooove all of these, especially Scar, Loki, and The Darkling! I love me some twisted and complicated villains. :)


Come back tomorrow for a new March Madness post featuring a book that makes you think of the phrase: "liar, liar, pants on fire." :)


  1. BOOM. I have done it again. You can check your DMs for time verification, but I did in fact guess this one (and the next 3 days) before midnight.

    Now, the post. The Darkling, yes I do approve! I am not that familiar with most of the others, I'm afraid. But also, Warner from Shatter Me, my favorite "bad boy" in all of books. Great guest post!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Darkling!!! And yes, I know you love your Warner, but sadly he did not make this list. :P


    Anyways, I still need to finish Shadow and Bone because YES the Darkling! I haven't really encountered any super layered villains in books yet, except for Queen Levana. BUT MAN HUMANIZED SCAR. hahaha. Amazing post!

    1. hehe, oh Vals.

      OMG WHY HAVE YOU NOT DONE THAT YET. FINISH THE DAMN BOOK. Love Queen Levana, but I haven't read many either. And that is SO sad! but dude, isn't that humanized Scar amazing?

  3. Awesome picks, Becky!! Cruella is one of the worst for sure. I love Loki and The Darkling so much <33 Awesome post hun <33

    And thanks for organizing the lovely event, Holly!

    1. LOKI!!! Love him, too. And you're so welcome! I hope you are enjoying it. :)

  4. I love Loki!! Yet I hate him. I hate his bad decisions, yet they make so much sense. He's such a well built character. He's definitely one of my favorite villains. :)

    1. Isn't that how we feel with all villains? Hehe. :)

  5. To be honest, I wouldn't have put Cruella de Vil on the number 1, I mean, yes, she is evil for hurting animals, but compared to Scar, Darth Vader, and/or Loki, I would say she seems a bit ''tame'' (even if I still despise her). I would have put her on number five, maybe? And the ones I said before her? Still, not bad, they all have their reasons to be on this list.

  6. I have heard nothing but AMAZING things about this book! Thank you so much for for the awesome guest post. :) I must admit- Cruella de Vil was one of the villains that creeped me out as a child. *shivers*


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