Friday, March 20, 2015

March Madness: What Waits in the Woods by Kieran Scott

So I'm really late with this post, but I just did NOT have the energy to write it up last night. Anyway, today's March Madness is featuring the awesome Kieran Scott! I have an interview with her about her latest book and there is also a cool giveaway at the end of the post. :)


Hi Kieran! Welcome to The Fox’s Hideaway! I’m so glad you could stop by. For everyone unfamiliar with your newest releases, can you tell us a little bit about What Waits in the Woods?

Thanks for having me! What Waits in the Woods is a classic thriller about four close friends who go in to the woods for a fun camping trip, but then start to fracture when things start to go horribly awry.  Like on an epic scale. Let’s just say there’s a good possibility they won’t all make it out alive.

I’ve noticed many of your books are in different genres. What’s the most fun thing about dabbling in different areas? The hardest?

I mostly in light, funny romances or seriously dark thrillers. There’s no in between with me! The fun thing is getting to explore different personalities and using outside influences to mess with those personalities. Whether it’s meeting your one true love or facing your killer, something fundamental in you changes in that moment. I love figuring out what happens next.

That being said, which one has been your favorite to work on?

I have to say, I enjoy writing thrillers a BIT more than romances, only because I love to shock people. I especially love to shock myself. Which happens more than you’d think.

Back to WWitW: Name each of the main characters’ best assets that would help them survive.

Callie: intelligence. She thinks her book smarts can’t help her, but she ends up adapting and using her analytical ability to get out of trouble.
Jeremy: Science and nature know-how: Jeremy’s the guy who could tell you which plants are safe to eat and how to navigate by the stars. Definitely plusses when you’re lost in the woods.
Lissa: Confidence. Lissa might not always be right, but once she makes a decision, she sticks with it. Sometimes overthinking things can cost you precious time and get you hurt—or worse.
Penelope: Pragmatism. Penelope will weigh all options and treat everyone’s opinions equally—which is one really good way to come to the right decision.

This story sounds like it’ll constantly test the characters. What are some of the things they’ll face in here (if you can say without spoiling anything)?

They do get lost and everyone starts to question whose fault it is, which challenges their relationships. There’s also an evil lurking presence, a lot of paranoia, and hunger. Lots of hunger.

Quick, you’re stranded in the woods ALONE with only a backpack on your shoulders. What do you do first? 

What’s in the backpack? GPS? Cell phone? Can I call for a pizza? :) No, seriously. I would walk downhill because that’s where you will usually find a natural source of water and then I’d follow the water downstream until I found a road or some other sign of civilization. Which would hopefully happen before I starved or froze to death.

Secondly, what would be in the backpack? Let’s say you can only fit six things inside. What are the essentials?

Oh! Ha! Good question. Okay, let’s pretend cell phones don’t exist. My six things would be 1) a water purifier, 2) a water bottle 3) protein-heavy granola 4) a blanket 5) a compass and 6) sunscreen (I’m very pale.) 

And to end it on a fun note, what is your Zodiac sign?

Pisces! I’m a total fish. Which means I’m compassionate and creative, but overly-sensitive and self-pitying. Or so they say. 

Hey, me too! PIECES FTW. Thanks for playing along and answering my questions, Kieran! :)


And thanks to Kieran, I have a giveaway for y'all! She's offering up a signed copy of What Waits in the Woods for one lucky winner! Unfortunately, this is only open to the US or Canada people. Good luck! :)


  1. So I get the 6 things too? Okay. Well. I will assume that my cell phone wouldn't work, because I am in the woods. Right so:
    1. Aquaphor. I use it as chapstick, but it can also double as a skin protectant in general.
    2. Aquafina. The biggest bottle in ALL the land. And then I could refill it, which brings me to...
    3. Water purification tablets,ala Katniss Everdeen.
    4. Food... like a big Sam's Club box of MREs or something.
    5. A sleeping bag. YOu didn't say how big the backpack is, so this isn't cheating.
    6. The boxed Hunger Games trilogy (again, not cheating!)

    This is such a fun interview, ladies! Thanks for sharing it, and I am really looking forward to reading the book!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. Hahah, I don't know if your 6 things would help you survive in the woods, but okay I'll let you have them Shannon. :P

  2. How do you like to shock readers?

  3. OOH. This looks good. I think I would have fun with this one.

    Like Kieran, I would have a water purifier, a water bottle, and a blanket in my bag. I would need food too. I would probably want some sort of antibiotic (just in case) as well as a knife (so I can cut things). I don't intend to be stranded in the woods anytime soon. I live right by them, but I don't like to go in there. There's no way I'm going far enough into the woods alone to get lost.

    1. You guys are all being so sensible, man. I'd be ridiculous with my answers. Haha! But I would definitely want water, food, and probably a blanket.

      I wouldn't go far enough to get lost either! I'm scared of the woods by our house. Because bears.


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