Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 1 (BEA Recap)

Today I'm talking about the craziness that is BEA and how Wednesday, the first day, went! :)


Aside from the shittiest beginning to the day, it all went great! It wasn’t nearly as overwhelming and stressful as I made it out to be. But oh, you wanted to hear about my shitty beginning? Okay, so well, Shannon and I were gonna go in later that day and just meet up with Val before the exhibits opened. We wanted sleeeeeep like any sane person would. But the problem was that we underestimated New York traffic during the lunch hour. So we ended up getting there exactly at 1 (and still had to get our badges), which was the worst timing since Truthwitch tickets were gone within the first 90 seconds. I was... upset, to say the least. I mean, this had been the one book (ironically NOT FUNNY) I didn’t want to leave BEA without. After that, I was kind of lost, standing around the Macmillan booth by myself. I had no clue what to do, but luckily I found Xander wandering around Disney, and he asked one of the publicists about A Thousand Nights for me. The drop wasn’t until 2, so I still had an hour that I didn’t know how to fill. Val and Shannon were gone, so I decided to start at the Spencer Hill booth. They had copies of Play On (SO I OWN IT NOW YAY!!) and super secret swag for The Natural History of Us by Rachel Harris (which was just a postcard with the cover on it but it was still cool).

I wasn’t as frazzled then, so I went back to the Disney booth, and found Val. I met a few other bloggers/booktubers she’d made friends with, and I was filmed by Molly (I can’t wait for her video even if I’m not in it). Val and I just stood around talking with other bloggers and planning our next move (which was to grab Court of Fives immediately after). We split off later, and I met up with Shannon to get in line for Jennifer Donnelly. I saw SO MANY bloggers I knew in that line, but many of them I wasn’t able to meet/I was too shy to say anything. I saw Danielle (Love at First Page) but she was way ahead in line so I couldn’t say hi (I saw her a lot throughout the first two days but wasn’t able to meet her until the Heather Demetrios signing). However, I did get to meet Bekka!! We had mere SECONDS to talk and hug because of the line moving, but I was so proud of myself for saying hello. And like with Leila Sales, it was kind of awkward meeting Jennifer Donnelly because I haven’t read her books (though I own Revolution), but I’m so glad to have the book and I got a picture with her (even though it’s a shitty one).

That was the only signing for me on Wednesday, so the rest of it was just picking up galleys at the drops. There were quite a few books that we wanted to get from Harper, so we got in line for those. THREE CHEERS for Macmillan, Penguin, and Disney (those were the only other publishers I visited on Wednesday) for being on top of their shit, because HarperCollins was awful. The lines were hectic, and no one knew what was going on. Luckily, we still got the books. But they did a terrible job of organizing the drops, and it pissed quite a few people off. BUT during those lines, we met Ashley Poston. I felt so bad I didn’t even know she was an author! But she was really fun to talk to, and I WILL be adding her books to my TBR. I’m so glad we were able to grab a copy of Walk on Earth a Stranger, because none of us had time on Friday for the signing. I also got a finished copy of The Invasion of the Tearling. I’m SO excited to continue this series! I really enjoyed the first book.

If I’m remembering correctly, that was our last stop for BEA that day. After that, we grabbed an Uber and went back to the hotel. We spent quite a bit of time just figuring out where to eat dinner (we did this every. single. night.) and finally decided (or probably VAL decided) on a comfort food restaurant near our hotel. It was DELICIOUS. Again, after dinner, we just stayed in the hotel room talking and going over the next day and opening our tote bags like it was Christmas in May (which seriously, even though we knew what books we’d gotten, it was still a surprise and of course we got time to pet and hold them).


Check back tomorrow for day 2's recap and actual pictures! :D


  1. Urgh, I am so jealous about BEA...we don't get anything that awesome here...
    Sad that you missed out on Truthwitch, though :(
    I've seen so much hype for it.

  2. Aw, that is so crappy about Truthwitch. :( The line was crazy from what Val told me on Twitter with it.

    Okay, so I totally just watched Molly's BEA video and I totally saw Val in it. She's at like, 0:28-29. Yep. I watched it just to see if you guys were in it.

    Anyway, yay for some publishers having their stuff together! And not yay for HC totally failing at that. :( That's disappointing, but at least you still got the books! <3

    Ooh, you met Ashley, I knew she was an author, I found her during her cover reveal for her second book. She seems so nice.

    Psh, I would totally be opening my tote bags like it was Christmas every day at BEA. Every. Day. And I would pet them and hold them. Repeatedly.


    That's it. That's the only reason I'm coming back.

  3. DUDE, true story about Val always deciding. Also, true story about it being like Christmas! Even now, I look at the books and get giddy! And yes, we need more pictures! Didn't I send you a picture of the placemat from that restaurant? If not, I can! You need visuals :)

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  4. As much as the beginning or day one didn't got smoothly. At least you were there and that is AWESOME! I am so jealous :)

  5. That sucks about Truthwitch. :( But at least the rest of the day seemed to go a lot better! It sounds exciting to go to an event like this and actually recognize people. Even if you don't actually say hi, it's still awesome. :)


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