Monday, April 6, 2015

I Have a Confession...

After reading Confess by Colleen Hoover, I was inspired to do a bookish confessions post! If you haven't read this book yet, I strongly urge you to do so. It is quite unique and the artwork and confessions are one of the best parts of it. The confessions, especially, added a rich element to the story.

And here are mine!

1. I posted this one on Twitter but wanted to share it again on here. Sometimes I only read books because I know I'll finish them quickly. I do this especially with ARCs. By now, since I've read so much, I can usually tell by page number or location on my kindle how long a book is going to take me to finish. And if it's especially less than 3,000 location, I know it's going to take me a few hours at the most. So I read them, and I get them done quickly enough to move onto the next book, and sometimes they're not even ones I'm that excited to read. Isn't this a little sad?

2. I will use anything as a bookmark so I don't have to dog-ear a page or flip the book over to keep my spot. Some fun things I've used before: birthday card, pen, and another book. Literally anything I have beside me at the time.

3. I hate it when a series' name is the same as the first book in it. Shatter Me, Throne of Glass, Legend. Grrr, it bugs me to no end! Besides, I think coming up with names for book series is quite fun. We can do better, people!

4. I'm rarely ever reading only one book at a time. I bounce back and forth between books A LOT. I think I have ADD for reading. Unless a book has got me so immersed in the world and the story, I'll probably set it down many times throughout the day and most likely start another one.

5. I have so many books in my room that, when I finally got a shelf and was organizing it, I couldn't remember if I'd read some of them or not. Yeah, I'm totally being serious here. I STILL don't know if I put some of them on the right shelves...

6. I have a really, really hard time saying no to those kindle daily deals. Even if I've read the book or it's at the library. That handy one-click button is going to be the death of me.

7. Even if I haven't read the book and own it, if there's a cool edition of it, I WANT it. I.e. Fangirl. I have the pretty red cover, and I want the original greenish one, and I'm pretty sure there's a new one coming. But guess what? I still haven't read the book, which means I don't even know if I like it yet. (Guys help, these are too awesome. Tell me I don't need them).


Heh, this is all I can come up with! I thought I'd have more... Anyway, I think it's time for YOU guys to confess. So, lay it on me. What secrets are you hiding from us all? :)


  1. First of all, you absolutely need those other editions of Fangirl because it's an amazing book, I also need those special editions. I confess that I'm the same way with your #1, I do that all the time! If I know it's going to be a short easy book to read I'm more likely to read it. That's also one reason I love contemporary books. =)
    I also confess that sometimes if I really really love a book I won't finish it because I don't want it to end and then it just sits on my shelf...

    Great post. =)

  2. Hahhah I do #1 allll the time. Mainly because I am having a strange one-sided competition with Goodreads. #5.... um, yes. I have lost count of how many books I have. I do know that I have no space. Also yes to #6. I should unsubscribe to the damn email, because I need them! It's so dumb. And smart of Amazon. #7.... Le Sigh. Because I need ALL the Hunger Games editions. ALL.And I only have TWO sets right now. That's even worse than Fangirl because it is THREE extra books for no reason. I have my eye on the funky UK ones right now.

    As for my own weird stuff? So much! Where do I even begin? Well, I am pretty sure I am a book hoarder. I don't really ever rate a book 5 stars unless I cry (but I have a lot of 5 star books, so you do the math). I am sure I have more. I'll sleep on it ;)

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  3. Haha, these are great! I also use random things for bookmarks but try if possible to use a bookmark.

    Hm...I'm trying to think of something to confess. Perhaps that I mostly buy books I've first read at the library or kindle deals. Then I buy books I know I'll reread. I have limited budget for books, but that's changing. I've started buying more books before I've read them, but still not too often.

  4. Oh, I am SO guilty of #s 1-4 and #6. I love that you wrote down #1 because I do that all the time! If I'm really tired one night, I'll choose a book based on its length or how fast I think I'll read it. Or I'll do it to "get it out of the way" (which sounds terrible). I used to read only one book at a time, but now I'm usually at 2 or 3.

    Haven't read Confess, but the first thing I thought of was that Usher song. :P

  5. I actually want to get emails from Amazon about their kindle deals, because I never seem to find them :P AND HAHAHA YOU SHOULD BUY ALL THE EDITIONS OF FANGIRL. I liked it a lot so that means you should too. yay.


  6. I love these Holly! I am so with you on alot of these too! #1 and 3 especially! My bookish confession would be that I have more UNREAD books on my bookshelf than I have READ. LOL. As in... ALOT more. Rofl. I really need to start reading my own books!

  7. I actually thought about doing like this too! Hoping to make it a series post! ALL of your confessions are ones I can relate to! I had to stop going to amazon, especially after getting my store card! LOL


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