Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Madness: The Sweet 17 Recap (+Giveaway)

Well, that's it! My event is over. Not gonna lie, I'm kinda sad about it. But I also can't wait to get back to my regular scheduled programming. Aka new features and reviews! Also hopefully some discussions if I actually finish writing them. Heh. Anyway, this blog event has just been the coolest thing ever and so much fun! I honestly never expected it to get as big as it did, and I'm so overwhelmed with the positive responses I received! It's why I am doing something very special, something that I didn't plan on doing until a few days ago.

So I wasn't going to do a giveaway. I quite honestly didn't know if I could afford to do one. I'm going to NY in May, so everything is being put toward that. But I wanted to do something special to celebrate this. And I wanted to do a sort of author appreciation giveaway, because I am so thankful! So incredibly thankful that all 17 authors took the time out of their busy schedules, deadlines, personal lives, etc. to write a post or answer my questions. Paula Stokes, for example, had 18 guest posts to write for March, and she STILL wanted to do participate. Other authors had so much going on as well, but they still took the time to celebrate my birthday with me. Not to mention, quite a few of them are FAVORITES of mine and I was incredibly happy that I got to interact with them and that they joined the madness. Everyone made this the best possible event ever, and I'm so glad I got to do this! <3

Here is a recap!
*Charisma by Jeanne Ryan: author interview + physical ARC giveaway! (US)
*Death Marked by Leah Cypess: spotlight + signed hardcover giveaway! (US)
*Infandous by Elana K. Arnold: author interview.
*The Crimson Gate by Whitney A. Miller: top ten reasons to read horror books + ebook giveaway of The Violet Hour! (INT)
*The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne: author interview.
*The Infinite by Lori M. Lee: character interview with Kai! (it was my first ever character interview, so I hope y'all liked it).
*The Storyspinner by Becky Wallace: the great 8 of villains!
*Liars, Inc. by Paula Stokes: author interview + swag pack giveaway! (INT)
*My Best Everything by Sarah Tomp: 18th birthday party planning post. :)
*Breaking Sky by Cori McCarthy: author interview.
*Duplicity by N.K. Traver: top 10 favorite debuts moments so far.
*The Thorn and the Sinking Stone by C.J. Dushinski: author interview!
*The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows: the one reason to read fantasy!
*What Waits in the Woods by Kieran Scott: a really fun author interview + signed copy of the book giveaway! (US/CAN)
*Positively Beautiful by Wendy Mills: a guest post on why she writes for teens + audiobook giveaway. (INT)
*Captive by Brighton Walsh: mini author interview!
*Black Dove, White Raven by Elizabeth Wein: top ten places in history she'd like to visit + signed finished copy giveaway! (INT)


Okay, so this giveaway is going to be different from what I usually do, because there IS a mandatory entry that is not a freebie. You might hate me for it, but I think all of these authors deserve more attention. So, the mandatory entry is that you HAVE to comment on the post of the book that you want to win! And make it meaningful, yeah? I know that most people like easy entries with giveaways (as do I a lot of the time), but because this is an author appreciation giveaway, I thought it would be nice to show them more support. Also, you can earn more entries if you comment on more than one of the March Madness posts (as an extra incentive, which you can do daily)!

Also guys, the giveaways above are still open! I extended the date for many of them, and the others will be ending at the same time as this one. :)


And, as always, there are rules!
*Open INTERNATIONALLY, so long as the book that you want is available on TBD!
*If the winner is US, the book will be shipped from Amazon instead.
*Also take note that a few of these books are only available in EBOOK format! If that is the case, it will be from Amazon Kindle (I think this only applies to The Thorn and the Sinking Stone anyway).
*Make you sure you read the entry directions CAREFULLY! Cheating will disqualify you, and so will not entering the correct information.
*You must be 15 years or older to enter.
*Winner will be notified via email and must respond within 72 hours!


  1. Holly, I had so much fun reading through so many of your Sweet 17 posts. I hope you do something similar again next year!

    Erin @ The Hardcover Lover

    1. P.S. If possible, could you tell me your secrets. I want to do something similar for my birthday month, but smaller... a lot smaller... like two or three books.

    2. Ahhh, so glad you loved it Erin! (I hope I can do this again, too). :)

  2. Although I'm excited for your NEW FEATURES and POSTS, I'm sad that this is over. I can't believe you had so many authors in your event. IT WAS TRULY AWESOME :) I'm so glad you had fun hahahha.

  3. I can't believe it's over. :( I didn't check out all of your posts since, I totally spaced out and haven't been reading many blogs over the past month. Anyway, i have loved seeing the posts I did see. :) I'll probably read the rest that I happened to miss.

    AND I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOUR NEW FEATURE BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME ABOUT IT AND I'M SO EXCITED BECAUSE I KNOW ABOUT THE SECRET FEATURE. Ok, that's enough caps. This was fun. <3 You're so great for getting all of these authors. Paula, Wendy, Jodi, Jenn, the rest<3.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Amber!

      Hehe, I'll let you in on more of my secretssss from now on. :D

  4. This event was really-really awesome, Holly! I loved reading the interviews and all the other posts too. I hope you'll do more events like this in the future. :)
    And thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!

  5. I really want to win Captive. I love Brighton! Thank you for the giveaway!

  6. Thanks Holly for doing the giveaway even though money is tight for BEA! I'd pick Liars, Inc. because my friend Pili convinced me it's amazing! It sounds like a really exciting thriller and is a page turner.

  7. I swore I commented on this one. Meh, I didn't apparently. I do not know. But anyway. Thank you kindly for the giveaway. It so sweet that you care about your readers AND these lovely authors. Who, by the way, are awesome for all the wonderful posts!! I enjoyed each one- your event has been fabulous!!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  8. YAY! I loved your event.☺ I need to catch up on your posts...but first I need to say that I would pick The Storyspinner. I've been hearing amazing things about that one!


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